While Congress is still debating whether or not to send additional funding to Ukraine, with a congressional funding deadline looming on November 17th, the Biden Administration has sent Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the city of Kyiv. In a bulletin posted to the Department of Transportation’s website, the stated goal of the meeting is for Buttigieg and Zelensky to discuss Ukraine’s economic recovery. That bulletin reads… “The discussions will focus on advancing Ukraine’s economic recovery and efforts to return Ukraine to economic self-sufficiency, including via supporting investments in transportation infrastructure and reforms that will support a return to private-sector led growth.”

Also attending the meeting between Buttigieg and Zelensky is the son of billionaire Democrat mega-donor George Soros, Alex Soros. Why is Alex Soros meeting with Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesky just eight days before a Congressional funding deadline in which House Republicans are working to limit additional aid to Ukraine amid threats of a potential government shutdown. This is the same scenario that led to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy striking a deal with Democrats in September to pass a 45 day Continuing Resolution as opposed to a government shutdown, because McCarthy refused to remove funding for Ukraine in the budget.

Alex Soros uploaded photos of his meeting in Kyiv to his Twitter page yesterday. Those photos can be seen in the Twitter post below…

Sources have confirmed to me that Soros and Pete Buttigieg, a Biden Administration official, met while they were in Kyiv, but of course, neither of them posted photos of their meeting because, after all, why would the Biden Administration want the American people to know that they sent one of their officials to meet with a billionaire Democrat mega-donor just eight days prior to a congressional funding deadline debate centered around a discrepancy over funding for Ukraine.

It would appear that as Congress is debating sending additional funds to Ukraine, that the vast and wealthy Democrat donor class is flexing their muscles on the world stage, eager to ensure that billions of American taxpayer dollars continue to pour into the corrupt coffers of Ukrainian government, where they are easily dispersed to the political classes around the world who have used Ukraine as a dumping ground for their corruption for decades.

Is it a coincidence that Ukraine was the Nation in which Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, held a board position with a state-affiliated energy company called Burisma, a position for which he had zero qualifications or experience for? Ukraine has been a hub for political classes of all kinds to outsource their corruption for years.

Why would Alex Soros be meeting with Andriy Yermak, the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine?

Now, with attention shifting to the very real conflict happening in Israel, the Biden donor class, along with his own Administration, is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that aid to Ukraine continues to flow, even with more pressing matters occurring on the world stage. The blind commitment the Biden Administration has shown to Ukraine, even as our own Nation crumbles, and our standing throughout the world diminishes, only highlights the true focus of their policies… self-enrichment.

In an article about the looming congressional funding deadline, NBC News reported that Congressional Democrats are attempting to tie-in funding for Ukraine with additional funding for border security along the United States Southern Border. Could Soros’ visit with Buttigieg and Zelenksy be part of the ongoing negotiations? Remember… the Soros family is the primary funders of Democrats throughout Congress. The Soros Family’s ability to sway votes cannot be understated.