As an investigative journalist, my examination of the Dominion computerized voter systems which has a long and storied history of manipulating voter results with documented complaints from both Democrat and Republican officials,  has made me realize that the problem of voter fraud with the computerized technology used is far broader than Dominion. While Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell has made an articulate case regarding the specifics of Dominion’s corruption of the 2020 election results, a closer examination shows that the issue is far more widespread and grave, and that none other than Microsoft Founder Bill Gates himself is the ringmaster at this much more extensive circus.

Microsoft developed the program that was used to change votes and then licensed the software to not only Dominion, but essentially every other computerized voter machine operated tabulation system. 

In an official press release published by Microsoft on September 24, 2019, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella announced the availability of “Election Guard”.

“ElectionGuard is accessible by design and will make voting more secure, verifiable and efficient anywhere it’s used in the United States or in democratic nations around the world. Today we’re announcing that ElectionGuard is now available on GitHub so that major election technology suppliers can begin integrating ElectionGuard into their voting systems.

“As we’ve previously announced, all major manufacturers of voting systems in the United States are working with us to explore ways to incorporate ElectionGuard into their systems including Clear Ballot, Democracy Live, Election Systems & Software, Dominion Voting Systems, Hart InterCivic, BPro, MicroVote, Smartmatic and VotingWorks. We’ve worked deeply with many of these companies over the summer to prepare them for today’s SDK release.”  

The ElectionGuard specification includes both “informal” and “formal” road maps for how ElectionGuard works. The informal spec is authored by Dr. Josh Benaloh of Microsoft Research and provides the conceptual and mathematical basis for end-to-end verifiable elections with ElectionGuard. The formal spec contains detailed guidance manufacturers will need to incorporate ElectionGuard into their systems, including a full description of the API – which is the way voting systems communicate with the ElectionGuard software – and the stages of an end-to-end verifiable election.

So in other words, through his “Defending Democracy” program, which was established in 2018, Bill Gates has infected the voting machinery across the country in an effort that would eventually eradicate in person voting and result in our future elections being carried out on the Internet.


Two days after the election,  Dr. Josh Benaloh, the Senior Principal Cryptographer at Microsoft Research appeared on the V-NEXT podcast to talk about his work with Microsoft developing the “ElectionGuard” software and “end to end verifiability” and his push to move future elections and voting online, which would eliminate in person voting, assign voters’ digital identities through a federal registry, and establish a technocracy over our elections systems.

WATCH: At 26:52 in the podcast, the host asked Dr. Benaloh about “Internet based voting” , using biometrics for voting, and getting voters “digital identities” in the future.

During the podcast Dr. Benaloh also discussed how Microsoft was working to “combat disinformation” and was asked by the host whether Microsoft would be partnering with Facebook and Twitter in their “ElectionGuard” efforts. Benaloh dodged the question, but the fact that the idea of a Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook partnership in the future with the goal of moving our elections online should terrify all Americans.

A close examination of Microsofts “Defending Democracy” Program reveals that one of its core goals is “Defending against disinformation campaigns”.

The Democrats and their mainstream media and Silicon Valley Big Tech allies are engaged in a brutal effort to suppress the truth and to ridicule anyone who disagrees with their “facts” as a conspiracy theorists or “extremists.” Big Tech has declared themselves as the arbiter of truth, going so far as banning people for tweeting or posting about voter fraud, questioning vaccinations, debating the severity of COVID-19, and “fact checking” the president’s tweets about voter fraud and issues surrounding mail in voting.

A deeper dive reveals that Bill Gates and Microsoft have a vested interest in controlling Global voting systems because their push for electronic vote tabulation and virtual voting is parallel to their multi million dollar investment into COVID-19 research and their push for global COVID vaccinations.

In April, 2020, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced their commitment of $250 Million towards global COVID research and in August, 2020, Bill Gates said he was spending $150 Million to try to make a COVID-19 vaccine.

When Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic in March, 2020, the Democrats immediately began their vote by mail crusade and their attack on all in person political events, i.e Trump rallies. Billions of people around the world were ordered to lockdown and only communicate on social media and via the Internet. Lockdowns, COVID-19 restrictions, and mask mandates completely transformed the 2020 elections and opened up the discussion for “virtual elections’ and “online voting”.

We were told that due to COVID-19, it was too unsafe to vote in person at the polls and that for the sake of humanity, we should vote by mail. All opposition to mail in ballots and the threat of COVID-19 were met with heavy Internet censorship that was excused as “combatting Internet disinformation”.

Sound familiar?

How can Americans trust that their elections are free and fair if the election software being developed and placed on voting machines throughout the nation, and throughout the world, is being managed by mega rich Silicon Valley and Big Tech billionaires who also happen to be Democrat Party mega donors, or in the case of Dominion and Smartmatics, have ties to third world dictators like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez?

Why Bill Gates won't run for president in 2020
Bill Gates has enjoyed a cozy relationship with Joe Biden via the Obama administration

Americans are in danger of having their speech and votes entirely controlled by Big tech tyrants who have shown incredible disdain and hatred from the highest levels within their companies towards Conservative Americans.

The growing threat and takedown of of Constitutional Republic by Big Tech tyrants like Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai is why I agreed to join the #StopTheSteal movement.

For years, I have been warning the American public about how Big Tech would work with the Democrat Party to undermine our elections and steal our elections. And now they are openly doing it in front of our eyes.

The truth remains that the 2020 elections were manipulated for a desired result. Since Dominion was use in Florida, and because Smartmatics is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL where Lois Frankel’s office is located, I’m beginning to suspect that there was voter fraud in my own congressional race against Lois Frankel where the final results did not match any of the anecdotal information about my campaign. Internal and Independent polls taken for my campaign showed me well within striking distance of Lois Frankel. To her own admission, Frankel said she was not running a campaign and her alleged violations of FEC rules by using her tax payer funded congressional office in Boca Raton, FL for the sake of campaigning was documented by the press here in Florida.

As a 2020 Congressional candidate in Florida’s 21st District who was also the first ever universally de-platformed and banned candidate for office in the United States, I can testify to the difficulties of running a campaign no social media access in an era where Big Tech is trying to establish a technocracy in America.

The evidence of simple voter fraud is already overwhelming and compelling , and now the evidence of cyber manipulation of the vote is even more credible. When we say there is overwhelming and compelling evidence of corruption, fraud and manipulation of the 2020 elections, we are censored, muzzled or ridiculed.

Adding more suspicion to voter fraud occurring in my own congressional race is the fact that Attorney Sidney Powell, who is now part of the Trump campaign legal team investigating alleged election fraud, said she has found “massive election fraud” resulting from the software produced by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems.

Following President Trump endorsing my congressional campaign, Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign issued a statement condemning President Trump for embracing me.

“The Trump campaign’s embrace of Loomer and her values is another in a ceaseless stream of urgent reminders that we must win this battle for the soul of our nation,” said Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates.

I am the only Republican Congressional candidate that Joe Biden’s campaign issued a statement about.

Days following the November 3, 2020 election, Joe Biden announced that Peter Neffenger would be appointed as part of the Biden-Harris transition team. Neffenger currently serves as the chairman on the board of directors at Smartmatic, one of the election software companies at the center of the 2020 voter fraud scandal. According to Trump lawyer Sidney Powell,Neffenger may be included in the Trump campaign’s lawsuit.

Smartmatic’s office just happens to be located in Boca Raton, FL which is part of Florida’s 21st District where I ran for Congress in what was arguably the most high profile Congressional race in the nation. Florida 21 is President Trump and Mrs. Trump’s home district.

I have no regrets about running for Congress, which was a great and enriching experience. Despite being robbed of my election victory by Big Tech election interference and I now I suspect mail in ballot and cyber voter fraud, I will never quit fighting for the freedom and liberty of this country and the American people. I will continue my fight to expose the growing technocracy in America and the threats Big Tech pose to the sanctity of our elections, our Constitutional values and liberties, Big Tech’s alliance with the radical Left and their war on free speech and free flowing information, and their quest to make every global citizen a slave to technology.

Stay tuned on this front. I am going to be revamping my website with a lot more incisive content, and will be preparing some special reports.

The fight continues.