We brought you the scoop on the bias of the Engoron family against President Trump as they play their role in election interference during the recent Civil Fraud trial against Trump in New York. How can a case be considered fair when it is one-sided, brought by a Soros- funded Activist Attorney General, Letitia James, and decided by an activist Judge that allowed his activist son to benefit from exclusive courtroom seating and presence?

According to the rules of the Chief Administrative Judge of the New York State Unified Court System, judges must “not allow family, social, political or other relationships to influence the[ir] … judicial conduct or judgment.” See screenshots of those laws below…


Judge Engoron needs to recuse himself and there needs to be a MISTRIAL in President Trump’s NYC Civil Fraud Trial.

We have also exposed Judge Engoron’s wife. While her husband has been overseeing the civil case against Donald Trump in New York to determine the fate of the Trump Organization, Mrs. Engoron has been attacking via social media Trump and his lawyer, Alina Habba, and Laura Loomer as discovered while LoomerUnleashed was airing on Rumble. We became aware of Mrs. Engoron’s behavior as she incessantly tagged @LauraLoomer on social media with various Anti-Trump memes during the course of the show. However, when we exposed the judge’s nepotistic behavior in the courtroom to benefit his son, Ian Engoron and his firm, his wife’s account posted about The LoomerUnleashed interview with Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

After being #Loomered, Dawn Marie locked her account. The very next morning, we brought to you our discovery that Dawn Marie had locked down her account on X in a futile attempt to conceal her clear bias against Donald Trump. We had already archived and captured the account in anticipation of this occurring. Our reporting was quickly picked up by other media, such as the Post Millennial, and went viral.

This was a very suspicious move for someone now trying to use anti-Trump and Liberal outlets to cover and attempt to discredit our reporting. Newsweek wrote an article with a deceptive news headline, but at the end of the article they admit they can’t definitively say this account doesn’t belong to Arthur Engoron’s wife.

Essentially, this is just another way of saying, “we can’t dispute Laura Loomer’s reporting”.

What is even more suspicious is the fact that the very same morning, Ian Engoron deleted his LinkedIn account.

Our investigation has clearly caused the entire Engoron family to go into damage control mode and seek the assistance of its social media activist warriors, and even the media, to provide distortions and cover for the family.

It is interesting to find that the @dm_sminxs account was featured in BlueDelaware’s April 14th, 2023 edition of Cup of Joe by Delaware Dem. This particular post was about Jack Smith, and his own case against Trump. It is hard to explain how it would attract attention to be featured with around 300 followers unless the account belongs to Dawn Engoron, and people are aware of the fact that she runs the account.

Folks that aren’t even fans of Loomered are demanding a mistrial in this case as it is obvious that this fix is in.


Trump was never going to be given a fair trial. The War on Trump through lawfare is becoming obvious. Yet, the bad actors out to get Trump have gone too far to stop. At Loomered, we will not be stopped.

We will continue to shine light to this shadowy corruption and election interference. We demand an immediate mistrial and an investigation into this blatant judicial misconduct and corruption.