In Joe Biden’s America, known Islamic terrorists now have more access to purchase firearms and use social media than outspoken conservative journalists. 

In the aftermath of the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Boulder, Colorado last week, it has since been revealed that the shooter, 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, was able to legally purchase a firearm on March 16th,  just six days before he opened fire at a King Sooper’s grocery store, murdering 10 people. Authorities said Alissa passed a background check conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation before he purchased his gun. 

During his attack, Alissa shot the victims with a Ruger AR-556 pistol, which resembles an AR-15 rifle. Police said he also had a 9 mm handgun. 

It is worth noting that Alissa is a Syrian migrant with ISIS sympathies, and prior to killing 10 people, investigators say he “was known to the FBI” through his associations with another person under investigation by the FBI. In 2018, Alissa had a report of third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and one of for criminal mischief after two run-ins with the Boulder police. 

In 2018, while I was receiving counter terrorism training in Minnesota from former FBI special agent and President of Understanding the Threat, John Guandolo, I was alerted by Guandolo that an undercover operative embedded within online terror cells obtained information that a Fatwa had been issued against me, and that there was a credible threat that Islamic terrorists were planning on tracking me down and killing me. In Islam, a Fatwa is a death sentence. Along with reporting the threat to the FBI and documenting the threat, Guandolo told me I needed to purchase a gun for my safety. 

When I returned to Florida, I got a 9mm black handgun for personal protection, and I took firearms training for safe measure. 

Fast forward to 2019, while running for US Congress in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, I received a credible death threat from an ANTIFA domestic terrorist in Portland, Oregon, which was reported to the FBI and also investigated by the Portland Police Department. The individual who wrote the email threatened they would tie me up and shoot me in the head unless I dropped out of my race.

That’s when I decided it was time to get a conceal carry permit. In 2019, I applied for a conceal carry permit in West Palm Beach, Florida. My application was denied, and after petitioning the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to find out why, I was informed that my name is in the NICS database (the National Instant Criminal Background System).

Now, I’ve never been convicted of a felony. Unlike Alissa, I’ve never assaulted anyone. I’m not an Islamic terrorist, I’m not a fugitive from justice, and I’ve never been adjudicated mentally ill by a judge. Imagine my surprise upon finding out that I am banned from ever owning a gun. 

There are 12 reasons for a denial in the NICS database, and I’m clear of 11 of those reasons. However, there is a 12thcategory called the Federally Denied Person’s File. From what I have learned, if you upset a powerful person like the FBI director, you can end up on that file without notice. 

In April of 2018, I confronted former FBI director James Comey at his book signing in New York City about his involvement in the Russia collusion hoax. 

Today, I can’t purchase or even possess a firearm because I’m in the FBI’s NICS database. 

Following the attack in Colorado, Joe Biden has been discussing gun control measures via executive order as a means to prevent more mass shootings. However, it’s clear that there is a problem much more sinister at play that is happening in our country at the expense of innocent American citizens, and that is FBI incompetence and corruption, and the weaponization and politicization of the FBI as a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party. 

Since this happened to me, I’ve been tracking the NICS database and other firearm denials that are controlled by the FBI. In 2021 alone, 23, 962 people have been prevented from purchasing a firearm because they were denied by NICS. In Joe Biden’s America. Alissa, an Islamic terrorist known to the FBI, was not one of those people, but I am. 

Just in February of this year, 100,322 people were added to the NICS database, and that doesn’t include the mysterious “Federally Denied Person’s File”. In total, there are roughly 23.4 Million names in the NICS database under 11 different categories. In other words, that means seven percent of the United States population has been stripped of the Second Amendment Right by the FBI. And that’s only the 11 categories combined! It doesn’t include the FBI’s secret list, the 12th category for denial. 

How many of these Americans who have been “red flagged” and unconstitutionally stripped of their gun rights by the FBI are also unaware of their Red Flag status like I was, because they were similarly never notified?

An investigation, at the slightest is warranted regarding the fact that Alissa was able to purchase a firearm and pass a background check despite being “known to the FBI”. Given that I am in the NICS database, if I were to walk into a gun store today to purchase a gun, I would be denied, even though my background check is spotless. A terrorist Syrian migrant who murdered ten people has more access to guns and has more Second Amendment rights that I do in Joe Biden’s America. 

Along with having more Second Amendment rights thanme, Alissa and other Islamic terrorists also enjoy more free speech protections than me and other conservatives. On May 2, 2019, I was permanently banned by Facebook, designated by Facebook as a “dangerous individual” and classified as a terrorist by Facebook. Meanwhile, actual terrorist groups like ISIS, HAMAS, the Muslim Brotherhood and ANTIFA were still actively posting on Facebook, and according to a 2019 whistleblower report released through the National Whistleblower Centre ,Facebook was automatically generating pages for terrorist groups, including the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, and continued to do so for months after banning me and several other high profile conservatives as “dangerous individuals”.

For years, up until the time of his attack, Alissa was actively posting his anti-American and radical Islamictirades on Facebook. Facebook didn’t consider him to be too dangerous for social media, yet he opened fire on a Kosher grocery store the week of Passover and murdered 10 people. The FBI knew he was dangerous, yet they still allowed Alissa to purchase a gun, which he used to murder 10 innocent people. He was never red flagged and banned from owning a gun like I was. It begs the question…why not? 

I have never committed crime. I have been denied my due process and stripped of both my First Amendment and Second Amendment rights. But I am not alone. I often wonder how man more people in America will be subjected to my same fate. Denied their God Given Constitutional rights while hostile invaders like Alissa, who became a naturalized citizen, get to enjoy those protections under the sanctuary of a Democrat administration like Joe Biden’s. 

Make no mistake. The Democrats are waging cancel culture jihad on America. I just happened to be patient zero. There is no telling who their next political victim will be. I hope it’s not you…