On Monday March 15, 2021, I testified in front of the Florida House Appropriations Committee at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee to speak about House Bill 7013, titled “Transparency In Technology Act”. If this legislation is crafted effectively, if it passes in the Florida House and Senate, and then gets signed by the Governor, it would help put an end to Big Tech Censorship and deplatforming in Florida. The bill was first proposed by Governor Ron DeSantis in February, with several members of the FL state legislature standing with him. When he announced the legislation, Governor DeSantis said, “Big Tech has come to look more like big brother with each passing day.”

I couldn’t agree with the Governor more, which is why I am committed to making sure Florida’s proposed Big Tech legislation is amended and enhanced so that we can ensure that the First Amendment rights of all Floridians are protected against the dangers that Big Tech poses to free speech. My testimony in front of the Florida Legislature focused on the importance of combatting Big Tech, and I highlighted loopholes within the legislation that need to be fixed immediately. On a positive note, the bill’s sponsor, State Representative Blaise Ingoglia, and committee members expressed that the bill would be amended with some of the changes I proposed, and then the Florida House Appropriations committee passed the the bill by a vote of 19-8 with bipartisan support.

Laura Loomer testifying about Big Tech censorship and deplatforming in front of the FL State Legislature House Appropriations Committee

While the bill still needs work, if it is amended and becomes law, it will serve as flagship legislation for other states to hold Big Tech accountable for Cancel Culture!

The next step in advancing this legislation is the House Judiciary Committee hearing, which could be placed on the March 24th, 2021, agenda in Tallahassee, at the state Capitol.

I will provide another update when the agenda is published on March 22nd, and will monitor the Senate version of the bill and advise when it will be heard. We need both chambers to pass the bill.

If you haven’t seen my video testimony, take a minute and watch the video here and please be sure to donate to support my work so I can keep fighting for our Free Speech on the ground and in the courtroom!