Last month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill, otherwise known as HB-1557.

HB 1557, Parental Rights In Education, allows Parents to take control of their child’s education and forces schools to notify parents about their children’s emotional or physical well-being. The law is to take effect on July 1, 2022.

The topic of teachers teaching minors about sexual identities, orientation, gender, and sexual activity are hot-button national issues that have exploded throughout all 50 states, and have seeped over into the even larger discussion on news and media networks. The debate surrounding the Parental Rights in Education has caused activist, left leaning, multi national companies like Disney to attack the bill and falsely portray it as a homophonic bill called “Don’t say gay”. However, the bill doesn’t even mention the word “gay”, and specifically focuses on combatting the sexualization of children in kindergarten through third grade.

Illoominate Media has been investigating what is actually going on in our country’s public schools as the Democrat Party leadership and liberal school boards throughout America, and especially in Florida, are denying that they are trying to sexualize children. While many Democrats try to deny inappropriate policies are in place, and deny that teachers are even talking to their students about these topics, we have gained exclusive material and documentation from a Miami Dade County Public Schools whistleblower that proves that the sexualization and grooming of students is occurring, and it is occurring in the state of Florida, despite the fact that Florida Public Schools are required to now respect and abide by the newly signed Parental Rights in Education Bill.

Thanks to a whistleblower, who Miami-Dade County Public Schools employed, Illoominate Media gathered exclusive material exposing policies that allow the school(s) to cure students, over the age of 13 (seventh grade through twelfth grade)of STDs; without parental consent. This is in direct violation of HB 1557.

View the official school manual HERE:

The official statement on the page of the Miami Dade Public School’s manual that is labeled “Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)” declares,

“Transmission of STDs occur almost totally via sexual contact. It is extremely important that the student is seen, either by a family physician or through the Miami-Dade County Health Department (M-DCHD), Sexually Transmitted Disease Control and Prevention. If a Miami Dade County Public School (M-DCPS) staff member receives information from a student or suspects a student might have an STD (Remember, we do not diagnose) , and depending on the age of the student (age 13 and older can go to the M-DCHD, STD division, without parental consent) , the staff member should guide the student to their family physician or to the M-DCHD, STD division, at 305-325-3242. Confidential testing and counseling is available at the M-DCHD.”

The manual says that if a staff member is given this information or SUSPECTS that a student has an STD, they should guide the student to the above mentioned services. It notes that “the school does NOT diagnose the STD, and if the student is over the age of 13, they do not need parental consent to see a doctor.”

When HB 1557 (the Parental Rights in Education Bill) goes into effect, these Miami Dade Public School guidelines will violate the new Florida law. If a child has an STD, it affects their emotional and physical well-being, and the parent must be notified under the new Florida law.

How can a teacher know that a child has an STD if they are not actively speaking about sex with a child? How would a teacher suspect that a child has an STD unless they were communicating with the child in a verbal or physical sexual manner?

The elephant in the room question remains: how does a child even contract an STD, and given that most people who have STDs don’t even know they have an STD due to a lack a physical symptoms, how would a teacher or public school employee even suspect a child has an STD? Suspect is the word used in the Miami Dade Public School manual.

Even the Miami Dade Public School’s memo says, “Transmission of STDs occur almost totally via sexual contact..”

How many students have contracted STDs, ages 13+, without their parents being notified? And HOW would a 13 year old contract an STD at school without their parent’s knowledge unless the child was having unprotected sex outside of the home illegally?

A child at the age of 13 is in the 7th-grade; middle school. These are minors. Miami-Dade Public School’s official policy states the parent of a child SUSPECTED of having an STD does not need to be informed.

If a child tells a teacher that they are being sexually abused in their home, and they have potentially contracted an STD which wouldn’t be determined until the child received medical care, then an investigation would be warranted and the teachers should be required to contact the police in Florida and Child Protective services. However, a child would be unlikely to know if they had an STD, because most STDs are not diagnosable or detectable without lab testing.

However, a parent is still the legal guardian of their children until the age of 18; parental consent should be necessary. Sex with a minor is legally defined as PEDOPHILIA. The age of consent in the state of Florida for sex to not be classified as statutory rape, is 18 years old. If a teacher suspects a child has a sexually transmitted disease, there is a high likelihood that the child is being sexually abused or groomed. Why would a teacher want to intentionally withhold this information from a minor’s parents?

A parent should be notified if their child participates in illegal non-consensual sexual activity, and the school should report it to the proper authorities. The guidelines specifically state that the school cannot diagnose an STD. Which begs the question: How would a teacher suspect a child of having an STD if they cannot diagnose it? How would a teacher suspect a child of having an STD unless they were looking at a child’s genitals? A teacher looking at a child’s genitals without parental consent would certainly classify as pedophilia, and grounds for arrest under Florida law.

Certain scenarios may occur: there is an outbreak among students having unprotected sex, the child is being molested, or someone is physically looking to see if an STD was contracted as an excuse to sexually abuse or molest a child. These hypothetical scenarios, and many others that could occur, are grounds to notify that child’s parent, CPS, and the police in Florida.

If a child has an STD, and the above reasons are the only plausible scenarios for how they could have contracted an STD, that would certainly qualify as “harm to a student’s emotional or physical well being”, as is outlined in the Florida Parental Rights in Education Bill.

The Miami Dade Public School employee manual section on Sexually Transmitted Diseases is designed to protect child predators instead of taking action against them by encouraging educators to withhold information regarding the physical and emotional well-being of a student from their legal guardian.

As we reported, the age of consent in Florida is 18; these guidelines are for the ages of 13 until 18. The sentiment of schools protecting child predators is highly significant and concerning considering the Biden Administration just nominated and confirmed, now, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who has a record of protecting child predators and pedophiles 100% of the time. Following the controversy in Loudon County, Virginia where a school protected a trans gender student who raped a female minor for the sake of their diversity and inclusion policy, and then dared to classify and label parents who protested the cover up of this rape as “domestic terrorists”, there is clearly a growing national trend in which left-wing public school systems and Democrat officials are actively encouraging the sexualization of children and the elimination of parental rights.

If the highest court in the land is lenient on child molesters and pedophiles, why wouldn’t your local school board be as well? Joe Biden’s appointment of a pedophile protector to the Supreme Court only serves to embolden and encourage sexual predators and pedophiles to carry out sexual crimes against children.

In October of 2021, national news picked up a story of a child being raped in the girl’s bathroom by a transgender student in Loudon County, Virginia. What if this happened in Miami-Dade County and the victim contracted an STD? The school wouldn’t be obligated to report it, and the child would be encouraged by school officials to not tell their parent and receive medical treatment without parental consent?

When the Miami Dade Public school whistleblower released these official school manuals to Illoominate Media, exclusively, we were deeply disturbed by the contents of the manual and the legal implications of the manual being in direct violation of Florida’s newly signed Parental Rights in Education bill. It makes one wonder what predators are getting away with and why the schools themselves are establishing policies that would help conceal and protect potential child predators.

These policies go beyond talking about sexual activity; it means a minor is actively participating in this behavior, willingly or unwillingly. These protocols deny parents their parental rights over their children, and make the school’s an authority that chooses to cater to child molesters and statutory rapists. Every parent across the country should be highly concerned about what is going on within their local public schools.

The Florida Parental Rights in Education Bill explicitly focuses on Kindergarten through third grade. However, the Miami Dade Public School manual is further evidence of why the bill doesn’t go far enough, and why it should apply to K-12 in the state of Florida.

Because the manual encourages a violation of parental rights and presents a loophole in which child predators and rapists could be protected by the Miami Dade County Public Schools, Illoominate Media will be turning these manuals over to the proper authorities, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.