“This sort of symbolizes all of China,” reporter Elex Michaelson told Governor Gavin Newsom while standing on the Great Wall of China. “What is your big takeaway from this trip?” “Well, tear down the walls,” Newsom said in the photo op. Newsom’s comment was an obvious jab at President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, which resulted in over 400 miles of new barriers on the Southern border before President Biden halted construction.

This interview is part of a wide-sweeping foreign policy trip by Governor Gavin Newsom. The California Democrat made a one-day visit to Israel immediately followed by a trip to China, where he had a surprise meeting with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping. The trip is ostensibly about California and China working together to fight climate change and fentanyl imports while building an economic relationship. However, it’s seen by many as the early stages of a Presidential campaign.

Newsom has a long history of promoting an open borders agenda in his tenure in the California state government. Newsom was Lieutenant Governor of California when Governor Jerry Brown signed the “California Values Act” in 2017, preventing police from working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport illegal immigrants.

Shortly after being elected governor, Newsom pardoned seven ex-convicts in 2019 facing deportation, followed by many more pardons for criminal illegal immigrants ensuring they stay in California. In 2022, Newsom signed a $307.9 billion budget that opened up the state’s Medicaid program to low-income Californians “regardless of their immigration status.” The cost of giving free healthcare to illegal immigrants in California comes with an estimated cost of $2.7 billion per year, according to ABC.

Newsom is even pledging in-state community college tuition to Mexican residents. Despite living in a foreign nation, Mexican residents near the border will be eligible to attend California community colleges and pay the same tuition as California citizens. In a law passed on October 13, 2023, low-income Mexicans who live within 45 miles of the California/Mexico border will be eligible for the pilot program starting next year. “This pilot program can unlock a significant untapped resource to prepare a more diverse population among our workforce,” Assemblyman David Alvarez said in a statement.

Pardons for criminals, free healthcare, and in-state tuition for foreign nationals make Gavin Newsom one of the most aggressive proponents of open borders and illegal immigration in the United States. When asked, Newsom continues to deny a run for President of the United States in 2024, and President Donald Trump has expressed doubt about a 2024 Newsom run, but the California governor’s actions indicate that he has his sights set on a higher office.