On Tuesday, Heritage Foundation held a Webinar on Election Integrity with Senator Rand Paul as their featured guest. During the 30 min discussion, they mentioned what happened in 2020 and what needs to happen in order to succeed in 2022.

‘“Courts fully heard the election cases,” is an untrue statement and that the truth is they actively choose not to hear them “based on standing,” mentioning that “they don’t want to get involved,”‘ is how Senator Rand Paul began the webinar. In 1976, his father ran for government and noticed many irregularities. The first oddity, 100% of the votes went to his opponent and 0% went to him! They found that their was 100% turnout, which is highly unlikely, and that all the handwriting on the ballots were the same! What is going on in 2021 is not a new phenomenon.

Senator Paul stated the same constitutional grievances he has previously but this time added new insight.  He reiterated that an election should mean one person, one vote AND one person, one ballot. Further adding that there should be absolutely no harvesting of ballots.

When Georgia voter reform laws were brought up, Senator Paul, with great enthusiasm exclaimed that we must throw the “woke’s” leftists insults: “These laws are worse than Jim Crow!,” and  “you’re a racist,” back in their faces. Democrats were always in full support of Jim Crow laws, while Republicans have alway been against them, on top of that all African Americans were Republicans during the Civil Rights era.

He went on to assert that, “America right now has more access to voting than any other time in history. It is insulting to say that African Americans are incapable of getting a driver’s license.”

A fascinating statistic given by the Senator, “African Americans either equal the turn out or EXCEED the turn out of white voters in states with high African American populations,” when responding to the Democrat’s  accusations of the Georgia bill suppressing the vote or people’s rights.  

H.R 1 was the center of conversation, a bill in which Democrats want to change the rules and overrule the state legislature on how the entire country votes. If the Democrats get rid of the filibuster, this bill may pass in the Senate; it has already passed the house. Senator Paul’s advice was to ask your people who support this bill , “Do you want to pay for political ads? This bill will force you to pay for them. That alone should be enough for people to not want this bill passed.”

Accusing the Democrats of only wanting power, low informed voters, and more turn out as their motive for wanting this bill to pass. “This is about power politics, it isn’t really about the right to vote. No one is suppressing anyone’s right to vote. “ Senator Paul related. “When democrats say that they are insulting the pioneers who did fight for the right to vote. They are insulting John Lewis and those who stood on the bridge in Selma that were beaten by DEMOCRATS… Every cop and sheriff and horrible bigot on the bridge at Selma was a democrat,” he continued. 

“This is trump, a ploy, a deception, it’s all intended to make it easier to make Democrats win an election. Call them out on it! The other people that should be called out on it are these corporations,” he stated. Further expressing that America has less racism in our country now, than ever before. Every law that ever existed that was racist no longer exists…

The conversation then segued into one about the “woke” left’s  obsession with race and hate. The host, Hans A von Spakovsky, spoke of another clause within H.R 1 that most people aren’t aware of. The bill calls for redistricting commissions, which in its face is fine, however; membership stipulations are not. In order to have membership in this commission there are race and gender quotas…as well as a religious test. In order to gain membership, you are obligated to divulge the clubs and organizations you belong to. He then questioned the constitutionality of this specific clause. 

Senator Rand Paul replied, “ It’s a topsy-turvy world. Martin Luther King Jr. would be hounded out of the woke society; because he didn’t believe you should be judged by the color of your skin but by your character. Which is a noble statement that still rings true for most of us. But the “woke” generation WANTS us to be judged based on the color of our skin, particularly white people. “

They want white people to be accused, and they want white people to be maligned, and they want white people to apologize for being white.

They want a culture based on race, what they are promoting really would offend Martin Luther King. And somebody has got to say it and keep it up because we are going to live in a world where everything becomes about race. Instead of becoming a less race conscious world, that I think our kids have grown up in, we are going to become a world consumed by race.”

“Martin Luther King Jr  wouldn’t know what to do in this world.” Now this is a sentiment I could more than gladly agree with the Senator on.