“We will form an organic revolution online.”

Israel is on the brink of war with Islam; Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinians. Rockets have been fired by jihadists into Israel for weeks now. Jihadists continue to perpetrate violent attacks at the Western Wall in Jerusalem from the al-Aqsa mosque above. They have hurled grenades down below and have lined up a firing squad to shoot at the crowds. IDF soldiers are on high alert to stop these attacks as Palestinians have become extremely violent during this last week of Ramadan to set into fruition their mission to Islamize the world.

A chatroom within Clubhouse this week titled, “A Space for Palestinians: Updates, Experience, Love, & Support,” took the time to reshape the narrative about what is happening in Israel. The Times of Israel reported on the weekend’s violent affairs. None of the following events in this clip happened how the speaker said they did.

These terrorist enablers are taking to Clubhouse to discuss how to help people “on the front lines” within Israel. Sharing information across all apps to spread the narrative of Palestinian victimization, they are planning worldwide protests to catch the media’s attention. They have used Clubhouse to start propaganda campaigns on Instagram; it is wildly known that people in the chatrooms speak freely and then direct message each other on Instagram.

Palestinian Jihadists and anti-Jew, anti-zionists have taken to Clubhouse to spread their wishes to destroy Israel and start an intifada. Falsely spreading lies about a “nakba” while planning global protests. Nakba is a made-up day of grief by the Palestinians who claim they were “forced to leave their land.” During the 1947 Israeli Independence War, all surrounding Islamic nations attacked Israel and sent their people into Israel to settle the land. Self described Palestinian Arabs came from Jordan and Egypt and left their temporary homes after the war because Israel was the victor. Nakba day is coming up on May 15th this year, and from the talks on Clubhouse, Muslims and Jew haters will be out protesting across the globe wherever they can.

Groups Moderator Hanif

Palestinians and Palestinian activists have taken to the app to, in their own words, “form an organic revolution online.” They collect donations online via Clubhouse to fund their activities while blaming the “Zionist” for colonialism, even though radical Islamists are creating the violence within Israel. The Jews are left to defend themselves. The lies that Muslims are obligated to spread are outlined in the Quran as a means of furthering their cause of Islamizing the world and killing Jews. Clubhouse is providing a safe haven for these activities to thrive.

Groups moderator Hanif

Palestinians film fake videos portraying attacks against them by the “Zionists” to force a perception of victimhood. This tactic has been labeled “Pallywood,” a comparison to Hollywood blockbusters because of how theatric it all is. Palestinians form groups to coordinate these lies and spread propaganda to the world on the app, Clubhouse. In their Clubhouse chats, these jihadists are also discussing countries that are willing to help their global jihad and those that won’t. Joe Biden’s administration isn’t currently aiding Palestinian aggression by giving the Palestinians millions of dollars in US Tax Payer aid.

In one video, Palestinians can be seen protesting today in Ramallah City and calling Jerusalem “occupied.”

eye.on.palestine????????#Palestine || Part of the protest that took place in Ramallah City in solidarity with Palestinians in the occupied city of Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Via @sam.nazzal


A revolution of violence is being facilitated on the Clubhouse platform; this endangers not just Jews in Israel, but worldwide Jewry as well.

Along with their calls for violence, Palestinians on Clubhouse are also calling for da’wah, which is defined as the act of inviting or calling people to embrace Islam.

Embracing Islam doesn’t just mean accepting it. Embracing Islam means everyone must follow Islam and Sharia Law while believing that Allah is the only true God.

One known tactic by these Palestinian advocates is to lie to the public and use heart-wrenching stories in order to garner donations from the unsuspecting public. Back in Jan 2020, a story was circulated about a Palestinian boy who drowned. The pallywood propaganda machine tried to claim that Israeli settlers kidnapped the child, assaulted him, and threw him in the river. U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was caught spreading this blood libel on her Twitter account. This was found to not be true, and it was revealed that Israelis had nothing to do with this child’s death. However, the damage was already done and blood libel had been spread.

In this chatroom: A Space Palestinians: Updates, Experiences, Support, and Love, they are using the same tactics, telling one another similar false “stories” to spread around so that people will understand their cause. One woman on the chat whose username is Deniz claimed that Palestinian medical aid is so out of date it would be equivalent to that of the medical world in the 1970s. She maintained that if her child were born in “Palestine”, it would not survive because they wouldn’t be able to do the necessary procedures for the child to live. Palestinians have open access to medical treatment in Israel; however, they usually refuse to admit this truth. Deniz then alluded to another medical story about a parent with two grown kids who have cerebral palsy and live off donations from Instagram.

Deniz’s “heart-wrenching” account

Donations made to humanitarian aid for Palestinians never make it to the actual Palestinian people. The money usually goes straight to Hamas; a terrorist organization, is spent on jihad, or is used for their “pay for slay” program; where the more Jews you kill, the more money you receive. If a Palestinian dies in an act of jihad, whilst killing a Jew, their family will be given money and the jihadist is given the highest honor from Allah.

In another chatroom, again on Clubhouse entitled, “Jewish, not Zionist,” they discussed their plans and goals for their violent resistance movement. Their choice of title alone suggests they are against Jewish people in general. Groups such as these have pushed a false narrative into our education system to brainwash people into believing that Zionism is somehow a perverted form of Judaism. In the chat, there was a “Jew” who said, “Zionism is anti-Semitism”. Clearly this is not true in the least, and it just goes to show how far the Islamic subversion has reached the minds of American youth, and sadly, American Jewry.

The Palestinians in these Clubhouse chats also have templates ready to spread their false narratives to government officials within the U.S. They hope to “get it right this time,” as one speaker said. Every time something like this has occurred, an intifada has broken out. This would be the third intifada in the 21st century within Israel if it were to happen.

Clubhouse is getting away with allowing its platform to be a resource to amplify terrorists, and for some reason, it’s still being allowed in the Apple and Google App Stores. Their platform is being used to subvert propaganda and advance global Islamic jihad via violent anti Jewish protests. Clubhouse is a danger to humanity and needs to be shut down immediately.