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Ron DeSantis appears to be giving a masterclass on how to make $140,000 per year while doing absolutely nothing!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had absolutely nothing on his schedule for his official duties as Governor of Florida on September 14, 2023, which also happened to be his 45th birthday. Instead of spending his birthday in Florida on Thursday, a weekday, in which he is supposed to be working as Governor of Florida, a job he is paid to do with Florida tax payer money, DeSantis spent his birthday fundraising for his failed Presidential campaign in New York City with elitist Wall Street donors.

DeSantis kicked his birthday morning off with a breakfast fundraiser in New York City that was hosted by several wealthy executives, including attorney William Burck, David Blumberg, the founder of Blumberg Capital, Steve Hornstein, an executive at the investment advisory firm Global Credit Advisers, and Mark Gerson, the co-founder of financial information services company Gerson Lehrman Group. Attendees of the fundraiser had to pay an astounding $11,600 per plate entry price.

This week, US Senator and former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced he isn’t running for re-election to the US Senate in a cryptic video message. His announcement came two days after I posted exclusive photos of him while he was traveling solo at the Palm Beach International airport in Florida, where Ron DeSantis is Governor. Was Mitt Romney fundraising for Ron DeSantis in Palm Beach, home to President Trump and mega donor central? Perhaps, and Ron DeSantis’s recent fundraising trip to New York City with some of Mitt Romney’s closest advisors adds fuel to the fire.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. And it appears that just days after Romney was spotted in Florida, and announced he won’t be seeking re-election, all of his biggest financial backers from 2012 are hosting high dollar fundraisers for Ron DeSantis in the same week in the tristate area. The attendees and host committees of the fundraisers all included prominent donors to Senator Mitt Romney.

William A. Burck is a prolific Mitt Romney donor who contributed over $27,000 to Romney’s failed 2012 Presidential campaign through various avenues. Burck also donated to the comically inept 2016 Republican Presidential campaign of Jeb Bush when Bush was challenging Donald Trump for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination.

See evidence of Burck’s contributions to Bush and Romney below…

David Blumberg, another high-dollar DeSantis donor who was raising money for the failed candidate in New York at the breakfast fundraiser, has a history of donating to DeSantis allies, including Nevada Senator Adam Laxalt, who was once roommates with DeSantis during naval officer training.

In October of 2022, I reported how Ron DeSantis had a secret meeting in Utah with Mitt Romney. At the time, DeSantis was planning to bring on Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign apparatus for his own 2024 anti-Trump Presidential campaign which DeSantis has been plotting since 2020. Of course, DeSantis and Romney have a very public shared hatred of former President Donald Trump and a mutual interest in making sure President Trump is not elected in 2024.

Through a recent investigation into Romney’s campaign finances, I was able to uncover the fact that Romney’s campaign account was given a whopping $714,004.14 on June 21st, 2023 by an outfit called ‘Targeted Victory LLC.’ ‘Targeted Victory LLC’ is a company run by a man named Zac Moffat, who previously worked for Romney as his ‘digital director.’ Moffat now works with Senator Tim Scott, another Republican opponent of President Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican primary. See evidence of that transaction courtesy of the Federal Election Commission’s campaign election finance database below.


Whether it be through Ron DeSantis, or Senator Tim Scott, Mitt Romney seems to be heavily involved in attempts to stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee for President in 2024.

Following his birthday fundraiser breakfast, Ron DeSantis bolted over to a fundraiser luncheon for his Presidential campaign that was hosted by Emil Henry, the CEO of the private equity firm Tiger Infrastructure Partners. Emil Henry is a longtime GOP fundraiser and was an advisor to Sen. Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign. Emil Henry also worked as the assistant secretary of the Treasury during President George W. Bush’s administration. In 2015, when former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was running for President in a crowded GOP primary against then candidate Donald Trump, Emil Henry hosted a fundraiser for Jeb Bush in the Hamptons.

Additionally, on Wednesday September 13, 2023, the day before Ron DeSantis’s birthday, his afternoon schedule in Tallahassee for his Gubernatorial duties was also cleared so that he could fly to Greenwich, Connecticut for another swanky campaign fundraiser on taxpayer dime.

A screenshot of the Governor’s schedule shows he didn’t do any work on September 14th (his birthday), and on September 13th, he canceled work for the rest of the day following a 10 am EST roundtable.

It is worth noting that Greenwich, CT is the wealthiest zip code in America aside from 33480 in Palm Beach, Florida. DeSantis’s purpose of being there was to attend a fundraiser for his Presidential campaign at the home of Connecticut GOP fundraiser Scott Frantz.

Frantz hosted high dollar fundraisers for Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush when they ran for President. Franz also donated $100,000 to @MittRomney’s Super PAC and once raised $1.5 MILLION for Mitt Romney in one single day.

To attend the VIP reception at this Greenwich fundraiser and to get a photo with Ron DeSantis, couples had to pay $23,200. The event also offered VIP admission to bundlers who have raised $50,000 or more for DeSantis’s Presidential campaign.

As I reported in 2022, Ron DeSantis has made a deal with Mitt Romney and the Bush’s for the sake of raising millions of dollars to sabotage President Trump.

Unfortunately for little Ron DeSantis, all of Romney’s horses and all of Bush’s men won’t be enough to ever make him President. DeSantis continues to struggle in polls nationwide, leading many to believe that he will soon drop out of the Presidential race. His campaign is bleeding cash, and despite seven figure spends on anti-Trump TV ad buys in Iowa and New Hampshire, DeSantis is trailing Donald Trump by more than 35 points. It honestly would not surprise me if Romney, DeSantis, and Scott all turn to a ‘no labels’ party in 2024 in an effort to continue their sabotage tour of President Trump. The swamp creatures in the Uniparty who are hell-bent on stopping Donald Trump from ever becoming President again, will literally do anything to avoid facing consequences for their corruption, and their crimes.

While Ron DeSantis spent his birthday attending $11,600 plate breakfasts with Romney and Bush donors, President Trump continues to fend off attacks from the Washington D.C. political establishment that happily supports people like Mitt Romney and the Bush family. If you want to know who is really a threat to our nation alongside the marxists and communists, look no further than those in the Republican Party establishment who have partnered with the Democrats for a joint political persecution of Donald Trump. The candidacy of Ron DeSantis, who owes his entire political career to Donald Trump, and DeSantis’s willingness to cut deals with Mitt Romney, John McCain, and the Bush family’s financial and political apparatus is proof that Ron DeSantis is not only bought and paid for, but it also proves that the Republican establishment is willing to fund and elevate literally any other candidate whose name isn’t Donald Trump.

For Ron DeSantis, his birthday was just like every other day is for him. DeSantis barely spends any time in Florida anymore, spending a majority of his time out on the Presidential campaign trail touting his delusional and over inflated “record” in Florida. And while he’s campaigning, DeSantis is using his campaign funds to splurge on luxury goods and private jets, which is why his campaign has been publicly humiliated for its outrageous spending and out of control burn rate, with some publications even referring to the Florida Governor as having spending habits like a ‘drunk teenager.’

It’s *always* caviar and fine wine for DeSantis on the campaign trail. Meanwhile, for the people of Florida, things aren’t so nice. Insurance prices are surging like nowhere else in America. Floridians are paying higher rates for their home and car insurance with rates that are nearly four times higher than the rates in any other state in America. Under DeSantis’s failed leadership, insurance companies sit on the brink of total insolvency, as DeSantis himself has admitted that Florida is only one strong hurricane away from insurance companies, including Citizens Insurance, the state insurer of last resort, being unable to pay out claims to policy holders.

Residents who suffered in Fort Lauderdale during torrential rains and flooding earlier this year were abandoned, left to rescue themselves in small boats and raised vehicles while DeSantis was out of town promoting his book and running for President. The State of Florida did little to nothing to assist those affected by the flooding. Plain and simple, the people of Florida have been abandoned by Ron DeSantis who is now an absentee Governor, and we are paying for it since he is still getting his salary as Governor of Florida. This is exactly why he made sure to push the Florida legislature to change Florida’s ‘Resign to Run’ Law before he officially filed to run for President.

The only thing in the state of Florida that appears to be benefitting from DeSantis’s absence is the 17th Century, antique French wallpaper in the Florida Governor’s mansion (paid for by Florida taxpayer by the way), which Jill DeSantis has admitted that her children have damaged on numerous occasions by drawing on the walls with crayons.

If you cannot even control your own children, how will you control the country?

DeSantis continues to travel the nation, rubbing elbows with donors and touting his phony record in Florida, even as the State descends into chaos, and Floridians become increasingly unable to survive under never ending price surges in Florida where housing and utilities are at record high costs.

In this regard, DeSantis is much like Joe Biden, touting a record that has only hurt the people he has purported to help. The connection makes sense, considering DeSantis is supported and funded by the same individuals who supported Jeb Bush, and eventually sided with Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the 2020 Election, which was stolen.

Those who have overseen the destruction of our Nation support Ron DeSantis, and they hate Donald Trump. Those who have sided with special interests and foreign wars at the expense of the American people support Ron DeSantis, and they hate Donald Trump. And that is because President Trump puts America First, and he is the biggest threat to the Uniparty establishment that has always put the American people last!

This is the establishment. The ruling class. The people who are most responsible for the Uniparty control over our country. They are the people who are supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in his hopeless run for President. That is why millions of Americans, myself included, will be headed to the ballot box in 2024. We will send a resounding message to those who have run our country into the ground, and we will tell them that their time is over. By electing President Trump for a third time, we will begin the process of purging the GOP of establishment, neo-con, warmongering leeches and replace them with America First patriots who are loyal neither to the Republican Party or the Democrat Party, but rather loyal to the principles and values that have made our nation great, and will Make America Great Again once Donald Trump is re-elected.

But, if you want to make $140,000 per year and not do anything, I have the perfect job for you! Run for Governor of Florida, and be like Ron DeSantis!

It’s an easy gig, especially when you don’t even have to show up!

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Laura Loomer