“Now it feels like home,” Governor Chris Christie said to an overwhelming welcome of booing and heckling on the stage of the Florida Freedom Summit on Saturday. Christie struggled to get a sentence out among the boos, but he eventually intoned, “What a shock, you’re for Trump!”

“Your anger against the truth is reprehensible,” the floundering presidential candidate said, blatantly insulting an audience (with many empty seats) of Republican voters in a crucial swing state.

Because of his absence of notable accomplishments as governor of New Jersey, Christie boasted about his record prosecuting terrorists as a U.S. Attorney two decades ago. Then he said, “We need to stand with Ukraine and defeat the Russians,” before briefly talking about the invasion on our Southern border, making it clear where Christie’s priorities lie.

Christie decried “isolationism” and emphasized the need for America to be heavily involved in as many foreign wars around the globe as possible. Throughout the speech, Christie repeated variations of his ill-advised “go big” campaign tagline.

After listening to Christie’s pathetic speech espousing neocon values in person, I had a couple of questions for him. I tried to ask Governor Christie why he was supporting the weaponization of government against President Donald Trump via our corrupt court system, especially in Colorado.

After ignoring me for as long as he could, Christie pretended not to know who I was, and when I told him, he replied, “Oh gosh, you’re the crazy person I see on Twitter all the time.” I called Christie out for his personal vendetta against Trump and gave him a helpful weight-loss tip, but he told me in a seemingly rehearsed line, “One of the proudest moments of my career is to be opposed by someone like you.”

“[President Donald Trump] is too scared to face me like a man, so he sent his looney tune social media attack dog after me,” Christie said on X with a video of our confrontation. After falsely accusing me of telling him he “should die of a heart attack,” he said, “Obviously, I didn’t hold back,” Christie said, playing his usual tough guy act. “I tell the truth, and they can’t handle it.”

Chris Christie got Loomered, and he’s trying to use it as a fundraising opportunity. He emailed his supporters, hopelessly asking for one-dollar donations using me as bait. The message opens with language similar to his X post about me and continues, “The truth hurts, and Chris needs your help to stay in this race because nobody else is effectively taking on Donald Trump,” the email reads. “Your quick $1 contribution today will help show voters that there is a better choice and a better way.”

Christie’s adversarial posture toward President Trump, whose popularity among Republicans keeps growing, is a puzzling campaign strategy. According to data on RealClearPolitics, Trump is polling at an average of 59.3 percent versus Chris Christie’s 2.3 percent. Christie is met with booing and heckling every time he’s in front of an audience of Republican voters, but he doesn’t seem to get the message. I tried to send him the message personally; we’ll see if it sticks!