Today I am breaking the news that the stepson of conservative talk radio host Mark Levin, David Milstein, has been working for Ron DeSantis’ Presidential campaign during the 2024 Election.Milstein has been paid at least $22,000 by absentee Governor Ron DeSantis for “political consulting”. Mark Levin never once disclosed this to the public.

See evidence of those contributions below…

According to FEC records. David Milstein runs Magen Strategies, and his LinkedIn says he is working on DeSantis’s campaign. If you remember correctly, when Ron DeSantis launched his Presidential campaign, a directive was given to Mark Levin to attack me on his show the day after the launch. Levin even went as far as to call me ‘crazy’ because of my work exposing Ron DeSantis as a RINO.

Now we know why I was attacked. DeSantis’s consultant is Levin’s stepson, who obviously has a direct line to Mark. He’s been undermining Donald Trump this whole time. Now you see why Levin tweeted out DeSantis’s fundraising link.

Once again I have been proven right about another snake who is disloyal to Trump.