The Clubhouse App is still facilitating Palestinian terrorism on its platform. They are using the app to speak in open forums for “updates” about what is going on between jihadists and Israelis as Hamas terrorists continue to fire missiles into Israel. Today, they have planned mass protests throughout the UK, Lebanon, Turkey, and some United States cities. Users have promised higher acts of aggression.

In these chatrooms, they gather to talk about the propaganda they want to send out so they can flip the narrative in support of Palestinians and against Israelis. They have promised not to stop until “Palestine is liberated from oppressive colonizers.”

One chatroom entitled “Live Updates on the Attack of Palestine” was recorded in which participants were discussed and encouraged hostile Arab unification against Israel. LISTEN:

As reported worldwide, rockets are being fired into Israel from Gaza by Hamas leaders. Yesterday, over 250 rockets were sent by Islamic terrorists towards Jewish cities, most being deflected by the Iron Dome, Israel’s advanced system for intercepting missiles. Israel’s retaliation for these violent threats has only been directed towards those engaging in the attacks themselves. This does not stop terrorist sympathizers from meeting in an open forum to spread their vicious and malicious misinformation campaigns. They call terrorists “the resistance” and are helping them in any way they can.

LISTEN as participants spin the narrative:

IDF launches MASSIVE WAVE of airstrikes at Gaza – to “totally neutralize” rocket sites.

The IDF has targeted Hamas’ rocket launch pads in the northern Gaza Strip – stating the major offensive was in retaliation to earlier attacks which saw hundreds of projectiles fired at Israeli cities.

An IDF spokesperson said some 80 fighter jets are taking part in the operation, which began this afternoon.

The spokesperson also confirmed a senior Hamas operative had been assassinated during an earlier airstrike.


For decades, these tactics have been used to sway public opinion, targeting those who aren’t well-educated on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Their main objective is to portray Jews negatively and advance their agenda of global Islamization. One of their tactics to refer Speaking of Jews as “colonizers” who are actually indigenous to this land is just one tactic. Participants in these clubhouse chats also make bold claims of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. The opposite is true; while the Palestinian population is growing in Israel, the Jewish population in surrounding Arab nations has dwindled to zero.

Shockingly, The Washington Post , reports relatively accurate information on what is happening in Israel:

Israel’s military said it has so far struck 130 targets belonging to Hamas, including weapons manufacturing sites, military facilities, and tunnels on the border that Israel says Hamas uses to launch attacks. Israel said it targeted a Hamas battalion commander and 15 Hamas military operatives. Islamic Jihad said two of its leaders were killed in Israeli raids in Gaza.

The Israeli strikes are in response to more than 500 rockets launched from Gaza since Monday evening. Hamas launched six rockets toward Jerusalem, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said was “a red line.” Most of the rockets have targeted communities in southern Israel, near the border with Gaza. Six people were injured Tuesday morning when a missile hit a residential building in Ashkelon.

Red Alerts are popping up all down the coast of Israel. Hamas and their allies are accelerating the number of rockets they send towards Israeli areas. This puts the entire Jewish nation in much danger. Clubhouse is allowing this escalation to progress by not monitoring chatrooms.

LISTEN as they form their hashtag campaign #Support Gaza:

Users can be heard planning their hashtag campaign on social media, encouraging people to use the hashtag #SupportGaza.

In Clubhouse, this specific chat group is starting a “support Palestine” campaign for the people in Gaza. The people in Gaza are the ones sending the rockets. The only thing they are truly supporting is the killing of Jews and the erasure of Israel as a whole. All non-defensive attacks are coming from Gaza and terrorist organizations like Hamas. They want the world to believe it is actually the “evil Zionists” who are at fault for what seems to be the brink of war, or at the very least another intifada. This leaves Israel in a difficult situation; whenever they act in defense, world opinion is against them. As the only Jewish nation in the world, Israel needs to be able to defend itself.

As one zionist living in Israel posts on Twitter:

Many chatrooms are being created on Clubhouse having to deal with such vile misinformation campaigns. They gather and collect evidence to take to other social media accounts. Doing this leads to real-time violence and deaths. This app not only refuses to endorse freedom of speech when it comes to conservative ideas and politics, but it is active in aiding and abetting terrorist activity, which in America is illegal.


Videos of rockets raining down on Israel in Gaza.