A recently resurfaced C-SPAN clip from a 2009 interview shows Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) founding Executive Director Melanie Sloan admitting that globalists like billionaire and Democrat Party mega-donor George Soros and organizations like the Wallace Global Fund, the Arca Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation fund her non-profit. CREW is the non-profit filing suit against President Donald Trump in an effort to disqualify him from appearing on the ballot in Colorado in the 2024 Presidential election.

When asked, “Who are some of the biggest donors you have?” by interviewer Brian Lamb, the first donor that came to Sloan’s mind was the Open Society Institute. Lamb pressed Sloan on what exactly that is, and she admitted that “George Soros is the one who funds it.”

“I have met [Soros], and he’s never asked for anything at all,” Sloan said. “[The Open Society Institute is] very happy with what we do.”

In its current form, the Open Society Institute, which rebranded as Open Society Foundations in 2010, is more focused on international efforts with branches in 37 countries. Today, CREW is funded by a different Soros NGO, Democracy Alliance. With substantial funding from Soros and former Democrat Presidential candidate Tom Steyer, Democracy Alliance funds Black Lives Matter, Media Matters for America, ProgressNow, and other “progressive” organizations.

As for the other organizations Sloan mentioned, the Wallace Global Fund, founded by Robert Wallace, son of Democrat Vice President Henry Wallace, is focused on “fighting disinformation” and “advancing climate and energy justice,” and the Acra Foundation is working “to make measurable shifts toward advancing racial and economic justice and democratic inclusion.” The Carnegie Corporation primarily provides grants related to education.

Laura Loomer appeared on Bannon’s War Room on Tuesday and discussed CREW’s efforts to disqualify Donald Trump from the 2024 election. “People gotta start taking this Colorado thing seriously,” Steve Bannon said. “[Trump is] going to lose this case because the judge has already made up her mind…You were the first one to break what’s happening in Colorado,” Bannon told Loomer.

Watch Steve Bannon’s full interview with Laura Loomer:

“It just goes to show you that this is a witchhunt,” Loomer said in reference to the C-SPAN clip. “This is political lawfare against President Donald Trump in an effort to keep him off the ballot.”

“These are dark money organizations that are in violation of their 501(c)(3) tax status. You’re not supposed to be operating as a political arm when you’re doing ‘philanthropy work,’ yet that’s what we see,” Loomer said. “Where’s the GOP oversight committee in Congress?” Loomer asked, calling out Republican lawmakers. “Are they going to start calling people like George Soros out?”

We’ll continue covering the lawfare against President Donald Trump as it unfolds.