The American people are finding out just how lethal Joe Biden's open borders and terrorist sympathizing policies can be as America and the world brace for threats of Islamic terrorism.

On October 7th, 2023, HAMAS terrorists successfully launched an attack on Israel, momentarily disabling the Iron Dome, and killing up to 1,500 Israelis. It has been reported that up to 27 Americans have died in the conflict so far, with several others being taken hostage by Iranian-funded HAMAS terrorists. These attacks are reportedly part of a larger movement of jihad that is currently sweeping through the Islamic world, and the West via acts of terror conducted by Islamic migrants. Emboldened by Joe Biden and his Administration’s disastrous $6 Billion payment to Iran in exchange for several US hostages in September, the global Islamic population has never been as well-funded and organized as they are right now.

As I have been reporting on this week as I continue to closely monitor the activities of HAMAS and Hezbollah, the former leader of HAMAS, Khaled Meshaal, has called for a global day of Jihad on Friday, October 13, 2023. Meshaal can be quoted as saying,

“We must head to the squares and streets of the Arab and Islamic world on Friday. To all scholars who teach jihad… to all who teach and learn, this is a moment for the application (of theories)”.

Major US Cities like New York, as well as our nation’s Capitol in Washington DC are now bracing for Islamic violence, and law enforcement officials are now on high alert for the very large pro-Palestinian protests that are being orchestrated nationwide across the United States in cities and on college campuses.

Dangerous individuals who have been allowed to surge through our open Southern Border are now ready to take violent action against American citizens in the name of a day of global jihad. A Tampa, Florida-based group called ‘Resistance of Tampa Bay’ is planning a large protest in downtown Tampa Bay on Saturday. Students For Justice in Palestine, an organization with branches in every major University in America, has even alerted their members that there will be large-scale demonstrations on the 12th and 13th of October. That same group issued a statement referring to the recent attacks on Israel that left over 1,500 dead as part of a “heroic Palestinian resistance”.

Students for Justice in Palestine Endorses Terrorism and 'Dismantling  Zionism;' Plans Day of Resistance | ADL

Recently, intel sources confirmed to me that sleeper cells for Hezbollah and Hamas currently exist in Atlanta, Tampa, NYC, Houston, Arlington, and Minneapolis, along with many other major American cities, and yet the Biden administration has been silent, leaving American unaware and unprepared in the event of a large scale Islamic terrorist attack. The Biden Administration’s open border policies have left millions of Americans in the direct path of danger. I am also told that Hezbollah has been training members of these sleeper cells in Venezuela with funding received from the Biden Administration. Additionally, the Iran Deal made by the Obama Administration on has paved the way for these dangerous times to continue in the foreseeable future as it has now been confirmed that Iran funded and trained the HAMAS terrorists who attacked Israel this last week.

As I recently reported,

“Under the terms of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the UN’s Arms Embargo on Iran expired on October 18, 2020. The UN embargo on Iranian suicide drones and ballistic missiles is set to expire in 9 days (October 18, 2023). The European Union can move to “snapback” these sanctions at the United Nations and they will return in place in 30 days. Otherwise, Iranian transfers of these deadly weapons to Hamas or Russia will be legal next Wednesday.”

Days ago, President Trump echoed the threat of Biden’s open border policies in relation to the infiltration of our country by Islamic terrorists during his recent speech that I attended in West Palm Beach, Florida. Trump assured that under his leadership, the attacks in places like Ukraine and Israel would have never occurred and that Americans wouldn’t need to worry about the threat of Islamic terrorists.

Under the Trump administration, Trump gave us treaties like the Abraham Accords, while Biden gives us war, chaos, and death. President Trump even cancelled the disastrous 2015 Iran Deal made by the John Kerry State Department under President Obama because Trump understood the threat this deal posed to the safety of the world. In comparison, Joe Biden immediately re-instated the disastrous Iran deal upon taking office in January of 2021.

Biden’s policies have directly put Americans in jeopardy. Dangerous Islamic terrorists now sit in American cities, waiting for their orders to carry out death and destruction upon the American people. The most dangerous elements of our world have come to our front doorstep, all thanks to the aiding and abetting of Biden and his cronies. As Islamic terrorists currently hold a knife to the neck of the American people, the Biden Justice Department continues to focus on their politically motivated attacks against President Trump and his supporters in an effort to interfere in the 2024 Election.

And while Joe Biden’s Weaponized Justice Department has talked about domestic threats to Americans, and even went as far as designating “MAGA” as a new grouo of terrorists, as was reported last week, the DOJ and FBI have yet to mention the threat of Islamists, and have instead focused on the completely imaginary enemy of White Supremacy and “MAGA extremists”.

The end result, as always, is that there is an excuse to falsely and illegally target the political opposition of the Biden Administration under the false pretense of ‘white supremacy’, all while Islamic terrorists surge across the open US-Mexico Border as part of a concerted effort from the Islamic world too bring the West to its knees and implement an Islamic caliphate.

Thanks to Joe Biden and his administration of communists and jihadist sympathizers, Islamic Jihadists now have a greater chance of inflicting their torture and destruction upon the people of this great Nation yet again, which is something Americans once vowed to never let happen again in the direct aftermath of 9/11/01.

The American people, and people all around are starting to find out that elections have consequences.

And Stolen elections are lethal.

Laura Loomer