Laura Loomer interviewed political commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza about his latest film, Police State. In collaboration with radio host Dan Bongino, Police State exposes the dark truth behind the defaming, de-platforming, and political persecution of conservatives, namely Trump supporters, in Biden’s America.

Loomer and D’Souza have both been persecuted for their outspoken political opinions, leading to de-platforming on social media, de-banking from Chase Bank, and, in D’Souza’s case, a felony charge. The discussion focused on the dangers of dehumanizing people for their political views.

“The terms of de-platforming and the concept of de-platforming was developed…as a counter-terrorism tactic,” Loomer said. “De-platforming originally was created by the FBI and federal law enforcement agencies as a way to counter online recruitment for Islamic terrorist organizations. De-banking was done, similarly, to freeze the bank accounts of Islamic terrorists across the world and in America, from terror financing.”

“But now we see the same tactics being weaponized in conjunction with social media,” Loomer pointed out. “We learned from the tech hearings they’re working on private cloud server technology to censor and silence conservatives. Were you able, in this film, to interview any tech executives as well or anybody within the social media companies? Because we know that there’s this sinister relationship between big tech and the DOJ [Department of Justice] in how they target Trump supporters.”

“We certainly have whistleblowers from Google, from YouTube, from Facebook…in the movie telling shocking things about the government collusion, but also about the arrogance of these digital platforms,” D’Souza responded, highlighting that it’s not just the government that’s in on the persecution. “One of the themes that Google has been stressing to its employees is that they’re not just a search engine. They’re not just a facilitator of people finding out information. In fact, they see their task as one of – and I kid you not – programming human beings. They believe that human beings are sort of programmable, and the way you program a human being is you control the flow of information.”

“This rhetoric is not only exaggerated, but it’s dangerous,” D’Souza said of Trump supporters being portrayed as “cult members.” “It is a dehumanization that is often a prelude to incarceration.”

Police State is available for purchase now via Rumble, SalemNow, EpochTV, and DVD. Visit policestatefilm.net to learn more and purchase the film.

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