You know what they say…

There’s no such thing as coincidences!

Today on Capitol Hill, two important meetings took place… at the same exact time. The first Presidential press conference of the Joe Biden administration and a Big Tech hearing in the US Congress before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The timing and planning of these two events at the same exact time is not lost in the average American. This is another act of collusion by way of distracting American viewers, orchestrated by the Democrat Party, President Joe Biden’s administration and Big Tech.

This is the first time in history when a President has held his first ever press conference in the middle of the afternoon. It began at 1:15 p.m. EST, which is the beginning of the work day for anyone on the West coast, while anyone who lives on the East coast wouldn’t be able to watch the conference because it was scheduled during their afternoon work shift. The Biden administration, in terms of viewership, made sure their press conference was scheduled in a manner that would ensure the least amount of public attention and live viewership as possible. American citizens will only be able to catch the highlights of his speech after work on the evening news, or if they actively seek a recording of the press conference out of their own volition.

It should be noted that the White House only invited 30 network reporters to attend and put them in a contained space during the presser, only taking questions from ten reporters. With the major push of this administration being Covid and Covid safety, a small contained area where the reporters were stationed further revealed the hypocrisy in the Democrat pushed policy of social distancing, in yet another “do as I say, not as I do” moment for Joe Biden’s administration.

The Big Tech hearing that took place at the same time as Biden’s presser occurred via Zoom, which means the lawmakers who participated in the Zoom were not able to listen to the press conference. This was cleverly designed in a way by the Democrats and Joe Biden’s administration to force low informed voters to choose between listening to the tech hearing on censorship, or the first press conference President Joe Biden held. What American is going to be able to watch either one given that most Americans are working at 1:15 pm EST?

The middle of the afternoon on a workday is not an ideal time to speak to the majority of America regarding any important issue. Furthermore, the US Capitol still has a fence around it and Nancy Peolsi has closed off the Capitol and all congressional hearings to the public, which unconstitutionally denies American citizens their ability and right to participate in hearings, or even attend. The barring of the public from the Capitol has only protected US lawmakers from accountability and having to do their job on Federal property, out in the open, and not behind a computer screen on Zoom. By holding the widely anticipated tech hearing via zoom and denying the public the ability to attend, US lawmakers have expressed unprecedented levels of dereliction of duty and continue to violate their constituent’s rights by denying them proper representation.

With Joe Biden, we have an absentee President who continues to demonstrate questionable cognitive behaviors. During his press conference, it is worth noting there wasn’t a single question asked by the reporters about Big Tech censorship, despite Biden’s administration getting exposed this week for having deep ties to the Big Tech executives. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey interfered directly in our election. The two Big Tech conglomerates collectively donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrat election causes during the 2020 election cycle.

Back in December of 2020, many mainstream media news outlets reported that Mark Zuckerberg donated over $350 million towards the 2020 election via his non-profit organization called Center for Technology and Civic Life. His donations arguably had a very heavy influence in Democrat swing states/cities, as was seen in stages like Georgia, prompting FEC complaints and calls by Republican watchdog organizations for investigations into Mark Zuckerberg’s political donations.

Joe Biden and his administration knew that scheduling these events at the same time served as the perfect distraction because much of the Big Tech hearing today focused on the banning of President Donald Trump’s social media accounts, Big Tech election interference, and how Big Tech chooses to ban certain political content, or what they like to call “disinformation”. A recent poll showed that 81 percent of Americans believe that Big Tech needs to be broken up, and given that Big Tech Via their overt censorship of Republicans and Trump supporters during the 2020 election cycle helped secure a rigged election victory for Joe Biden and other Democrats, Joe Biden has no need or desire for Americans to tune into a Senate hearing about Big Tech.

Big tech censorship is an issue of growing importance for American citizens and global leaders, and it’s an issue I know of all too well as the Most Banned Woman In The World.

During President Joe Biden’s press conference, he said he was running for re-election in 2024 while hinting at the destruction of the two party system. He went on further to say that there, “wouldn’t even be a Republican Party to run against.” What does he mean by this? Former President Trump has already suggested that he is running in 2024. Is Joe Biden saying that he is going to ensure Republicans never have another chance at running for President again? Or will he yet again rely on Big Tech to rig the 2024 election in his favor as they did in 2020?

Laura Loomer