Commenders of the Holocaust took to “Clubhouse”, a popular new app with over eight million users, this morning around 10 am; showing their support of Hitler for making Germany a superpower. The event entitled, “The Jews&Asians vs Black Reparations is the REAL BATTLE,” was held for over two hours and the discussion was filled with antisemitic tropes. The entire affair would have gone on longer, however; after someone reported it, Clubhouse immediately shut it down.

This controversial event was hosted by people with usernames such as; Julian (King Siik), Tae Adams, and X Alkebulan. It held over 400 people; the vast majority of attendees being Black and one Jew they attacked throughout. 

In one audio they express, “They [Jews] can cry about Hitler. The thing is, it’s an unpopular opinion but, Hitler had to do what he did for his people. Germany today is a superpower because of Hitler; don’t you ever forget that! Whatever “flock” he took, whatever he [unintelligible], he did not care. It wasn’t about him; it was about his people. Today, Germany is still a superpower. They had to pay out reparations, they actually paid reparations. It’s like, you know, we look at this game that is from the mouth of the person it is dictating to and we expect it to be truth. It’s like Slumdog Millionaire, that he is writing the wrong answers on the mirror…” 

This argument is common amongst those of the black community. Even though they compare Hitler to a superpower, they are missing one key element in their argument. As stated on History.com, “Soon after, Adolf Hitler was elected. He canceled all payments in 1933. ‘Hitler was committed to not just not paying, but to overturning the whole treaty,’ historian Felix Schulz told the BBC’s Olivia Lang. His refusal was seen as an act of patriotism and courage in a nation that saw the reparations as a form of humiliation. Germany made no payments during Hitler’s rule.’” If Hitler himself thought it was wrong to pay reparations, you can’t use him as the guideline to follow in order to fight for Slavery reparations. 

Secondly, the reparations given went directly to the victims, not their ancestors. These were paid right after the war and the slaying of over 6 million Jews, not 400 years later. As jewishviturallibrary.org explains: 

“Under the agreement, West Germany undertook to pay a total of $845 million: $100 million earmarked for allocation by the Claims Conference and the remainder to Israel.  Direct compensation would be paid in annual installments over a period of 14 years (between April 1, 1953, and March 31, 1966).  The money to Israel was split – 30 percent was to pay for Israel’s crude oil purchases in the United Kingdom and with the balance of 70 percent Israel was to buy ferrous and nonferrous metals, steel, chemical, industrial, and agricultural products from Germany.

The same article shows that while Germany did pay the victims personally, Jewish or non- Jewish, when they died the payments ceased. They did not then transfer to their children.

In 1988, the German government allocated another $125 million for reparations, enabling remaining Holocaust survivors to receive monthly payments of $290 for the rest of their lives. In February 1990, before its unification with West Germany, East Germany admitted for the first time that it was also responsible for war crimes committed by the German people during World War II and agreed to pay reparations.

In 1999, in response to the filing of numerous class action lawsuits in American courts, the German government and German industry agreed to compensate Jews and non-Jews specifically for slave and forced labor they performed for German industry during the war. Among the German industries that came under the lawsuits were Deutsche Bank AG, Siemens, BMW, Volkswagen, and Opel. In return for the dismissal of all such lawsuits and the guaranteeing German industry “legal peace” from any such further litigation, the German government created a foundation – “Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future” – with assets of approximately $5 billion. Slave and forced laborers still alive at the time of the settlement could apply to receive a lump sum payment of between $2,500 and $7,500 from the foundation; in all, over 140,000 Jewish survivors from more than 25 countries received payments. Final payments from the Foundation were to be made by September 2006.”

According to someone who attended the meeting, attendees took it upon themselves to heckle the only Jew participating. Heard were statements such as “Jews are the reason for the financial crisis,” and “They [Jews] are greedy bankers.” These antisemitic tropes were repeated often. Participants went on to say, “And the Holocaust needed to happen; it was bound to happen.” When the only Jew didn’t agree with reparations for ancestors of slavery, the black attendees shared, “That Hitler was wronged for the rightful reasons but HIS INTENTIONS WERE GOOD,” and “That the ‘Jew’ would be naive to deny that.” 

This entire event was to focus on how examples of the past prove reparations for slavery should happen. Instead it turned into a hatefest of the Jewish people. Inaccurate arguments were made at the Jew’s expense.

This brings up a more serious issue, the rise of antisemitism from the Black community. Over the past few years we have seen a rise of assaults, stabbings, and shootings towards the Jewish community. These attacks are being perpetrated by the Black community and the Muslim community. The New York “No Bail Reform” grants would-be assailants the opportunity to attack the Jewish community; multiple times in one day; as we saw in 2019 and 2020. We also have preachers like Louis Farrakhan who share amongst their followers that the Jew worships Satan, in the Synagogue of Satan.

Conspiracies about Jews are at an all time high, the event held today shows how mainstream they have become. One cannot host a webinar about reparations without attacking the Jew. “Jews are the reason for the financial crisis,” and “They [Jews] are greedy bankers,” being a few of the tropes heard today.