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So much for “Iowa Nice”!

Fledgling Republican candidate for President Ron DeSantis conducted a shameless and classless political stunt on Saturday at the highly anticipated Iowa vs Iowa State college football game. Obviously angered by the fact that he garnered no attention from attendees, as Trump stole the spotlight from thousands of sports fans, DeSantis’s campaign staff passed out flyers attacking former First Lady Melania Trump.

The flyers showed a picture of Melania Trump with a large red heading that reads ‘MISSING.’ Underneath the photo of Melania Trump the flyer continues, “Have you seen this woman? Where is our First Lady? Why is Donald Trump hiding her? We miss her. Please call 561-832-2600 if found.” See that flyer below…

The number shown on the flyer is the phone number for Mar-a-Lago, which is the residence of First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump. Encouraging fair-goers to harass the former First Lady of the United States is classless and disgusting.

Unfortunately for Ron DeSantis and his campaign staff, this classless move is par for the course.

DeSantis also harassed the former First Lady by flying a banner over the Iowa v Iowa State college football game which he and President Trump were both in attendance at that read “Where’s Melania?” See a clip of that banner being flown above the stadium below…

When President Trump arrived for the game, he was greeted by thousands of adoring fans and supporters who cheered as he walked through the stadium and greeted Iowans. See a clip of Trump being cheered at the Iowa vs Iowa State football game below…

It’s important to remember that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis currently trails former President Donald Trump in Iowa Republican primary polls by a substantial 37 points. Additionally, 51% of voters said Donald Trump would be their first pick among candidates in the crowded 2024 GOP primary, according to a survey conducted by Iowa State University and polling firm Civiqs.

Though Ron DeSantis may have large corporate donors, his campaign continues to bleed cash, and support. His lackluster, gutless, and weak performance at the first Republican debate only cemented his status as the Jeb Bush of 2024.

His latest attempt to harass and intimidate the former First Lady only shows how desperate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become in his quest to undermine the MAGA, America First movement. DeSantis has he abandoned the State of Florida, a state which is currently one massive hurricane away from a complete insurance market and housing collapse.


From the safety of the people of Florida, to the safety and privacy of former First Lady Melania Trump, Ron DeSantis has shown that he will do quite literally anything to become President. Unfortunately, for DeSanctimonious, all of the money in the world and all of Rupert Murdoch’s men couldn’t make Ron DeSantis likable again. He will never be able to afford the personality transplant he desperately needs, and he will never be able to regain the trust of the MAGA, pro-Trump base.

DeSantis destroyed his political career when he betrayed President Donald Trump, the man who is most responsible for DeSantis’s nail biter 2018 Gubernatorial victory in Florida. As DeSantis continues to spiral downward, we can only expect more of the classlessness of DeSantis and his wife to be amplified through vicious and pointless attacks against those who DeSantis perceives to be ‘in his way.’

In reality, DeSantis is standing in his own way. His unlikable character, coupled with his odd and awkward behavior and lack of social skills, and his willingness to compromise and flip flop on key policy issues for political power have created an incredibly unpopular Presidential candidate and a Governor worthy of national contempt and disdain.

While President Trump will continue to soar in national polls as our country succumbs to the chaos of the illegitimate Biden regime, DeSantis will be forced to learn the hard way…

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Laura Loomer