Wednesday evening, author and former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss her most recent suspension from Twitter (one of two) and described the censorship being seen on social media platforms to that of what one might see in China from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Wolf, a life-long Democrat, told Carlson, “It’s really a very kind of CCP type of conditioning to kind of conform and watch our words. It’s censorship.”

According to Carlson, Wolf was suspended from Twitter for a second time last month after appearing on his show. Her comments on Twitter focused on how COVID restrictions were being used to eradicate the Bill of Rights. Carlson explained that Wolf was suspended for 12 hours, and a second time for a full week for what Twitter called “spreading misinformation on the Coronavirus”.

Wolf told Carlson, “I’ve been talking about all kinds of things for years on social media and have never had this problem until I talked to a conservative about how the left and right should unite to save the Constitution.”

In addition to discussing COVID restrictions reeking havoc on the country and the world on social media, Wolf said that she had been very vocal on her views of how Big Tech companies are profiting from the COVID lockdowns.

Wolf said that as soon as her interview with Dinesh D’Souza was posted on her Twitter account, she was “deplatformed” and forced to delete her tweets before she would be able to return to using Twitter.

The video Wolf attempted to post on Twitter with D’Souza

“The way that Twitter kind of put me in a time out and made me kind of clean up my mess is really kind of conditioning us to not think like Americans. It’s really a very kind of CCP-type of conditioning to kind of conform and watch our words. It’s censorship,” Wolf lambasted.

Carlson said what he found to be the most striking thing is that no one is safe from this kind of censorship on social media. “You’ve been a very famous liberal for-I mean-over 30 years, and here you say this one thing, you basically threaten the game, the scheme that they’re pulling-they instantly do it to you, so at that point you have to think that no one is safe from this.”

Wolf told Tucker Carlson that she’s intimidated by the power social media holds and that she is “equally horrified that conservative voices were being deplatformed,” referencing the recent Twitter purge of tens of thousands of conservative accounts.

She also explained how “her side” was more than happy to align with Big Tech when the end result is eliminating conservative’s ability to speak freely on social media platforms.

“Unfortunately, my side, the Dems, are kind of in an embrace with Big Tech to kind of consolidate power on social media and drown out conservative voices.”

Naomi Wolf

Wolf concluded the segment by stating, “I don’t know what their motivation is. I do know that there is a lot of money being made in dividing us and there’s a lot of money being made on lockdowns. It’s an industry.”

“One of the things that I was calling attention to before I got deplatformed is the fact that Big Tech is part of the shape of lockdowns, the way the policy unfolds. Since March of last year, Bezos is up $58 billion, Brin (Sergey) is up $32 billion, Zuckerberg is up $29 billion, Gates is up $24 billion, and so on and so on. So we do have to seize our Constitution back and call out Big Tech for censorship and for exploiting these divisions.”

Haley Kennington
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