Many governments within Africa are unstable at best; Nigeria is a prime example of a volatile state run by Islamists, called the Fulani, who are wreaking mayhem on its people. Daily killings of Jews and Christians occur, even in broad daylight in the markets. 

Yesterday, the militant government took fire upon the Igbo citizens of Nigeria. Watch here:

You can listen on Facebook to what the traders in the market have to say about what happened.

This all comes after Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Igbo people, was arrested in Kenya, where he was tortured for eight days and sent back to the Nigerian police. Since then, his lawyer has been speaking out about the unfair treatment of his client and the fact that Kanu has a severe medical condition that is not being tended to.

Listen here:

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, says that he is under the indication that his client, Kanu, will not get a fair trial. He also says the court has broken many international laws. Last Tuesday, during a court proceeding, Kanu was allowed to address the court without his lawyer–which is his lawyer’s reasoning for why it is not a fair case.

An Igbo member, who would like to remain anonymous, had this to say about the situation, “He [Kanu] went for a program, and on arriving at the airport, the Kenyan police force arrested and took him to an unknown place, which is not their station, tortured him and detained him there for eight days before handing him over to Nigeria. I understood that what happened is known as Extraordinary Rendition, which is against international law.

He is not using a Nigerian passport because he is also a British citizen. He traveled with a British passport because Nigeria took his Nigerian passport away when he was arrested in 2015. He was later granted bail in 2017, but the passport was never given back to him.”

During Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s first arrest, in 2015,  “When in court, Kanu appeared regularly wearing a Jewish prayer shawl and head covering. He said in court that he “believes in Judaism” and considers himself a Jew and often times has led his Biafran people to various Jewish prayers and religious observations.” This is very controversial in Nigeria because the Fulani government is killing those who oppose their goal of Islamizing the nation. The Igbos are resisting at a heavy cost. You can read more about the Igbo’s here.

At the same time as these incidents, Israel’s Rudy Rochman flew into Nigeria for a documentary, We Were Never Lost, which he and his team have been working on for over a year. He and his crew were arrested a few days into their trip. The Nigerian police are currently detaining them. Their families have this to say:

No photo description available.

Rudy Rochman is a noted speaker and writer on Jewish rights. He frequently speaks on college campuses and to organizations that are pro-Israel. Rochman is also known for his work as a Jewish & Israeli rights activist on social media. He has thousands of followers and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Rudy focuses on Jewish heritage in the land of Israel and how Israel can move forward in peace with its Palestinian neighbors. His Youtube page is full of educational videos, conversations with people who are anti-Israel, as well as Jewish history. He is a well-respected Israeli figure in the public eye. He is known for his calm conversations, keeping a cool head, and using history to prove his arguments. He is beloved by the worldwide Jewish community. We pray for his and his companions’ safe return to Israel.

Earlier today, https://barristerng.com/ posted an article about the Rochman situation. It was later deleted. However, an anonymous source sent the pictures below to me. He claimed these came from the site listed above. It has yet to be confirmed. However, local news sources in Nigeria confirm the Israelis arrested are in Abuja.

This isn’t the first time an Israeli has visited Nigeria, for one such Israeli it ended in tragedy. Chabad News wrote an article about a similar situation in 2015. Read here: https://www.chabad.org/news/article_cdo/aid/3061252/jewish/Body-of-Israeli-Killed-in-Nigeria-Returned-to-Israel.htm

Nigerian Fulani Islamists are a dangerous, militant group. The Igbo people have been at odds with the Fulani since 1967. Many battles between the two groups have ensued over the decades. The Igbo people claim to be indigenous to the land and want their freedom. They wish to pray freely and live freely. As with any Islamist regime, the Fulani will not allow for religious freedom. We can see that by the repeated violence and torture of Christians and Jews alike in Nigeria.

At a time when it seems the entire world wants to discuss human rights atrocities, no one is speaking out about Nigeria and the Igbo community. It is the silent suffering of millions that feel left behind and unwanted by the world. They are a group of people we should be standing up for. Nigerian government corruption is nothing new; neither is their brutality. Within Nigeria, the Islamic State has been slaughtering Jews and Christians alike for decades, while the world remains voiceless and ignorant.