The worst kept secret in the state of Florida is that Governor Ron DeSantis is running for President in 2024, and will be primarying President Donald J Trump for the GOP nomination. And after seeing how successful Big Tech executives were in influencing the 2020 Presidential election, Big Tech isn’t skipping a beat ahead of 2024 to stop President Trump from being the Republican Party nominee. They are doing this by supporting Governor Ron DeSantis, with help from Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, his son Connor McCarthy, and Kevin’s favorite Congressional attack dog, Marjorie Taylor Greene who exists for the sake of helping protect Kevin McCarthy’s pro-Trump facade while he is secretly plotting against President Trump and the MAGA movement with his best friend, former Speaker of the House, and DeSantis supporter Paul Ryan.

They say if you want loyalty, you should buy a dog, but it seems like Washington is full of rabid animals and dirty rats who don’t think twice before biting the hand that has fed them and supported their bloated political careers.

If you haven’t noticed, Governor DeSantis is now an absentee Governor ever since launching his shadow Presidential campaign that has indiscreetly been disguised as a “book tour” following the release of DeSantis’s new multi million dollar book deal via the Rupert Murdoch owned Harper Collins publishing company, as I have reported on extensively.

Ever since winning reelection, it really seems like Governor DeSantis is more concerned with running for President out of state as opposed to doing his job in Florida. He is expected to officially file for President in May 2023 at the end of the Florida legislative session when the Florida legislature changes Florida’s “Resign to Run” law, so that DeSantis doesn’t have to resign his position as Governor when he files to run for President.

But, that isn’t stopping DeSantis from illegally running a shadow Presidential campaign and raising campaign cash in violation of FEC laws, and state election laws. Nor does it stop DeSantis’s many plutocrat supporters from (Legally) paying off the Governor with a check written out for “bulk book sales”. Everyone knows a “book deal” is the easiest way to launder political cash.

So, where exactly is DeSantis getting funding? Well, he’s having “book events” and “speaking events”, aka campaign fundraisers, out of state as he continues to travel the country campaigning for President on Florida Taxpayer dime.

In March of this year, President Trump’s PAC filed an officials complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics accusing Gov. Ron DeSantis of violating campaign finance and ethics rules with a “shadow” run for the White House.

I have learned that on April 22, Governor DeSantis will be the keynote speaker at the Utah Republican Party Convention, which is taking place at Utah Valley University Center.


I have also learned that directly following his speech in Utah, DeSantis will be flying to Austin, Texas where he will attend a private, and elite high dollar fundraiser for his shadow Presidential campaign at the home of tech investor and known Kevin McCarthy advisor and donor, Joe Lonsdale, who conveniently hates President Trump and worked against his election efforts in 2016.

Kevin McCarthy has still not endorsed President Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign, even though he received President Trump’s endorsement for his bid for Speaker of the House, despite being rejected in 14 separate vote proceedings by his peers in the House GOP (you’re welcome, Kevin).

As McCarthy pretends to support President Trump by doing the bare minimum to keep himself from being ousted via a motion to vacate, and by attaching himself to self proclaimed Trump ally and opportunist Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin has been privately working with his allies in Big Tech, including Lonsdale, as well as his top advisor, Jeff Miller who is known for his lobbying efforts on behalf of several Big Tech companies.

Kevin McCarthy’s son, Connor, has been working for Joe Lonsdale for several years, and even used his father’s status as a way to secure meetings in the Trump White House with former Trump White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, who was FIRED by President Trump in March 2020. White House records I have obtained from Mulvaney’s official Calendar reveals that on January 23, 2018, he had dinner, while working for President Trump, with Connor McCarthy and Joe Lonsdale in Washington DC at the swanky Ocean Prime restaurant.

Mick Mulvaney’s White House Calendar Shows He Had Dinner With Connor McCarthy and Joe Lonsdale in DC

Joe Lonsdale is a venture capitalist whose financial and technological endeavors are known to be backed by Chinese and Emirati cash. Lonsadle’s wife Tayler will also be at the shadow fundraiser for DeSantis. Tayler Lonsdale is a board officer at the Cicero Institute (her husband is Chairman of the board). Tayler has worked at Palantir, and co-founded Esper, where Kevin McCarthy’s son served as Chief of Staff. According to Tayler’s bio on the Cicero Institute’s website,

“Tayler also worked with New Oriental co-founder, Xu Xiaoping, to build Zhen Fund, now a leading early-stage investment group in China.”

Joe Lonsdale is also a longtime donor to Kevin McCarthy. Lonsdale founded a company called Palantir (where his Chinese tied Wife also works), which created a product called “Gotham” for the sake of wiping out right wing political movements in Europe. In a video I posted on Twitter in January, Alex Karp, a co-founder of Palantir, says their product, known as Gotham, which he calls PG, “single handedly stopped the rise of the far right in Europe.” Karp is a self admitted progressive who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and has expressed hostilities toward Donald Trump. Karp told The New York Times that his greatest fear is “the rise of fascism”, and as we all know, the progressive movement’s political talking points in the United States revolves around their lie that President Trump is “a fascist”.

You have to ask yourself… why is the “Republican” Speaker of the House advising with an anti-Trump tech investor who creates surveillance technologies with progressive Trump haters to wipe out right wing political movements in Western nations? And why is the founder of this company hosting an event at his home with other tech millionaires and billionaires for Governor Ron DeSantis as he carries out his shadow Presidential campaign?

They say if you want to know what someone’s agenda is, all you need to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY. Along with donating to Kevin McCarthy, and hosting an upcoming April 22 event for Governor DeSantis, Lonsdale has also donated to Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom, Trump hater Mitt Romney, he donated to Chris Christie over President Trump in 2016, suspected Chinese Communist Party asset and Democrat Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, anti-Trump Congressman Dan Crenshaw, and pro-impeachment Republican Representatives Jaime Herrera Beutler, Fred Upton, Anthony Gonzalez, and GOP Senator Ben Sasse, all of whom voted to impeach President Trump.

In 2019, Lonsdale donated $1,000 to radical Leftist Pete Buttigieg, who currently serves as the United States Secretary of Transportation in Joe Biden’s administration.

In January 2020, Lonsdale donated $5,000 to the Koch backed Americans for Prosperity PAC. Americans For Prosperity (AFP) is financed by conservative billionaire Charles Koch. An AFP spokesperson recently told CBS News that AFP plans to oppose the 2024 presidential candidacy of former President Donald Trump — and will actively support an alternative during the Republican presidential primary. It’s really telling when one looks at Lonsdale’s political giving history knowing that he is one of Kevin McCarthy’s trusted tech advisors.

See more of Joe Lonsdale’s political donations here.

Connor McCarthy’s since scrubbed bio on the Cicero Institute’s Website

What Kevin McCarthy doesn’t want anyone knowing is that his son, Connor, works for anti-Trump Joe Lonsdale. Kevin and Connor have been public about their close relationship, and how Connor aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps. In 2015, Kevin McCarthy bragged to the media about how he “rewarded” his son Connor for doing his homework by taking him to Japan’s State Dinner at the White House during the administration of Barrack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden.

It’s rather odd that McCarthy would consider it a “reward” to take his son to an event hosted by a communist President who we now know spied on then candidate Trump during the Presidential election season between 2015-2016.

Connor McCarthy’s employment with Kevin McCarthy donor Joe Lonsdale is clearly a matter of political access, as opposed to merit. It is unknown how Connor McCarthy’s educational background qualifies him to be an advisor to Joe Lonsdale at the Cicero Institute, which describes itself as a “think tank”. It is also unknown how he is qualified to work for 8VC, a venture fund where Lonsdale is the managing partner. According to his bio on the Cicero Institute’s website, which has since been scrubbed (see screenshot below which proves their attempt to cover it up) following my Twitter battle with Lonsdale, Connor McCarthy’s degree is in African American Studies and Philosophy, from Georgetown University. It is worth noting that Governor DeSantis recently came under fire for trying to ban African American studies in the state of Florida. How ironic!

Connor McCarthy’s business profile also shows that he still works as the “Chief of Staff” for Lonsdale-backed Esper Technologies (cofounded by Lonsdale) and as an advisor for Lonsdale’s venture fund, 8VC. The African-American studies major was also a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, which is seen in the above screenshot of Connor McCarthy’s bio on the Cicero Institute website.

Joe Lonsdale’s Bio on 8VC

Lonsdale has a history of enabling nepotism by hiring “Nepo babies”, including the sons of Saudi oil ministers who invest in his venture funds.

According to Connor McCarthy’s employment history on his profile on “Wellfound”, a job board used by employees in tech and startups, Connor McCarthy’s employment with Londsale as an “advisor” at 8VC is still noted as “present”. His employment at Esper, which was co-founded by Lonsdale, also is noted as being currently present. While McCarthy’s profile shows that he once worked as Chief of Staff at Esper (which works with government agencies), it now says he is the “Director of Business Development and Marketing” at Esper.

One can only imagine the return in political capital Lonsdale’s companies receive by having the Speaker of the House’s son on payroll, while Lonsdale simultaneously cuts big checks for Kevin McCarthy, which is documented in numerous FEC reports.

And now, ahead of the 2024 Presidential primary, Kevin McCarthy’s son is directly working with Lonsdale who has expressed interest in supporting DeSantis’s 2024 Presidential campaign, and has also publicly trashed President Trump.

In a 2021 tweet, Lonsdale tweeted, “I didn’t support Trump and am embarrassed for our country by many aspects of him.”

But, as I pointed out above, Lonsdale had no problem supporting establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney, pro-impeachment RINOS, and many Democrats as well, including Gavin Newsom, all of whom have made a joke out of our justice system, and our political system.

Additionally, in the discovery dump from the Elon Musk v. Twitter trial, text messages between Lonsdale and Musk reveal Lonsdale has a longstanding relationship with DeSantis. In a text message dated April 16, 2022, Lonsdale wrote to Musk,

“Haha even Governor DeSantis just called me just now with ideas how to help you and outraged at that board and saying the public is rooting for you. Let me know if you or somebody on your side wants to chat with him. Would be fun to see if you guys are around this weekend or the next few days.”

It is worth noting that Lonsdale is friends with Elon Musk and Peter Theil. In November 2022, Musk, the new owner and CEO of Twitter said that he would support Ron DeSantis in 2024. Theil, who is in business with Lonsdale, has not yet declared his support for any candidate ahead of 2024, although he has donated to both President Trump and Ron DeSantis in the past.

A screenshot of Elon Musk replying to a Twitter user about potential presidential candidates.

However, in September of 2022, Peter Thiel and Ron DeSantis both spoke at the National Conservatism conference in Miami, Florida. The conference was financed by Thiel, and featured speakers who are now some of the most prominent digital DeSantis surrogates, including paid Desantis “social media influencers”. The Claremont Institute was also in attendance at this conference, which is worth noting, since they are deeply aligned with DeSantis and reportedly wrote his new book.

In 2022, Lonsdale told Puck News that DeSantis is a Presidential candidate who he “could really see as someone I’d be strongly behind.”

Upon breaking the news this weekend about this secret fundraiser for DeSantis that is being hosted at the home of Joe Lonsdale, Lonsdale took to Twitter to attack me, calling me “wacky” and “Far right”.

He then said “Gov DeSantis will be a keynote speaker at our annual “Courage Awards” for the Cicero Institute”. However, insiders have told me an estimated 200 to 250 of Lonsdale’s closest investor friends and business partners are coming for an intimate dinner reception with the Governor.

Why would tech investors have an interest in meeting Governor DeSantis unless they were looking to donate? And why is Governor DeSantis spending so much time out of state instead of doing his job as Governor of Florida?

It’s obvious that he is raising money for his Presidential Campaign and needs to build a war chest to prove that he is financially viable and able to compete with President Trump.

Lonsdale played his hand when he called me, somebody who represents the pro- Trump MAGA base, “wacky Far Right”. Lonsdale’s company Palantir has received a lot of criticism for helping governments and law enforcement surveil people and spy on their data. Palantir was seeded by In-Q-Tel, the C.I.A.’s venture-capital arm, and the C.I.A. still remains a client. There have been reports that Palantir’s technology was used to track down Osama bin Laden during the Obama administration, and it is now currently used as a means to combat counterterrorism, “right wing extremism”, and “fascism” by a number of countries. Given the fact that the US government has been working with Big Tech to weaponize itself against conservative Americans mand illegally interfere in US elections as they did in 2020, Kevin McCarthy and Ron DeSantis’s cozy relationship with Palantir’s cofounders is concerning, especially as we head into a Presidential Primary where Donald Trump has become the main target of the weaponized US Government.

When it comes to wacky ideas, Joe Lonsdale is the master. He is notorious for burning millions of dollars of investor cash on Jessica Richman and Zachary Apte’s fake poop testing company called “Ubiome”. Apte and Richman stole millions of dollars in government funds and are now currently fugitives from the law. The fecal testing startup Cofounders are facing a 47-count indictment that accuses them of defrauding insurers and investors.

They are wanted by the FBI and DOJ for fraud, and they are currently living at large in Germany. Lonsdale’s 8VC led the round in their fake poop testing company.

According to a November 2016 article published in mobihealth News,

San Francisco-based uBiome, which makes a direct-to-consumer microbial genomic testing kit, has closed on a $22 million Series B funding round, led by 8VC with additional funding from Slow Ventures, Stanford’s StartX Fund and various angel investors. The funding will be used to deploy uBiome’s new testing kit, SmartGut, a sequencing-based clinical microbiome screening test.

With an at-home collection kit, SmartGut aims to give individuals and their doctors access to a comprehensive screening test to weed out important microorganisms (which can only be detected through DNA sequencing) that could be causing health distress. The test, which is not yet available, requires users to swab a tiny amount of fecal matter with a cotton swab, and the material is sent directly to the UBiome laboratory for sequencing. Once the results are back, SmartGut will give users actionable information about their gut microbiome to share with their doctors.”

Now that’s what I call wacky! But, this isn’t Lonsdale’s only wacky investment. As noted above, 8VC is Lonsdale’s Venture capital firm. Lonsdale has also invested in the Boring Company, which promises to rid us of “soul destroying traffic”. Doesn’t look like Boring’s tunnels to nowhere are going anywhere anytime soon…

When I publicly posted about Lonsdale’s plan to host an event for DeSantis in Austin, Texas on April 22, 2023, he BLOCKED me on Twitter and then proceeded to accuse me and “the people around me” of being “verifiably wacky” and said I was “just attacking like crazy”.

We are in a WAR to put President Trump back in the White House and to save Western Civilization. Foreign-tied Big tech investors like Joe Lonsdale, and ingrate neo-con career politicians like Governor DeSantis are the enemy to President Trump’s America First agenda and the MAGA movement.

To quote General George S. Patton, “Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.”

As we learned from the 2020 election, foreign tied Big tech companies and Big Tech executives are the enemy to a free America, free and fair elections, free speech, and President Trump’s America First agenda. And now, these enemies are rolling out a green carpet for Governor DeSantis ahead of the 2024 Presidential election, with assistance from Kevin McCarthy and his son Connor.

Is this the kind of “innovation” we should expect from a DeSantis administration when DeSantis is forced to appease his Big Tech donors who funded his Presidential campaign against Donald Trump?

Whatever you want to say about President Trump, he was always real with us. We knew exactly what Trump thought on all topics, his White House wasn’t for sale to his donors, and Big Tech hated him so much, they deplaformed him from all social media sites and even his own bank account in a coordinated takedown while he was still the sitting US President. It’s hard to imagine Donald Trump associating with a bullshitter and a bullshit investor (literally) like Joe Lonsdale.

If one thing is clear, it’s that Joe Lonsdale, UBiome’s founders, Ron DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy and his son Connor have one thing in common.

They are all full of shit.

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