I reported that eight days before the November 17th CR deadline to fund the United States government, the Biden Administration sent Pete Buttigieg to Ukraine to meet with Zelensky and Alex Soros, George Soros’ successor and son. This is happening as Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden rolled out the welcome wagon for the CCP in San Francisco today. Alex Soros recently referred to Newsom as “USA’s great leader.” Loomer also reported that The Soros Foundation is funding the organizations that are attempting to cancel Trump from the ballot in Colorado and Minnesota. Soros has his hands on all the levers of power, yet the House GOP has yet to subpoena him for a public hearing.

On November 7th and 8th, Alex Soros posted pictures of him meeting with the Ukrainian government in Kyiv. Conveniently missing from Soros’ pictures was Pete Buttigieg. Sources exclusively confirmed to Loomer that Buttigieg was present at the meeting. Clearly, the Biden White House does not want the American people to know their plans for Ukraine.

Soros also recently met with French President Emmanuel Macron. He posted photos of the meeting to his Twitter account, which can be seen below…

Alex Soros also met with President of the EU Council, Charles Michel. See photos of that meeting below…

He also recently met with the Prime Minister of Barbados, and the President of the Government of North Macedonia, and the Mayor of Warsaw, and the Prime Minister of Ukraine…

Why is Alex Soros, whose family has vast influence in Congress via their vast donations to nearly every Congressional Democrat, meeting with so many world leaders?

Earlier this week, Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden rolled out the red carpet for President Xi. Joining Biden and Newsom were CEOs from Visa, BlackRock, Apple and Pfizer. Newsom mainly planned this week’s CCP love fest in San Francisco. Recently, Newsom traveled to China to meet with Xi. Many find it odd that Newsom has traveled to China while Biden has not.

Alex Soros has increased his online interactions with Newsom, calling him “the USA’s greatest leader.” Soros also quoted Newsom’s tweet on election night earlier this month.

It’s pretty remarkable that in a matter of two weeks, Soros was able to dictate U.S. policy spending in Ukraine and Europe while Soros’ “great American leader,” had countless meetings with President Xi all when the United States Congress was working to pass a spending bill. Alex Soros is expanding his empire at an astounding rate.

Alex Soros is also expanding his election interference efforts. I reported that the Soros Foundation is funding the efforts to kick Trump off the ballot in Colorado and Minnesota.

I reported that the Soros family owns Taylor Swift’s first six albums. Swift has become extremely anti-Trump since Soros acquired her albums. Swift’s October and November 2024 Eras Tour takes place mainly in swing states or states that border swing states. Swift is now dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who recently signed endorsement deals with Pfizer and Visa. Both Pfizer and Visa’s CEOs were present at the Newsom, Biden and Xi dinner earlier this week.

The facts strongly point to Soros doing everything and anything to get “the USA’s greatest leader” elected President of the United States. Most disturbing of all is that the House GOP has not attempted anything to stop Soros’ complete and total takeover.