President Donald Trump ReTruthed a post by rockstar Ted Nugent calling for the arrest of Rashida Tlaib on Truth Social on Monday. The Truth Social post shows a picture of the Democrat representative of Michigan’s 12th district with the caption, “Arrest Rashida Tlaib for inciting an insurrection and takeover of the Capitol.”

This social media post refers to Tlaib’s participation in a pro-Palestine and pro-HAMAS rally at the US Capitol in Washington DC on October 18. Approximately 350 demonstrators entered the building, repeating chants of “ceasefire now.” The protest was a response to the ongoing conflict between Israel and HAMAS in Gaza, which was escalated by a barrage of Islamic terrorist attacks in a coordinated assault on Israel by Hamas, which began on October 7. Capitol police told Fox News the pro-Palestinian protest resulted in approximately 300 arrests, at least three of which were on charges of assault of a police officer.

Tlaib did not appear to enter the building during the demonstration, but she spoke to a group of protesters near the Capitol. “If we’re not crying, something is wrong,” Tlaib told reporters, according to Fox News. “So I’m telling you right now, President Biden, not all of America is with you on this one, and you need to wake up and understand that. We are literally watching people commit your genocide.”

The protest has elicited comparisons to the pro-Trump Capitol protests on January 6, 2021, which were widely condemned by the media and the House January 6 committee as an “insurrection.” Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has formally requested the Capitol police “preserve all video surveillance footage, photographic evidence, police reports and arrest records from all House Office Buildings on October 18, 2023.” In a letter to the Capitol Police Chief posted on X, she referred to the demonstration organized by Jewish Voice for Peace as an “insurrection.”

President Trump has escalated his rhetoric against Rashida Tlaib since the October 7 attack on Israel. “I think she’s terrible,” Trump said of Tlaib on the Brian Kilmeade Show on October 12. “I think she’s a horrible representative of our country, and frankly, she should be impeached for that. That’s what she should be. That’s barbaric. You look at what they’ve done to little children, babies, babies where they cut off their heads. It’s not even believable that we’re having this conversation. But nobody’s seen anything like this.” Trump has since called for the arrest of Tlaib by ReTruthing Ted Nugent’s Truth Social post.

This isn’t the first time Trump has sparred with Tlaib. In August 2019, while Trump was the sitting US President, he accused Tlaib of “grandstanding” when talking about “dehumanizing checkpoints” her family had to go through to visit her grandmother in the West Bank. Trump didn’t think her sorrow was genuine because of her “very vicious mood at campaign rallies.” “You should see the things the four of them have said about Israel over the last couple of years,” Trump said of “The Squad.” “It would be bad to let them in [to Israel] – the four, I’m talking about all four,” he said.

Laura Loomer