When we learned that Kevin McCarthy had been ousted from his position as House Speaker this week after Florida Representative Matt Gaetz brought a motion to vacate the Speaker’s chair to the House floor, many were reminded of the initial battle that McCarthy fought to obtain the position of Speaker of the House.

Matt Gaetz also led the charge in January of 2023, along with Representative Andy Biggs, to oppose Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker bid. However, after 15 votes on the floor of the House in. contentious Speaker bid, McCarthy was reluctantly confirmed as House Speaker.

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was one of the most vocal critics of McCarthy during the initial process of selecting the Speaker of the House after the 2022 midterms. You can see a video of Boebert objecting to McCarthy from her Twitter feed HERE.


However, when it came time for the vote on the Motion to Vacate, Boebert was not among the 8 Republicans who voted to oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House… So what changed?

Through the Federal Election Commission’s public campaign finance database, I confirmed that Boebert received over $130,000 through McCarthy’s ‘Protect The House 2024’ joint fundraising committee since Boebert took her initial stand against McCarthy after the 2022 Election.

McCarthy gave Boebert $95,788.50 in March 2023, two months after Boebert voted against him. And then, three months later, in June 2023, McCarthy gave Boebert another $31,327.63. I’m told these funds were given to Boebert by McCarthy’s Protect the House 2024 fund under the condition that she never support a motion to vacate against McCarthy as tensions against the Speaker continued to build among House members since his initial confirmation in 2023.

What does this say about the character of Lauren Boebert? It appears that every person has their price, and McCarthy paid it.

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Following the publication of my report, Rep. Boebert appeared to confirm that she was paid off in a tweet in which she admitted McCarthy was a failed Speaker. See HERE.

JUST IN: @laurenboebert just confirmed my exclusive report that she was paid off by @SpeakerMcCarthy for her vote against the Motion to Vacate . Today she tweeted that she believes @mattgaetz stood up to “failed leadership” yesterday. Yet, despite saying this, Lauren Boebert didn’t vote with Matt Gaetz yesterday. Instead she voted against the Motion to Vacate, because as I reported, she accepted a bribe from @SpeakerMcCarthy in the form of $130,000 in donations from McCarthy to her campaign fund for 2024. Lauren Boebert must be primaried in 2024. #LOOMERED


If Rep.Boebert truly believes that McCarthy embodies “failed leadership”, as she called him, it begs the question, why did she vote against the Motion to Vacate.

After voting against the motion to vacate,Rep. Boebert is now trying to gaslight everyone into thinking that she wanted to hold Kevin McCarthy accountable. She’s bought and paid for. And when you combine this, along with her recently getting caught jerking off her Democrat boy toy at the theatre on September 10th, 2023, and then lying about why she was kicked out after she was caught on camera vaping inside the theatre next to a PREGNANT WOMAN, I predict Lauren Boebert is going to have a hard time getting re-elected in 2024, especially given the fact that her 2024 Democrat opponent Adam Frisch just reported a third quarter fundraising haul of $3.4 million, which is substantially more than the nearly $800,000 Boebert raised. In 2022, Frisch lost to Boebert in a nail biter election that was determined by a 546 vote difference. The vote needed a recount in order to confirm she had won. Adam Frisch has already started his 2024 campaign and is backed by RINO Adam Kingzinger.

ADAM KINZINGER: “Boebert is toast if Adam [Frisch] can get the money.” Last year, Adam nearly defeated Lauren Boebert. He lost by just 546 votes. Now, Adam is running again, and the polls show a TIED race: 45% – 45% Please, give now to help Adam Frisch defeat Lauren Boebert.

As previously reported in the Denver Post, Lauren Boebert was caught fondling her Democrat boyfriend in the theatre, as well as vaping next to a pregnant woman.

Boebert’s office denied she was vaping to The Post Wednesday, saying there had been “a misunderstanding from someone sitting near her” who hadn’t noticed the “heavy fog machines and electronic cigarettes used during the play.”

According to the New York Post, “The usher said, ‘You’re not the first complaint we had,’ she told the outlet. When the patron got back to her seats with her husband, Boebert reportedly lashed out, calling the woman “a sad and miserable person,” she recalled.
“The guy she was with offered to buy me and my husband cocktails,” the woman said. “I’m pregnant!”

Boebert, a scandal plagued Congresswoman who has betrayed the trust of the America First MAGA base that originally sent her to Congress, will most definitely be primaried in 2024. The vote needed a recount in order to confirm she had won. Adam Frisch has already started his 2024 campaign and is backed by RINO Adam Kingzinger.

I previously reported how Boebert does not have the support from top Republican elected officials within her own Colorado District. I also tweeted out Colorado Commissioner Cody Davis’s post, where he explained that he could no longer support Boebert, and would instead by supporting Jeff Hurd instead.

JUST IN: I’m being told by sources in Colorado that @laurenboebert has lost nearly all support in her district and that she’s going to be primaried by well funded challengers. Commissioner Cody Davis in her district posted this post on his Facebook saying he can no longer support her, especially after her vote in support of @SpeakerMcCarthy today. She is losing support from Republican stakeholders in her district left and right and given her scandals, she is in a weak position for re-election. 2024 is going to be very interesting.

Additionally, sources tell me that there was a recent call from @laurenboebert’s campaign to elected officials in her top Republican counties in her Colorado District (Mesa, Montrose and Delta), and her campaign couldn’t secure a single endorsement. Not ONE person in an elected position supported her. Source tells me her campaign was begging for an endorsement on the call, where she was asked by others on the call, “Do you want to be famous, or be our congresswomen?” Boebert barely won re-election in 2022, and so it’s looking like 2024 will be a rough election season for her given her recent scandals and her support for @SpeakerMcCarthy

The American people deserve representatives who won’t sell their constituents out for $130,000.

Talk about a cheap date! By DC standards, at least…

Laura Loomer