An exclusive investigation has found that New York’s first black, female elected state Attorney General has a dark money problem.

Nobody is above the law, unless your name is Letitia James. It appears as though New York’s first black, female state Attorney General has a dark money problem.

Despite living on a lifelong public servant’s salary, this radical New York City public advocate, who currently “serves” as the Attorney General in New York, still managed to purchase a four-story, brownstone in her native hometown of Brooklyn, New York in 2001, which is now worth several million dollars.

Throughout the years, James has performed “hazardous” and unauthorized restoration to her now multi-million dollar residence.

By 2011, the future weaponized Attorney General of New York, and enemy of mortgage servers, managed to negotiate substantial savings for her monthly mortgage obligations, with a Home Affordable Mortgage Modification Agreement. Letitia cried poverty and beat the system.

See Letitia James’s Home Affordable Modification Agreement

Letitia “Peekaboo” James’s French Connection

In October 2017, as a candidate for Attorney General during President Trump’s first year in office, Letitia James combined and modified her additional mortgages into one loan for $625,000.00. However, atypical verbiage that is not considered ordinary was added to an affidavit with a note from Willard F Miller, an attorney for Wells Fargo Bank, which briefly described an additional loan that was previously issued for $770,000 on May 21, 2016, by Christopher J French and Kristen French.z

For reference, then candidate Donald Trump filed to run for President on June 16, 2015, nearly one year prior to the dark money loan being issued to Letitia James.

This affidavit was then attached and recorded with her latest mortgage consolidation.


Upon investigation, there are no records of a Christopher J. French and Kristen French financial connection in the United States. Instead, it appears to be a possible and potential alias that was used on a legal document to possibly evade the detection of a dark money loan and its origins.

How did this possible alias originate?

Upon investigating financial and professional ties between James and people in New York with the surname French in the Democrat Party, my investigation led me to Christian French.

Could Christopher J French possibly be Christian J. French, The Trump hating COO and heir to the Anti-Trump “Regional News Network (RNN)? WRNN-TV is a television station located in New Rochelle, New York. WRNN serves the New York City area. Christian J French also happens to be the brother of the leftist news talk show host Richard French of “Richard French Live”, and Christian is also a board member of numerous leftist organizations, that conduct business with both New York State and New York City.

On his LinkedIn, Christian French is listed as the President of the Board of Directors for an organization called Hudson Link. On their website, Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison describes itself as a progressive organization that

“provides college education, life skills, and reentry support to currently and formerly incarcerated people so they can make a positive impact on their own lives, their families, and communities, resulting in lower rates of recidivism and higher rates of employment, community regeneration, cohesiveness, and reciprocity.”

While Christian J French has listed himself as the President of the Board of Directors, it is worth noting that one of the Board of Directors for Hudson Link is a woman named Annette Johnson, who just so happened to once serve as the Assistant Attorney General in the New York State Attorney General’s Office, where Letitia James is currently the Attorney General overseeing President Trump’s indictment in New York, which has been widely described as a personal political vendetta and witch hunt.

Annette Johnson currently serves as Senior Vice President, Vice Dean, and General Counsel at NYU Langone Medical Center and oversees all legal matters concerning the medical center including providing leadership to the Office of Audit and Compliance, the Institutional Review Board, and the Office of Government Affairs, all of which report to her.

Another Board Member listed on Hudson Links’ website is Mayo Bartlett. According to his bio,

“Mayo Bartlett is the Principal Attorney at the Law Offices of Mayo Bartlett, PLLC and he was a partner at the law firm of Young & Bartlett, LLP, a litigation law firm which focused on Plaintiff’s Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Civil Rights matters. He worked for the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office for more than ten years, and served as a litigator in the Superior Court Trial Division prior to his appointment as the Chief of the Bias Crimes Unit. Mr. Bartlett has provided hate crime training for the law enforcement community and he works with community organizations and schools to ensure that hate crimes are properly identified, reported, and investigated. For nearly a decade, Mr. Bartlett regularly appeared on the television news forum “Richard French Live” on WRNN as a member of the legal panel, discussing current issues concerning the law and society.”

Upon further investigation, on June 15, 2022, Mayo appeared on a legal panel with NY Attorney General Letitia James. Additionally, Mayo has his participation in a panel with Attorney General James prominently displayed on the front page of his law firm’s website.

On the RNNTV website, under the “Management Team” section, Richard French’s bio highlights his ties to President Barrack Hussein Obama.

“The Emmy Award-winning program is a forum that counts politicians, pundits and personalities as contributors ranging from President Obama to the biggest newsmakers from the national to regional level. A multiple Emmy and   state broadcaster awardee, Richard came to broadcasting from the world of politics.”

A review of Richard French’s YouTube channel for his show reveals that majority of his episodes are anti-Trump in nature, and his banner says “Can America Handle Another Trump Presidency”.

The details for the $770,000 loan that AG James has been hiding and withholding from her financial disclosures are nonexistent in James’s 34-page 11/3/2017 mortgage agreement that was recorded with the Office of the Register within New York City’s Department of Finance. Additionally, James never mentioned the $770,000 loan from French in her financial disclosure form when she was running for office to become New York’s Attorney General. Her failure to disclose this loan on her financial disclosure forms is not only unethical, but it is highly illegal. This dark money loan fails to conform to the norms of typical and lawful loan agreements, which is likely why James has gone through great lengths to hide this loan, and the true identity of the funder of the loan.

Something is rotten in the state of New York, and it’s not just the smell of urine and marijuana that originates from the New York City subway system.

On page 13 of Attorney General Letitia James’s 2022 financial disclosure statement, she only listed some of her financial liabilities, including the $625,000 Wells Fargo mortgage. However, since 2017, New York’s AG Letitia James hasn’t once disclosed the origins of the $770,000 loan from French.

It is important to remember that Letitia James’s entire campaign for New York Attorney General in 2018 was based upon “Getting Trump”. She campaigned on the claim that Donald Trump was an illicit President, and she vowed to remove him from office if she were elected. Currently, as we head into the 2024 Presidential election, James and her office have committed election interference by weaponizing the office of the New York Attorney General’s Office against President Trump, his family, and their business ventures. Ironically, James has targeted the Trump family over the valuation of their real estate holdings, all while she appears to be illegally concealing an illicit dark money loan from the public. Additionally, as she continues to work with other radical Democrats to fabricate impropriety against President Trump and his family, she herself is engaged in illegal financial misdeeds through the intentional obfuscation of her loan from two individuals with the last name French who suspiciously are not able to be located or properly and legally identified in her mortgage and campaign documents.

This begs the question, why has Letitia James gone through such great lengths to hide the $770,000 loan that was recorded in 2017, as well as the origin of the loan? Who is James trying to protect, or who is trying to hide their true identity… and why?

It is illegal to knowingly use a fake name or alias on a signed affidavit. There is no financial record linking a Christopher J French and a Kristen French to Letitia James. Could their names potentially be an alias for Christian J French, whose mothers’ name coincidentally happens to be Cristina French?

And if Christopher J. French is indeed an alias for Christian J French, did Christian J. French buy off the New York Attorney General for $770,000.00?

If this turns out to be the case, how much interest did French, and his anti-Trump, family owned, progressive, New York based TV network earn in our government?

Perhaps it’s time for the New York State Inspector General to investigate New York Attorney General Letitia James’s French Connection.

Laura Loomer