Every year during Ramadan, we see a considerable spike of anti-semitic attacks carried out by Islamists. This year proves no different. In Israel, the number of rockets sent towards Jerusalem is higher than in previous months. Hamas sent over at least 36 rockets towards Jewish areas in Israel this weekend. There was also a confrontation between Palestinians in the Old City and Israeli police. 

Palestinians took to their usual antics in large numbers and protested at the Old City entrance due to the restrictions set in place during covid. Per their protocol, they took to throwing stones and bottles at the police. Koin, an Israeli news media, reported, “Palestinians have clashed with Israeli police on a nightly basis since the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The tensions began when police placed barricades outside the Old City’s Damascus Gate, where Muslims traditionally gather to enjoy the evening after the daytime fast. Late Thursday, hundreds of Palestinians hurled stones and bottles at police, who fired a water cannon and stun grenades to disperse them. Dozens of Palestinians were wounded in the melee.”

Koin further reported, “Videos circulated online showed smaller clashes and fires elsewhere in the city. One video showed what appeared to be a group of Palestinians beating an ultra-Orthodox Jew near Damascus Gate. They could be seen punching, kicking, and throwing him to the ground before police chased them off.” On any given day, you can see this type of violent activity; however, during Ramadan, these actions are ramped up.

One instance of Islamists harassing Jews while walking down the streets.

Responding to the viral videos,“…a far-right Jewish group, known as Lahava, led a march of hundreds of protesters [who were] chanting  “Arabs get out!” toward[s] the Damascus Gate,”  according to ABC News. Speaking on the incident,

“Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, condemned the ‘police and settlers’ attack on Palestinians in Jerusalem’ in his Friday sermon.” But he called on worshippers to remain calm and not to give the other side an excuse to storm the compound. They dispersed peacefully after prayers, and there were no immediate reports of unrest.” The M.O. of these radical groups are to attack Jews and then play the victim when Jews defend themselves. 

In America, Jews are currently being attacked by the Muslim and Black populations at an alarming rate. Early last week, Shokhobiddin Bakhritdinovon purposely attempted to run over five Orthodox Jews in New York. Stop Antisemitism provides the video of this outrageous event, where you can see Bakhritdinovon stop his car, get out and survey the area. He quickly jumped back into his vehicle and reversed in full speed to hit the Jewish group crossing the street.  

Robert Spencer consistently reports on attacks towards Jews by Islamists during the month of Ramadan:

Last week, Stop Antisemitism also reported, “Mehdi Hasan, the host of MSNBC’s “The Mehdi Hasan Show” tweeted a libelous claim on Saturday about a supposed Israel Defense Forces sniper injuring a Palestinian boy, reported the media watchdog group CAMERA.”

“‘In the video’s caption, Amro claimed that the Palestinian child “was shot” in his eye, he got a rubber bullet which was shot by an Israeli army sniper. The video is clear; the child didn’t show any threat on the soldiers.’Hasan retweeted the post and caption, then advocated for the cutting of U.S. funding to Israel based on Amro’s accusations.”

None of this happened; of course, there was no gunshot, and there was no Palestinian boy hit in the eye with a rubber bullet. Just another blood libel spread with the hopes of making Israel look like a brutal occupier. 

Most notably, this month, Kobili Traore, an Islamist in France, was held not criminally responsible after he shoved an elderly Jewish woman out of her window. Because he was high on marijuana and considered “mentally ill,” during the murder he remains in a mental health facility. Jewish groups and allies worldwide will be protesting in solidarity this weekend to get justice for Sarah Halimi.

“President Emmanuel Macron urged a change in French law after a man who murdered a Jewish woman in 2017 avoided a trial on the grounds he acted in delirium due to drug-taking, in an interview published Monday,” according to France 24

Last night, Israeli police are prepared themselves for an “inevitable” riot. Dozens of Palestinians lined up by that same Damascus Gate they have been at all week. Prime Minister Netanyahu braced the Israeli military for these coming escalations, including more rockets sent by Hamas towards Israel.

For some of those within the government, that Netanyahu is trying to form, question if he is still the right man for the job. According to an article in The Times of Israel, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right ally Bezalel Smotrich, head of the Religious Zionism party, suggested Saturday it could be time for the prime minister to go, over what he deemed to be a feeble response from Netanyahu to the ongoing unrest in Jerusalem.”

“I don’t want to oust Netanyahu, I want to form a government with him,” Ben Gvir said when asked about Smotrich’s comment. “On the other hand, his remarks were uncalled for, there is no equivalence. They are lynching Jews, harming Jews and Netanyahu is staying silent — in my view, that’s a disgrace.”

Claiming Islam as a “peaceful religion,” when their actions prove otherwise, is not only wrong but puts those they attack in danger. During the holiday months, other religions bring out joyous behavior and are usually more kind to one another. During Ramadan, Muslims amp up their violent attacks against the infidel.