In yet another blunder and poor decision by Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene this week, she boastingly took to the Capitol steps with the Socialist, pro-Iran, pro-BDS, and self-proclaimed “anti-war” feminist group Code Pink



Rep. Greene’s photo op with Code Pink comes one day after she went on a Tweeting spree to defend Kevin McCarthy’s former position as Speaker of the House. She was seen on video voting to keep McCarthy as Speaker, and following his removal as Speaker of the House, Greene took to her Twitter feed to save face and push for President Trump as a possible replacement for Speaker of the House.

MTG has also claimed:

“Not another penny for Ukraine!! I will NOT support ANY ONE for Speaker who will send America’s hard earned tax dollars to the corrupt country of Ukraine!! Defend America’s border!!!”

his is false. I clearly stated so in my response to her tweet.

“You voted to protect @SpeakerMcCarthy yesterday who allocated and approved billions of dollars of aid for Ukraine. He flip flopped and said no more money and then caved when Zelensky was here 2 weeks ago. You are such a fraud! Even Back in January McCarthy was pledging to send money to Ukraine and you supported him. He never would have been speaker if it wasn’t for you. Here’s video of you voting against the Motion to Vacate yesterday. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND PUSH BACK ON THIS LYING FRAUD @mtgreenee. SHE WAS @SpeakerMcCarthy’s BIGGEST ENABLER AND NOW SHE IS TRYING TO AVOID ALL ACCOUNTABILITY! We can’t allow for this.”


It should disturb everyone how Rep. Greene has chosen to take to the Capitol steps with Socialists who are known to be anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Chinese Communist Party, and pro-Islamic regime, all for some extra camera time. MTG does nothing unless it will get her media attention, and behind the scenes, she does the exact opposite of what she says she will do.

In one tweet I posted, I said,

@RepMTG is so full of crap. She was more than happy yesterday to see McCarthy as Speaker when she voted to protect him. McCarthy refused to shut the government down because he wants to see a continuation of a Weaponized government. Once again, here we have @mtgreenee trying to be the center of attention after she was working behind the scenes all day yesterday to help @SpeakerMcCarthy. If she’s not the center of attention, she won’t support something. When will people wake up and realize what a fraud this woman is? For the sake of protecting President Trump I hope people realize this woman was the loudest mouthpiece for Kevin McCarthy who has been directing his donors to have fundraisers for @RonDeSantis, who has refused to endorse President Trump, and who was seen partying with Hunter Biden at the White House.

Another Twitter user stated,

“Republican representative @RepMTG Marjorie Taylor Greene is photographed outside Congress with Code Pink and calls them brave activists when they are spies. Observe how she takes a photo with an agent complicit in the Communist Tyranny of Venezuela and Cuba.”


The same Twitter user posted a video of the same Code Pink member talking about how happy she is that President Trump was “defeated” by Joe Biden in 20202. Watch HERE.

Why is self proclaimed Trump supporter MTG associating with radical Leftist Trump haters and socialists?

Clearly, MTG is not who she pretends to be…