The NCAA championship for the women’s 500-yard freestyle made headlines for allowing a biological male to compete and dominate a biological female sporting event. Many are infuriated and have spoken out against this attack on women’s rights.

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, declared only biological women should be able to compete in women’s sports. He published a statement announcing the second place biological female winner, Emma Weyant, the actual winner of the race.


Unfortunately, allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports is not only done at the collegiate level. In Florida, Miami Dade County Public Schools violate the Florida WOKE Act and Parental Rights in Education Bill by having established specific guidelines for children to compete in league with the gender they identify as.

Illoomanite Media has been investigating the public school systems within Florida over the last few months. We recently received these guidelines from a former Miami-Dade Public School employee, Marissa Gonzales. The manuals obtained allow CRT lessons, Marxist books, and transgender students to participate in sports of the gender they identify with.

Rules for transgender sporting events BELOW:

These guidelines only require students to ACT like the opposite sex and have their parents/ therapist/ doctor say they are the opposite gender from which they were born. They aren’t required to lessen their testosterone if they are biologically male and wish to compete in women’s sports. Their word is final as long as they claim to be one of the two genders; this puts biological women at a disadvantage and takes away their rights.

Not only are the Miami-Dade County Public Schools allowing transgender students to participate in sports as the gender they identify with, but they are also teaching their students entire lessons on Gender and Sexual Orientation.

Below are some of the agendas sent to teachers and nurses within the school district:

Miami-Dade Public County Schools force the teachers to refer to students as “their preferred pronouns.”

Look at the guidelines HERE:

In Miami-Dade’s own Initial Entry Registration Procedure Handbook they tell the school staff to, “address students by their CHOSEN name and pronouns that correspond to their GENDER IDENTITY, REGARDLESS of whether there has been a legal name change.”

Public schoools across the country, as well as many in Florida, have claimed this agenda is not being pushed within their schools. They claim they aren’t teaching their students about sex, pronouns, gender identity, etc. When the Parental Rights in Education Bill passed, Democrats across the nation labeled it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” and insisted schools were not grooming children.

Thanks to our EXCLUSIVE reporting, we are now showing you that not only DOES this happen, but it is also written in their guidelines. Even in the state of Florida where CRT and LGBTQ indoctrination in public schools has supposedly been banned.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools system is guilty of pushing this agenda, which goes against the Parental Rights in Education Bill, in K-3 grades only.

Students grades 4-12 aren’t protected from grooming and hyper sexualize curriculum under Florida’s new law.

Miami Dade and Southern Florida Schools also have many Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs that bring this agenda into the schools. They have their own Instagram accounts.

Here are a few examples of this type of LGBTQ indoctrination that is happening inside the Florida public school system:

Teachers push political agendas inside the school.

While extracurricular activities off campus are allowed, bringing them inside the classroom should not be. The Parental Rights in Education Bill, recently signed by Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, will not cover this. A case should be made to expand the bill to outlaw LGBTQ indoctrination within the public schools from grades from K-3 to K-12.

As a Miami-Dade School employee, you are allowed to access Miami-Dade’s Life Skills Department. Within this department is a category labeled “Comprehensive Health Education Tool Kits.”

When you enter this category, it gives suggestions on links dealing with LGBTQ policies, statistics, etc. One of the suggested sites to use as a tool kit is The Children’s Trust Alliance. A specific PowerPoint given to Miami-Dade employees draws interest.



Their suggestions to teachers when having conversations about sex, gender identity, and basic biology are most concerning. The PowerPoint provides a clip from Comedy Central.

Watch HERE:

All of these materials are given to employees of Miami-Dade Public Schools. And their target audience is minors. Miami-Dade Public Schools provide classrooms with perversions our children shouldn’t be learning. The classroom is no place for these discussions. Parental rights ensure a partners is the sole authority with regards to what their children learn about sex, and when they learn it.

The Miami-Dade Library is full of books dealing with gender identity and sexual orientation for young children. Using the keyword “gender” on the library’s site, you get 1504 related book materials.

Here are a few examples of the books that are available:

And one of the most controversial gender books to date:

Gender Queer is a book that is specifically supposed to be banned from school libraries in Florida.

Despite the efforts of Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature to enhance Parental Rights and eradicate sexualized curriculum from the Florida public school system, our reporting proves that Miami Dade Public Schools are intentionally violating the law and defying legislation in an effort to groom minor children.