Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani T. Willis is holding a fundraiser on Wednesday, 11/15, in Washington, D.C., about 650 miles from her Atlanta office. The fundraiser is for her re-election campaign so she can continue to persecute President Donald Trump in Fulton County.

I’ve obtained an image of an invitation revealing the fundraiser’s location as 1301 K St NW 1000, East Tower, Washington, D.C. 20005. This location is better known as One Franklin Square, a high-rise built in 1990 and the home of the Washington Post since 2015. It’s strange enough that Willis is holding a fundraiser so far away from her Georgia jurisdiction, but why is it sharing a building with the far-left Washington Post, which has a long history of endorsing Democrat political candidates, including Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama?

The invitation shows a minimum suggested donation of $250. Different tiers of donors show that a “Friend” can donate $500, a “Supporter” can donate $2,500, and you could be a “Chair” by donating $6,600.

Fani Willis has been at the helm of the political persecution of President Donald Trump in Fulton County. She’s using Georgia’s RICO statute, which is intended to bring down organized crime, on Trump and 18 alleged co-conspirators in supposedly attempting to influence Georgia election officials in 2020. Trump was indicted in Fulton County in August 2023, giving him one of his most powerful tools in his 2024 presidential campaign: his iconic mugshot.

I’ve also discovered that Alan Scott Bolden, a race-baiting, leftist lawyer, is hosting the fundraiser. Bolden acted as a defense attorney for former Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Still, he ultimately withdrew from her defense in 2023 after he violated the court’s local laws by divulging confidential juror information, filing a motion without a Maryland attorney’s signature, and using profanity on the courthouse steps while accusing the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland of racism.

District Judge Richard D. Bennett said Bolden’s actions were “abhorrent,” and many felt he should be convicted of criminal contempt. Last week, Mosby was found guilty of two counts of perjury for making false statements on loan applications for two Florida vacation homes, the Justice Department said. Bolden doesn’t want her to admit her crimes. Because Mosby is black, he used the defense of “attacks on Mosby are racist” because Bolden seems to think that black people are immune to being held accountable.