In a recent Department of Justice filing, 52-year-old salon owner Gina Bisignano was told she could not access the internet until after her trial for simply attending the Trump rally on January 6th, 2021 in the U.S. Capitol.

Prosecutors have attempted to bar five defendants who all attended the Capitol that day from ever going online again. Not just seeking to remove them from social media, but the entire internet.

As owner of Gina’s Eyelashes and Skincare in Beverly Hills, Bisignano blames lockdowns from the COVID crisis for having shuttered her business in 2020. After having heard that there would be an assembly at the Capitol on the 6th, Bisignano decided she needed to also travel to DC to show her support for President Trump. “Trump said, patriots, go to D.C.,” she told the Beverly Hills Courier. “If enough patriots got together to rightfully assemble and put pressure, chant and cheer like we do, they would think, ‘Okay, we the people—we the people are speaking.’”

When Bisignano arrived at the Capitol, she split from her original group to go hear President Trump speak at the Ellipse, while others made their way to the Capitol building. Once Trump’s speech was over, she then marched towards the Capitol. Though Bisignano has made statements that she entered the building, she states that this was only after a man wearing a green helmet covered in Trump stickers broke one of the Capitol’s windows using a baton.

The man in the green helmet was immediately labeled as “Antifa” by peaceful protesters who attempted to stop the man from shattering the glass.

This is something mentioned by a war correspondent who has covered more than 500 protests, Michael Yon, when he spoke with Epoch Times’ Joshua Philipp about certain agent provocateurs seen that day at the Capitol. Yon discusses tactics that were used by bad actors including stickers on helmets that were used as identifiers by others within the factions.

Strongly recommend reviewing this interview:

Bisignano maintains that she only went inside the building for a moment to catch her breath having just been pepper sprayed.  “I couldn’t breathe. I was having a panic attack. I needed air. Every time I opened my eyes, they were burning. My mouth was burning. Everything was burning, and I couldn’t breathe,” Bisignano explained.

The judge for the Bisignano case has banned the salon owner due to her online presence. He believes that if she had not had access to some of the information online that she consumed, she may not have ended up at the Capitol that day.

In 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a North Carolina law that banned all convicted sex offenders from using social media. The court finding (which called the ban unconstitutional) said in part: “what for many are the principal sources for knowing current events, checking ads for employment, speaking and listening in the modern public square, and otherwise exploring the vast realms of human thought and knowledge.”

Bisignano had been meeting with other patriots every Saturday for months to protest against lockdown orders and was a familiar face at the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally where she joined others in support of the re-election of President Donald Trump.

With or without having been influenced on the internet, would she have found herself drowning in the massive crowd that surrounded the Capitol that day that included infiltrators dressed as Trump supporters, or bad faith actors? Perhaps she would have.

Thousands of other people who were at President Trump’s speech and then walked over to the Capitol building found themselves in a sea of people-some of which had nefarious plans. Those bad actors only made up a tiny percentage of the tens of thousands of patriots that day that-like Bisignano-simply wanted to peacefully assemble, as is their Constitutional right.

Cutting off all communication online to friends and family, work relationships and clientele, and denying access to e-commerce seems rather extreme for a 52-year-old esthetician who got caught up in the crowd.

We have found ourselves in uncharted waters with the internet being such a defining tool used to communicate these days. Especially in the era of COVID-lockdowns, where everyone is told to have little to no physical contact with others, working and attending school at home, and keeping up with friends and family via the World Wide Web.

Congressional candidate Laura Loomer weighed in on Bisignano’s having been banished from the digital town square via RT:

“Social media censorship is bad enough, but have you ever been BANNED from the entire Internet? A California woman has found herself banned from the internet by a judge following her presence in the US Capitol on January 6th in support of President Donald Trump! Beverly Hills stylist and esthetician Gina Bisignano is not allowed to use the internet until her trial is complete, causing many to wonder how a US judge can ban someone from communicating in the modern era where most of life takes place online. Perhaps internet bans will be the fate of thousands of other Trump supporters who were in DC on January 6! One thing is certain, the internet and Big Tech are now so powerful, they are trumping the constitution in some US courtrooms. Judicial corruption, or judicial over reach? You be the judge!”

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