Once again the Big Tech overlords have censored voices that they don’t agree with from using social media platforms. Jaden McNeil, founder and president of the campus organization America First Students at Kansas State University was permanently suspended from Twitter on Wednesday.

Much like others who have been suspended from the platform, McNeil was not given any warning or explanation for Twitter’s decision. McNeil posted a screenshot of the email he received from Twitter via his Telegram channel with the caption, “Wait what? LMAO”

The email reads that McNeil was suspended for “violating our rules against promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm.” The vague explanation says the platform received reports that his account was “threatening suicide or self-harm” and lays out steps Twitter takes to assist them, with a link to resources via their Safety Center.

McNeil’s reaction of surprise is due in part to knowing he hadn’t posted anything that would give Twitter users any impression that he was suicidal or planning to harm himself in any way. That didn’t stop McNeil’s detractors from mass-reporting the account, however, and Twitter quickly responded by issuing a permanent suspension.

In conjunction with McNeil’s permanent suspension from Twitter was the temporary suspension of America First Foundation and AFPAC founder Nicholas (Nick) Fuentes.

“It’s a totally coordinated purge of AF people. We knew this would happen, already happened everywhere else lol,” Fuentes said, accompanied by screenshots of analytics from his Twitter account showing the activist’s reach on the platform.

“This is why they want us off twitter,” Fuentes said showing 71.7 million impressions in the month of January 2021 on the platform.

“This is even after two months of systematic purging, shadowbanning, and suppression,” Fuentes said posting a screenshot of his March 2021 analytics on Twitter that showed 33.1 million tweet impressions, and 4.53 million visits to the America First leader’s profile.

Fuentes has been a target for the SPLC in the past, but the attacks have increased exponentially since Fuentes’ appearance at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

Verified Twitter account Hatewatch “Managed by the staff of the Intelligence Project at the SPLC,” called to remove Fuentes from the platform on Wednesday, posting an article that lays out how many are gunning for Fuentes and other America Firster’s First Amendment rights.

The tweet from Hatewatch reads: “White supremacist Nick Fuentes’ last string of legitimacy is his Twitter account — After nearly every major social media platform banished him. @Twitter can and should remove him & #RefuseHate. SPLC’s @MichaelEHayden quoted here:”

The piece mentions how Michael Hayden, Senior Investigative Reporter and Spokesperson for the SPLC and Elon University Computer Science and Technology student Megan Squire have made it their #1 goal in life to deplatform Fuentes.

In addition, the piece by Chicago Tribune author John Keilman highlights Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights author Devin Burghart having spent hours upon hours covering Fuentes, McNeil and other America Firsters in an extensive and exhausting report titled “From Alt-Right to Groyper.”

Rather than engage in public discourse to defend opposing viewpoints, the left must engage in mass-reporting to cancel those they disagree with, deplatforming those who have opinions they can’t argue against and instead deem as “hate speech” because -in reality- their argument is not strong enough to see through any debate. Not only that, but since nuance is now DOA when it comes to the digital town square, Big Tech is doing it’s part to ensure that opinions and views that go outside the realm of their perceived narrative are wiped off of social media platforms. Can’t have anyone seeing more than one viewpoint and maybe honing their critical thinking skills. Right, New York Times? That would be devastating to the “official” narrative the public is supposed to subscribe to, laid out by the omniscient Mainstream Media and culture machine.

Indeed, this does appear to be a coordinated attack as Fuentes points out. Fuentes was banned from Twitch in 2019 and then YouTube in February 2020 for “hate speech” but still had the ability to stream on DLive, until the alternative streaming platform also axed Fuentes on January 9th, 2021 following the Capitol protest for “inciting violence”.

Congressional candidate and conservative firebrand Laura Loomer, who recently attended Fuentes’s event AFPAC in Orlando, FL knows all too well what Fuentes and McNeil are experiencing having recently received notice from YouTube that the company “privated” all of her public videos online. The video that YouTube reviewed and made private on Loomer’s channel was one from three years ago in which she asked why the Left blames white people for everything.

Loomer posted the email she received from YouTube on Thursday to one of the few FREE SPEECH platforms left, Gab.com saying, “BREAKING: Youtube has censored my account and made all of my videos “private”. The video they cited is three years old! More political censorship and discrimination from Big Tech! In the last 48 hours alone, Stripe and Google have both targeted me. #StopTheBias”

Laura Loomer has earned the title “The Most Banned Woman in the World” with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe, CashApp, Stripe, Periscope, Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, TeeSpring, Medium, and even Chase Online Banking all banning the outspoken conservative from using their services.

Read more on Loomer’s Stripe banning here:


Until Twitter’s temporary suspension is lifted, Fuentes said he will be posting on Gab and his Telegram channel, and you can catch him on America First Live Monday through Friday at 9:00pm EST.

You can still view content from Jaden McNeil on his Telegram channel, his Gab account and Trovo.

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