The donor class has finally realized that Ron DeSantis has no path to victory, which is why they are now betting on the Governor of Virginia as a way to stop a Trump 2024 victory.

There have been many efforts by the Washington D.C. political establishment to sabotage President Trump, the frontrunner in the 2024 Presidential Election, and his efforts to take back the White House. These attacks have come in many forms. For one, the Republican Presidential Primary field is stacked with anti-Trump Republicans who have no true platform themselves, aside from spending their time disparaging the leading candidate for President while polling in the single digits.

The most notable of these failed candidates if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis is currently polling at just 9% in the Republican Primary nationally, and is struggling to compete with no-name candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy in several key states. Nikki Haley, commonly referred to as ‘George Bush in heels’, also represents a threat to DeSantis.

When it comes down to it, none of these candidates, as evident by their dismal polling numbers, stands any chance to defeat President Trump in any one State, much less the entire Primary. The Establishment Republican tactic of stacking the unnecessary 2024 Republican Primaries with anti-Trump candidates has failed. Seeing no way out, it appears that the establishment is changing the direction of their support. High-level Republican donors are no abandoning Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Chris Christie for a person who has yet to declare his 2024 candidacy. That man is Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

I am told by several sources that Youngkin is planning to launch a 2024 run for President in the coming months. Youngkin is set to hold a multi-day retreat fundraiser under his Political Action Committee called ‘Spirit of Virginia’ on October 17th and 18th at the Historic Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The fundraiser is being held just weeks before Virginia will hold their State elections. Youngkin is hoping to flip the State Senate from Democrat to Republican as a means to promote himself to the National political stage, much like the tactics deployed by Ron DeSantis before he launched his failed Presidential campaign.

A quick search on the Virginia campaign finance database reveals that tactics are not the only thing that Governor Youngkin and Governor DeSantis have in common. They also share many of the same donors. In fact, some of the largest donors to DeSantis’s Presidential campaign have now crossed over, and are dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s ‘Spirit of Virginia’ PAC.

Upon examination, even the donors who claimed to be supporting Ron DeSantis in the 2024 Election were not only donating to DeSantis, but many of them have also donated to other anti-Trump Republicans currently running for President. This is evidence that these high-level GOP donors are not funding candidates based on policy, or the chance that they might win, but simply funding whoever it takes to stop President Trump from securing the nomination. These donors have absolutely no loyalty to any of the candidates that they are pouring money into. Their hatred for President Trump is greater than their love for their country.

One of these mega donors is Jeffery Yass, a Pennsylvania billionaire. Jeff Yass is an investor who in 2005 founded a venture capital firm called SIG China. SIG China was established with the purpose of investing in emerging Chinese technology. Why does this matter?

Well, given the fact that Jeff Yass has a net worth of $33 billion and he happens to be the wealthiest man and the wealthiest billionaire in the state of Pennsylvania, it’s important to note that most of Jeff’s wealth comes from his investment in Bytedance, the parent company for TikTok. Yass is one of the largest investors into TikTok.

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Yass’s donation history highlights this trend of frantic establishment GOP donors better than almost anyone. Yass Is the wealthiest man in all of Pennsylvania. On June 30th, 2023, Yass donated an astounding $250,000 to a Political Action Committee called ‘Tell It Like It Is PAC’. That PAC is associated with current candidate for President, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Yass has also recently donated $2,000,000 to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. The Virginia Campaign Finance database shows a $2 million donation from Yass to ‘Spirit of Virginia’ on October 3rd, 2023, just four months after Yass had dumped a quarter of a million dollars into failed candidate Chris Christie.

When Ron DeSantis launched his campaign for President, he did so after pressuring the Florida Legislator to pass a law which would allow him to transfer his State campaign account donations to his federal campaign account. He was successful in this effort, giving DeSantis an initially inflated cash on hand figure. Of course, DeSantis is broke now, with less than $5 Million in cash before the Primary has even really started. However, much of the cash that DeSantis transferred from his State account “Friends of Ron DeSantis” came from Jeffery Yass, who dumped a reported $2.5 Million into DeSantis’s 2022 Florida Gubernatorial re-electionvcampaign.

Yass is a singular representative of a broader movement within the swanky GOP donor class to sabotage the 2024 campaign of President Trump.

Another donor who exemplifies this behavior is Richard Gilliam, founder of Cumberland Resources, a Virginia-based coal mining operation. In the 2024 cycle alone, Gilliam has donated to Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Gilliam has recently donated $60,000 to Glenn Youngkin’s ‘Spirit of Virginia’ PAC. These donations once again display a pattern of behavior by a GOP donor class that is eager to interfere in the 2024 Republican Primary. Despite overwhelming support from the Republican voter base, the donor class simply cannot accept that Trump will be their nominee in 2024. Desperate, these donors are now spending millions on any candidate that can level any damage to President Trump.

Another establishment donor currently dumping millions of dollars into Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is Thomas Peterffy, the CEO of Interactive Brokers, who has an estimated net worth of over $27.2 Billion. Peterffy is reportedly richest man in Florida. In 2023 alone, Peterffy has given Youngkin an astounding $3 million through his ‘Spirit of Virginia PAC’. The sum came through three separate donations of $1,000,000. See those donations below…

Peterffy made these donations after telling Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News in July that he’d like to see Youngkin join the 2024 GOP primary as a late entrant in the 2024 presidential race and called him an “ideal candidate for the Republican Party.”  Thomas Peterffy is the richest man in Florida. He was planning to support Ron DeSantis’s Presidential, but then in April of 2023 he said

“I have put myself on hold. Because of his stance on abortion and book banning … myself, and a bunch of friends, are holding our powder dry.”


An examination of Peterffy’s federal campaign finance data shows that he has dumped an exuberant amount of money into coffers controlled by Republican RINO Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, and Former Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. On February 23rd, 2023, Peterffy donated $289,100 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, formerly controlled by Kevin McCarthy. On the same day, Peterffy gave ‘Protect The House 2024’, a joint fundraising committee also formerly controlled by Kevin McCarthy an enormous donation of $703,700.

This appears to be a reoccurring trend, as Jeffery Yass has also donated a considerable amount of money to the NRCC in 2023. Yass has donated $25,800 since the beginning of this year.

Another donor mention above, Richard Gilliam, has also donated thousands of dollars to the NRCC in 2023. His total for the year is $77,800. Gilliam has also given $500,000 to Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership fund since the beginning of 2022.

You don’t have to look very far into the candidates who are challenging, or planning on challenging Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary to see that there is not a lot of legitimate support. What we see is a vicious donor class that is desperately throwing their money at anybody they can think of who might be willing to do the establishment’s bidding, and attempt to stop Trump from ever serving in White House again.

The establishment GOP donor class is eager to start condensing the field in an effort to consolidate their anti-Trump candidates into the most effective force against President Trump. This was evident by a recent mega-donor summit that was hosted by the American Opportunity Alliance and infamous anti-Trump billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer. The event, which was held in Dallas, Texas on October 13th, 2023, was coordinated by Singer, along with fellow GOP mega donors Ken Griffin and Harlan Crow. The event was used to pitch the idea of Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis running together as the most viable ticket to beat President Trump in 2024.

Even Former Republican National Committee finance chairman Steve Wynn donated $250,000 to Youngkin’s “Spirit of Virginia” PAC on October 11th, 2023.

Why did Steve Wynn, a previous supporter of President Trump and member of President Trump’s Mar a Lago club donate a quarter of a million dollars to Glenn Youngkin’s PAC on October 11, 2023?

It should be evident to everyone following a review of the evidence presented above that the establishment GOP donor class is working overtime to draft Glenn Youngkin to run for President in 2024 as another anti-Trump option on the GOP ticket.

It’s not a matter of *if* Glenn Youngkin is going to run for President. But, rather it’s a matter of when his donors will decide it’s time for him to officially file to run against Donald Trump.

What the donor class simply cannot understand, or what they refuse to accept, is that President Trump is the most popular political figure in the history of the Republican Party. That is the truth that keeps the donor class up at night, and keeps them writing checks to every Republican who announces his or her candidacy for President. It is no small fact that these donors also share ties to members of Republican leadership in the House and Senate, who have sat on their hands as President Trump has been persecuted from every angle by a weaponized government.

These donors do not believe in the candidates they are funding. If they did, they would donate to a singular Presidential candidate, as opposed to making donations to multiple candidates. What we instead find is that the mega donors who are funding Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, and now Glenn Youngkin are the same exact people with the same exact goal. And that goal is to stop President Trump at any financial cost, and to defy the will of the American people.

Laura Loomer