In another slew of dictatorship-like executive orders the Biden-Harris administration is set to sign 6 executive orders dealing with “gun control”, threatening to pack the Supreme Court and apply term limits, and breaking laws within the Anti-Terrorism Act and Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act has decided to re-establish aid to terrorist regimes like the PA, PLO, and Hamas within Israel which is directly linked to the killing of Jewish Israeslis.

Passover and Easter lead to multiple mass shootings and an attack on the D.C capitol. In progressive leftist fashion, President Joe Biden is attacking the second amendment rather than the culprit of these attacks; radical Jihad. Instead, he is blaming pistol brace devices- speciality slings, originally made for war veterans who could no longer hold a gun properly and “ghost guns.” 

In a speech given to the American people, President Biden said that you could purchase guns at gun shows without a background check; referring to “ghost guns.” This is demonstrously false. In order to purchase a gun at a gun show, one must get a background check and due to the heavy traffic they may be forced to come back the next day until said background check clears. 

All of the guns used in these mass shootings were purchased legally, even though attackers like Ahmad al-Issa were being watched by the FBI. The attack at the capitol last week was by a Farrakhan follower who had both a knife and a gun. America should be more concerned about the radicalization of it’s citizens by Islam than it should our rights under the second amendment. 

During the campaign trail the Biden-Harris administration made many promises, promises of which they have already broken within their first 90 days. One of these promises was not packing the United States Supreme Court. They announced this week that they were going to look into how the Supreme Court works and whether it would be beneficial to add more judges and apply term limits. Since America’s founding, the Supreme Court has functioned in the same way as it was laid out in the constitution; nine judges who are appointed by the current President and are to serve for life or until they decide to retire. 

Bombing Syria and reentering the Iran Nuclear deal isn’t enough to put strain on the monumentally historic Abraham Accords; President Biden will now reestablish aid to terrorist regimes in Israel. Congress snuck $250 million dollars, of our hard earned taxpayer dollars,  towards “covid relief” for the Palestinians. In reality, it will be aiding terrorism and the death of Jews. In 2018, the Trump administration stopped all aid to Palestinian organizations who used the money for heinous crimes, the purchasing of weapons, and their “pay for slay” program. In 2019, all aid ceased due to the failure of stopping these programs and refusing to not spend the money on weapons. 

One of the amendments to the Anti-Terrorist Act’s states: The ATA generally prohibits acts of international terrorism, including the material support of terrorist acts or organizations. It also provides a civil cause of action through which Americans injured by such acts can sue responsible persons or entities for treble damages. Prior to ATCA, the ATA did not dictate personal jurisdiction. This aid money is in direct breach of this amendment.

The Palestinian people have not seen a dime of  aid the United States has ever given them. It goes straight to the pockets of those in charge; Hamas, PLO, and the PA. The only time the people see this money is if they partake in a “pay for slay” program. This means that the more Jews they kill, the more money they receive.

The Biden administration will have us defenseless, allow radical Islamic regimes to attack our fellow citizens, and will have us personally fund terrorism and the killing of Jews. Now President Joe Biden said during his campaign, “he would not use executive orders to implement his policies because “you can’t use executive orders unless you are a dictator.” Then why does he continue to sign executive orders and why has he signed the most E.O’s than any other sitting president?