New York appellate division Judge David Friedman freed President Donald Trump from Judge Engoron’s gag order Thursday. Loomer recently exposed Judge Engoron’s family’s bias against Trump and his attorney via their social media posts created during Trump’s civil trial, which Judge Engoron presides over. Loomer’s exposure revealed that those in Judge Engoorn’s orbit had the ability to speak about the case while those on Team Trump did not. Engoron has fined Trump for social media posts and public comments critical of Engoron’s handling of the case.

In a handwritten ruling, Friedman freed Trump from Engoron’s gag order, writing, “Considering the constitutional and statutory rights at issue, an interim stay is granted,”

Loomer discovered that the X account @dm_sminxs belonged to Marie Engoron, the wife of Judge Engoron. Ms. Engoron’s posts featured “F** Trump” and fantasies about Trump being jailed. These were posted during the trial.

Last week, while Loomer was exposing Marie Engoron’s X account on her show, Ms. Engoron attacked Loomer, Loomerunleashed, and MAGA on her @dm_sminxs account. As the attacks took place, Loomer decided to call Engoron live on air, but Engoron did not answer Loomer’s calls. Loomer did leave a message inviting Engoron to come on her show to explain himself. Engoron seems afraid to explain himself as he still has not gotten back to Loomer.

Loomer received high praise from Scott Adams, General Flynn, and Juanita Broaddrick for her reporting on Engoron, with Adams saying, “Congratulations Laura Loomer. I think you ended this trial and if you didn’t, I don’t know how any of this could be credible.”

Many found it incredibly worrying that Judge Engoron was limiting Trump’s free speech while allowing those closest to him to attack Trump during the trial. Thursday’s ruling from Judge Friedman will ease some of the concerns. However, leftists like Judge Engoron have shown time and again that they will never give up when it comes to Donald Trump.