What is going on the border wall and why are they lying to the American people?

During the Barack Hussein Obama administration, as shown in pictures from 2014, they built cages to temporarily house illegal immigrant children before deporting them back to their home countries. These now famous photographs were later used as an attack on the Trump administration and their policies. Former President Donald J.Trump rightly claimed that these photos were not of his administration, but that of his predecessor. Politifact checked this now famous tweet by former President Trump, “Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama’s term showing children from the Border in steel cages,” and determined it was true! Trump then signed an executive order to stop the detainment of minors in these cages.

Obama deported over 3 million illegals during his presidency. Yet, for four years President Trump was under assault for following those same policies. The Trump administration went even further, and got rid of “catch and release”; a program in which you catch the illegal immigrant trying to get into the United States and send them back into America with a piece of paper telling them to report to court. These court dates were set for years in the future and most people who crossed the border illegally predictably never showed up.

Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats criticized former President Donald J. Trump’s administration for their “inhumane” policies at the border. They spent years fighting in the media and through the court system to try to stop Trump’s wall from being built. The wall and Trump’s policies deterred possible illegals from coming to America.

For months we heard about the conditions at the border. AOC’s famous publicized visit is etched in our brains. AOC went down to the border in 2018 wearing all white and setting up a photo shoot of her “crying” in front of the children’s detention center fence. She even went as far as calling these detention centers “concentration camps,” grossly offending millions of Jewish people across the world.

In 2021, the situation has become far worse. President Joe Biden welcomed illegals to come in. He promised he would not send them back to their home countries, getting rid of the “stay in Mexico” laws. The current Biden administration has stopped the press from coming down and taking photos of the situation at the border. Maybe they don’t want to show how stuffed these cages are, that the children are living in squalor, and being sexually assaulted. Cartels are making money hand over fist getting people across the border. There is very little vetting at the border, anyone can just walk right in. Some that have crossed are former sex offenders or child traffickers that have been previously reported. Known ISIS terrorists have come up through Mexico. MS-13 and other dangerous criminals see this as a prime opportunity to infiltrate America.

Recently, a delegation of 19 Republican U.S. senators toured the U.S.-Mexico border in McAllen, Texas.

Through this delegation and Project Veritas’s exclusive photos, we have learned just how bad the crisis at the border really is. None of these illegal immigrants are being tested for COVID before they are released. Children are unaccompanied, and many are being raped on the way here. Senator Ted Cruz, of Texas, was one of the nineteen delegates who went to the border this weekend. The Guardian reported Ted Cruz saying, “On the other side of the river we have been listening to and seeing cartel members – human traffickers – right on the other side of the river waving flashlights, yelling and taunting Americans, taunting the border patrol,” only to be heckled on Twitter by the progressive left. Senator Cruz also shared that the detention centers were 1500% over capacity, which is extremely dangerous considering we are in the middle of a pandemic. This heavy influx forces Border Patrol agents to process all of these people, while terrorists and criminals sneak their way through.

Through a video Senator Langford posted, we learned that in McAllen, Texas, which is right at the border between Texas and America, how bad the situation is. According to this video, families and unaccompanied minors show up in the dark of the night to be picked up by border patrol, the illegal immigrants then identify themselves, go through a lackadaisy COVID-19 screening,— where they are asked if they feel well— and if they are with a child who is under 6, or unaccompanied, and a family of 10 or under are let into our country with a “notice to appear,” which is a promise to show up to court in a few years.

The Biden administration put has put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of this crisis, and she has yet to visit the border. Harris is reported saying that she and the President will visit the border. To date, she has still not visited. Meanwhile, countless lawmakers have visited the border, and former President Trump is scheduled to visit in the coming weeks.

The Democrats only cared about the border when former President Trump was in charge. When the Biden administration took charge, it took the media weeks to even admit it was a crisis. White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, wouldn’t admit to the totality of this crisis either. While they continue to deny this dehumanizing experience, criminals will continue to enter this country, putting American citizens and the country at risk. This isn’t just a border crisis, it’s a national security crisis.