On Friday, May 14th, 2021, myself, as an investigative journalist reporting for Illoominate Media, along with other Jews in Chicago, flew a plane over a pro-Palestine event in Bridgeview, IL. The plane displayed a banner saying, “I Stand with Israel!” It flew over the event from 3 pm-5 pm while the Palestinian neighborhood protested to eradicate Israel and what they call “evil Zionists” from planet earth. According to Channel 2 News in Chicago, there were over 200 participants in this event. Many more arrived after the media left.

The town of Bridgeview has the biggest Palestinian population in Illinois, and one of their Imams is on the terrorist watchlist. Many of the youth are radicalized into jihadism in the local mosques, Islamic schools, and neighborhoods. The Investigate Project released a report in 2011 about the Mosque’s leadership and their ties to Hamas, a terrorist organization by way of giving them funds. According to one report, Senator Dick Durban has a close friendship with several of these individuals.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill, visited the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, Ill. in early 2011.1 In a picture taken at the meeting, Durbin stands with Jamal Said and Kifah Mustapha. Both mosque leaders were listed as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development Hamas-financing trial. In November 2008, HLF and five of its employees were found guilty on 108 counts for funneling money to Hamas through zakat (charity) committees in the Palestinian territories.3 Also pictured with Durbin is Mosque Foundation Vice President Oussama Jammal, who has defended Mohammed Salah, a Hamas operative who was once a regular visitor to the mosque.

The jihadist mentioned in the article still works at the Mosque.

On May 14th, around 3 pm, Palestinian supporters arrived at 9300 S. Harlem in Bridgeview with a surprise waiting for them overhead; a plane with a banner saying “I Stand with Israel!” They were not happy about it! The entire protest was a Jew bashing event, and their neighborhood declared they want to ethnically cleanse Jews from Israel. Jews have been ethnically cleansed from Islamist countries throughout history. I was personally there to get footage of the plane and even conducted several interviews. Many in attendance came up to me to make sure I was recording the banner that the “evil zionists sent to provoke them.”

These pro-terror Palestinian Americans found my Instagram and proceeded to doxx me. They put up three different addresses, none of which are current, and posted my cellphone number. I have been receiving death threats and harassment for well over three days. My local police are working with me and doing extra patrolling. Thankfully, I have a state-of-the-art security system, and I am a firm believer in the second amendment.

I have been receiving non-stop phone calls and messages which I have sent to the authorities. However, now they are contacting my mother via phone and leaving her voicemails. LISTEN:

These terrorists-in-training flooded my Instagram account with all sorts of lovely messages and hateful comments directed at Zionists, aka Jews. They proceeded to send me direct messages threatening my life.

One of the attendees took to her TikTok account to doxx me and have her friends attack me. WATCH:

These are playbook intimidation and scare tactics. Most Jews who receive messages like these choose to hide and stay silent. I understand their reasoning. These are real-life threats, and it is natural to flee and pray this all goes away.

I am not that person. I will always stand for Israel; I will defend her with all that I have, which is why I am proud to be working alongside Jewish investigative journalist, Laura Loomer at Illoominate Media.

No Jew should have to cower for being Jewish and loving their home country of Israel. No scare tactic should stop us from speaking up about what is right. Their death threats, harassment, and phone calls will be dealt with by the proper authorities; there is a folder of information currently being gathered. The people doing all of this are criminals, convicts, or on parole. These people and their barbaric Islamist ideology, as well as their goal of Islamizing the world under Sharis, have no place being in America.

Thanks to the radical Left and elected jihadists in Congress like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, radical Muslims now feel untouchable here in America. They hide behind the First Amendment, and it is time we fight back. The First Amendment doesn’t extend to the promotion of terrorism. I may be a Jew who stands with Israel, both of which they wish to attack; however, their real enemy is Western Civilization. As history has shown us, what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. It’s time we speak up and have our local, state, and federal authorities step in and help fight this battle, or we will all start receiving these death threats.

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