Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping has arrived in San Francisco for the APEC CEO Summit, and he made a bit of an awkward entrance. Xi’s driver approached the entrance of the event and nearly ran over a US Marine standing at attention waiting to welcome Xi.


If Xi’s car looks unfamiliar, it’s because it’s his presidential limo that he brought with him from Beijing. It’s an Honqi L5, a Chinese luxury sedan specially equipped for Xi. Think of it as Xi’s version of “The Beast,” the US President’s bespoke Cadillac limo. The L5 is approximately 18 feet long, which probably makes it hard to drive in a parking lot. However, this near-miss of a US Marine raises questions of whether this scene was some kind of power play rather than an innocent miscalculation.

After the car was parked, the Marine in question opened the door for Xi, who engaged in a friendly handshake with President Biden.

This strange scene is a perfect snapshot of the fumbling Biden administration’s weak stance on Chinese power. China is running over the United States economically and in terms of global influence while we step aside and let them become the new global hegemon.