On October 3, 2023, New York City Judge Arthur Engoron issued a gag order against President Trump in his Civil Fraud case. As recently as this week, that order has now been extended to Trump’s lawyers, who are now also gagged from speaking about the case outside of the courtroom.

While being the leading candidate for President in the United States of America heading into the 2024 Election, Trump is now facing legal attacks that threaten his right to free speech, a scared right to all, and a consequential right for those who are vying for control of our government. A gag order, in every way, is a violation of President Trump’s First Amendment right to free speech.

One man who has celebrated this sacred and all-important right to free speech is none other that Judge Arthur Engoron. I recently exposed that in January of 2023, Engoron penned an ‘Editor’s Note’ in the ‘Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter’ claiming to be a ‘free speech absolutist’. What happened to Engoron’s supposed unwavering support for the First Amendment?

Judge Engoron’s own public statements in support of ‘free speech absolutism’ reveal how disingenuous and extralegal these attacks against President Trump truly are. There are laws, unless President Trump is the subject of the case. When Trump is involved, people like Judge Engoron forget their principles, the rule of law, and the restrictions placed onto them by the Constitution of the United States. Blinded by their hatred of Trump, the legal system has willingly ignored its laws, pursuing an illegal persecution of Trump to suit their own political agendas.