Tahanie Aboushi, a Sharia compliant Muslim woman has announced her candidacy for District Attorney of Manhattan, New York for the June 21 Primary election.

Aboushi is a Palestinian Muslim who states on her campaign website that “she is running for Manhattan District Attorney to fundamentally transform our justice system”. In her campaign ad, she describes herself as the “progressive choice” for District Attorney and says she wants “justice for all”.

What exactly does she mean when she wants to transform America’s “justice” system?

It means she wants to implement Sharia Law in America. In Islamic doctrine, the term Sharia translates to justice. Under Islamic doctrine, Sharia refers to the religious legal code and doctrine that governs the lives of Muslims. Islamic law is oftentimes used as a synonym for sharia. Muslims view Sharia as the Supreme Law, a concept which conflicts with the US justice system which views the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.

Aboushi doesn’t have longstanding loyalties to the United States, and her parents have been the opposite of upstanding citizens since immigrating to the United States from what she calls “Palestine”. According to Aboushi, when she was 14 years old, her parents were arrested for conspiracy charges related to selling untaxed cigarettes in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Her father was convicted in 1999 on charges related to the stealing of trucks, conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to possess stolen property, theft from interstate shipment, and transportation of a stolen vehicle. He was subsequently sentenced to 22 years in federal prison.

It’s fair to say that Aboushi’s family represents everything that is wrong with our immigration system, which is likely why, on her website, she advocates for “ending incarceration” and “protecting immigrants”.

Along with proclaiming her desire to transform our justice system here in America which is based on Judeo Christian values as outlined in the United States constitution, Aboushi’s Sharia compliance is also noted through her use of a hijab.

This is the same Sharia Law that calls for the death of homosexuals and allows homophobes to throw gay people off of roofs. It allows for honor killings and the subjugation of women. It demands that Christians and Jews pay a tax if they refuse to convert. Killing ex-muslims is also obligatory under Sharia. Slavery, child sex trafficking, pedophilia are all allowed. There is no sense of true Justice under Sharia. And certainly not justice that any true, loyal American would understand.

Because the Democrat Party has made it a pattern of supporting radical Muslims, Aboushi isn’t shy about her terror ties or open associations with other Islamic radicals.

However, Aboushi is by no means trying to hide her radical Islamic views. Her campaign is literally, “A Vision For Radical Change”.


On her website under the endorsements page, Aboushi lists a host of radical Progressive leftists and jihadists who have endorsed her, including pro-HAMAS and anti-Jewish activist Linda Sarsour, terror tied Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, and failed Michigan Gubernatorial candidate Abdul El Sayed, who lost his election for Governor of Michigan after I exposed his ties to Islamic jihadists, his support of Sharia, and a pledge he made in Arabic supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, a designated Islamic terrorist organization.

Aboushi’s endorsement list includes endorsements from Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, and Abdul El Sayed

One of her long time friends, Linda Sarsour, immediately took to Twitter to announce the news, posting a photo of Aboushi, saying, “Our next Manhattan District Attorney!”

Aboushi and Sarsour have a long history of friendship. According to an article written by religionnews.com, “In 2011, after graduating from Syracuse University College of Law in 2009, Aboushi began to provide free legal consultation to the mostly Arab Muslim immigrants at the Arab American Association of New York, where Sarsour was executive director for 15 years. Aboushi worked on housing, civil rights, immigration and business cases.” They further quote Linda speaking about Aboushi. “District attorneys have traditionally been considered the vanguards of the system. “(For) Muslim woman organizers who are a part of criminal justice reform and racial justice movements, the DA in fact has power over many of the things we fight for,” said Sarsour.

What does Linda Sarsour fight for? Well, Sarsour supports the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel BDS movement.She supports defunding the police, eradicating ICE, eliminating the US terror watch list, opening US borders to illegal aliens, and she has proudly proclaimed her support for numerous Islamic terrorists.

On July 1, 2017, Linda Sarsour gave a speech at the 54th Annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Convention in Chicago. During that speech, Sarsour not only infamously called for Muslims to carry out Jihad against President Trump, but she also called Wahhaj her “mentor,” motivator,” and “encourager.” She described him as her “favorite person in this room.” 

Not only is Siraj a well-known jihadist who allegedly was involved in attempts to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, but he often calls for the killing of innocents in the name of Islam. Siraj once said,

“If Allah says 100 strikes, 100 strikes it is. If Allah says cut off their hand, you cut off their hand. If Allah says stone them to death, through the Prophet Muhammad, then you stone them to death, because it’s the obedience of Allah and his messenger—nothing personal.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism notes that ISNA was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a terror-funding prosecution and was allegedly “created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Sarsour called on the Muslim community to unite against the White House.

Nothing personal.” That is what Siraj, Sarsour’s “mentor” and “favorite person” had to say about Islamic terrorism. According to Siraj, it’s ok to stone people to death and chop people’s hands off, if Allah commands it.

Siraj Wahhaj is a close friend of Nihad Awad, and often speaks at CAIR events and holds fundraisers for CAIR. Even more concerning, Siraj is known for saying, “It is my duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran.”

Aboushi, along with Sarsour and Wahhaj, also is associated with, works closely with, and participates in events with CAIR.

In 2014, CAIR was classified as a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates and labeled as a Muslim Brotherhood entity by the United States. In 2008, CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the terror financing trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. As a result, the FBI discontinued its work with the organization.

Along with being classified as a terrorist organization in the UAE in 2014, CAIR has been labeled a Muslim Brotherhood entity by the Justice Department. Additionally, a federal judge, the U.S. Attorney General’s office, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals determined CAIR has direct ties to Hamas. 

The U.S. State Department classified HAMAS a designated terrorist organization in 2008, listing the jihadist group as a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation HAMAS terror funding trial, the largest terrorism financing case in U.S. history.

Tahanie’s husband, Oday Absoushi, is known for being a Palestinian-American professional NFL player and an avid Israel hater. The New York Jets football team chose Oday Aboushi as their eighth pick of the fifth round of the April 2013 NFL Draft. No stranger to controversy, Front Page Magazine called Mr. Aboushi out for his scathing tweets about Israel in 2013 and links him to Islamic terrorist ties groups. “On April 19, one week before the NFL Draft, Aboushi wrote a tweet exalting a fundraising dinner sponsored by Islamic Relief (IR), an organization with numerous ties to terrorism. He wrote, “Beautiful NJ fundraiser event for the kids of Palestine in refugee camps.” The affair was held in Hasbrouk Heights, New Jersey and was titled, ‘A Night for Palestine.’”

Tahanie, like her husband, often takes to Twitter to express her views and thoughts as well. In a recent post on Twitter, she shared her thoughts about army Lt. Nazorio’s interaction with the police, “Even after trying cases in federal & state court for over 10yrs, there are times I’ll walk into court & be asked if I need an interpreter or whether I’m waiting for my lawyer. For people of color, the system doesn’t care about your profession. We are judged by our skin color.”

This fake sympathy, otherwise known as Taquiya, is part of what is allowed in Islam for the sake of advancing the cause of Islam. Under Sharia, Sharia compliant Muslims are required to lie to non-Muslims about their true beliefs in an attempt to advance the cause of Islam. If Aboushi truly cared about black lives and being a POC, she would feverishly speak out about the biggest slave trade to date in the Middle East, where Islamist countries are stealing Africans, forcing them into into slavery, kidnapping children into sex trafficking networks, and brutally chopping off the heads of Christian and Jewish North Africans. But despite her lamentations about racism and injustice, Aboushi has stayed silent, because these heinous acts are allowed under Sharia Law, which she embraces.

Aboushi has also doubled down on her support for decarceration and decriminalization, after Fox News called her out. In 2020, New York City passed a no cash bail law, which means that those who commit a crime won’t have to pay bail, and can bond out on their own recognizance; even if the crime is of a violent nature. With the passing of this law, New York saw a 96% rise in antisemitism in 2020, perpetrators attacked Jews in New York frequently–sometimes multiple times in the same day thanks to this law. It is not surprising that someone who is friends with an anti-Jewish, anti-Israel Jihadist like Linda Sarsour would support this bill, which puts all New Yorkers in danger, especially the Jews. Aboushi’s platform outline her plans not to prosecute offenses that are resulting from poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, or sex work.

If elected, Aboushi would be the first ever Muslim District Attorney in New York. Having a Sharia compliant Muslim District Attorney would be the antithesis of what America stands for. Support for Aboushi is support for those against Judeo-Christian Values and everything America holds dear.

New Yorkers who do not wish to relive the horrific events of 9/11 that were carried out by Islamic terrorists who several of Aboushi’s associates and endorsers sympathize with, and New Yorkers who wish to have safe streets, free of increased violent crime, anti-Semitic hate crimes, and Islamic terrorism must fiercely resist the campaign of Tahanie Aboushi, the newest Radical Muslim subverter within the cancerous rot of radical Islam that is progressively infecting America.

Laura Loomer