Illoominate Media has exclusively learned that Ahmad al-Issa, the ISIS inspired Islamic terrorist who killed 10 people in an attack on Monday, perpetrated his targeted attack on King Soopers, a kosher friendly supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. King Soopers is known by Jews as a place where they can purchase their food easily due to their extensive kosher items. The irony isn’t lost on me how a Radical Islamist, and ISIS member drove 25 miles out of his way to get to this specific store just to shoot everyone in sight. Yet, not a single mainstream outlet wants to talk about the fact that the location of the attack is a Jewish store, with a majority Jewish clientele. On their website, King Soopers advertises itself as “Your One-Stop Shop For Kosher Groceries”. Given that the Jewish holiday Passover begins on Saturday, March 27, 2021, many Jews around the world are spending this week shopping for groceries and supplies. Kosher Jews and religious Jews purchase their groceries from Kosher grocery stores like King Soopers.

As investigative journalist Laura Loomer exclusively reported, Ahmad al-Issa pledged his allegiance to ISIS before carrying out his attack. He was also a Syrian migrant who often took to Facebook to express his hatred for President Donald Trump and Trump’s anti-Islamic terror immigration policies via the travel ban. While the attack was an Islamic terrorist attack, the motive of this attack was clearly a hate crime against Jews just days before Passover.

Al-Issa is an immigrant who came from war-torn Syria during the Obama-era when Joe Biden was Vice President. As reported by Laura Loomer, Which has now also been confirmed by several other outlets, Al-Issa, like all radical Muslims, have a deep rooted hatred for the Jewish community.

The mainstream media will have you believe he was bullied in high school and has a mental illness. Combine those lies with their salivation over the fact that Al-Issa only one week ago purchased the gun he used in his attack, and it is the perfect argument for the Democrats to push for stricter gun control laws. And Joe Biden certainly isn’t wasting time trying to use this ISIS terrorist attack that his immigration policies are responsible for to strip law abiding Americans of their gun-rights.

 Ahmad al-Issa had failed attempts before. According to Jack Posobiec’s tweet on Twitter,” Early information from a national security agency suggests Boulder shooter planned to target the Trump rally in Colorado Springs, Feb 2020, but decided to wait until the next one on March 13 in Denver but it was cancelled due to COVID, per WH [White House] official.”

The Hill reported that Al-Issa purchased a gun on March 15th, and was seen by his family with a “machine gun-like” weapon two days prior to this shooting. No stranger to violence, al- Issa has been arrested before. 9 News reported that on Nov. 17, 2017 he was arrested for a third degree assault after “cold-clocking” another student and punching him a few times afterwards.

What is really to blame for this terrorist attack along with the Democrats open border policies is their love fest with identity politics. Identity Politics allows the avenue of sick individuals and Islamic terrorists to get away with heinous acts by way of being politically correct and people’s irrational fear of insulting one another. The only mental illness Ahmad al-Issa has is that of the ideology of radical Islam. He took advantage of the Democrat’s obsession with identity politics and often posted about “Islamophobia”.

The naivety of the general public and fake news media networks will hold us hostage to future attacks. Calling out radical Islam is NOT islamophobia. If we don’t speak about it and continue to label those that do as xenophobic or racist, buckle up, other jihadists will strike again in their quest to kill and conquer all infidels and turn Western Civilization into an Islamic caliphate.

With regards to Jew hatred, a study conducted by Islam expert Dr. Bill Warner found that there is more Jew hatred in the Quran than Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

The Prophet Mohammed is viewed as the most ideal and revered man in Islam. According to Mohammed,

“Judgment Day will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Jews will hide behind the rocks and the trees, but the rocks and the trees will say: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him — except for the gharqad tree, which is one of the trees of the Jews.”

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer, who herself is Jewish, posted about that on her telegram page following the attack on the Kosher market in Colorado.

She said,

It won’t be until American schools start properly teaching the truth about Islam and it won’t be until we have full blown immigration moratorium that attacks like the one that just happened in Boulder, Colorado end.” Her page also stated, “A source tells me the shooter carried out the attack in the name of ISIS. Biden administration has already given orders to keep it under wraps to avoid conversation in the media about Islamic terrorism and reversa of Trump’s travel ban, which the terrorist was opposed to.”

PC culture falsely deemed Trump’s travel ban as a “Muslim ban,” and therefore “racist”. Lack of understanding that terrorism is a major catastrophe in the Middle East and Northern Africa, and that these same terrorists hate America and American values has allowed for more terror tied Muslims like Al-Issa to slip through our borders at a grave price to American lives. The Democrat Party’s ignorance regarding immigration and Islamic terrorism has been used and manipulated by these radicals time and time again. If one were to walk down the streets of countries like Iran or Somalia, they would see how much these people hate us. Drawn on buildings you can read, “Death to America,” anywhere you go.

As Loomer also stated,

“Here in America, we don’t have a gun problem, we have an Islamic terror problem. IMMIGRATION MORATORIUM NOW!”

In what comes natural to Ilhan Omar she tries to diverge the conversation about Al-Issa being a member of ISIS. The congressional representative tweeted today about how the color of attackers is always front and center if the perpetrator isn’t white, and if he is white, they call it a “mental illness.” It’s another delusional statement made by Omar, like the one about 9/11, “Some people did something.” Not a single media outlet is mentioning that Al-Issa is a radical Muslim and ISIS terrorist. They are only talking about him having a “mental illness” and forcing the conversation to be about gun control. Omar of course has no regard for these facts. Her district in Minnesota is the number one ISIS recruitment location in the United States, according to the FBI. Omar has also refused to condemn ISIS, and used her position as the first Muslim woman elected to Congress to advocate for 9 men in her district who were arrested for trying to flee to Syria to fight for ISIS.

Barack Hussein Obama released statement on the attack as well. He blamed the ISIS sympatherizer’s act of terrorism on “racism and misogyny,’ that fuels so many of these senseless acts of violence.’” As information is being released, “it seems that not only was Al-Issa a Syrian refugee but he came in via the Obama-era asylum programs, per national security official. Self-radicalized in the U.S.”, reports Jack Posobiec.

Since Obama and Joe Biden allowed so called Syrian “refugees” like Al-Issa into the county, they are to blame for the attack on American Jews that just occurred in Colorado.

The Democrat Party is behaving like a terrorist organization, and it’s just as radical. It’s time the country wakes up and realizes there are real terrors in the world, and white supremacy isn’t the one to be most worried about here in America, despite what Joe Biden and his lackeys tell you. The white supremacy boogeyman and gun control won’t save us. The Democrat’s push for stricter gun control via executive order is not only unconstitutional, but it’s a totalitarian ploy to keep us unarmed and obedient to the radical Left’s agenda.