Bobby Pickles, a South Florida small business owner, Trump supporter, Proud Boy, and avid supporter of Roger Stone and Laura Loomer, is the latest conservative to get the boot from far-left social media platform Facebook.

Pickles is the owner of Fat Enzo T-Shirts which designs and manufactures all of the “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” merchandise as well as the Laura Loomer For Congress campaign merchandise. Last week when trying to access both his business and personal accounts on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, Pickles realized that all of his accounts were permanently suspended.

Some of Pickle’s designs for both Loomer and Stone

Pickles was suspended from Facebook the same week the site banned all ads related to Laura Loomer’s Congressional campaign as well as the Facebook and Instagram accounts belonging to Roger Stone, whose 40-month sentence was just commuted yesterday by President Trump. Loomer, who has been endorsed by Stone, was reportedly in the room with Stone when President Trump called Stone to commute his sentence. Following the commutation, images of Pickle’s Loomer and Stone merch went viral.

Pickle’s tweeted on Tuesday, “I just got cancelled on Facebook and Instagram for sharing one of the links below,” posting a YouTube link of a July 4th interaction in DC of the Proud Boys and BLM protestors, and the article Washington Post misquoted him in.


Pickles reiterated the suspension Tuesday tweeting, “If you are wondering where @bobbypickles went — he’s been removed from Facebook and Instagram. For now, please enjoy this fat awesome dog who resembles Enzo more than any dog I’ve ever come across.… https://instagram.com/p/CCW2PgUA7HG/?igshid=12s9nkhguh8s5


Pickles told Loomered he was given no explanation for the suspension, only receiving an error message when trying to access his accounts. Pickle’s said he was offered no way to contest Facebook’s decision.

Facebook had already suspended Loomer’s personal account and refused her Congressional campaign to have equal access to the social media site in what the Loomer campaign agues is an illegal in kind contribution to Lois Frankel, the Democrat incumbent Loomer is challenging in Florida District 21. Frankel is shown to have not one, but two pages directly connected to her campaign.

“This is a perfect example of how Big Tech is committing blatant election interference in the form of illegal in-kind contributions to the Democrat party and their candidates in a race that is taking place in the President’s backyard,” said Loomer’s chief campaign strategist Karen Giorno.

LAURA LOOMER | BOBBY PICKLES' PODCAST™️ EP 117 - Bobby Pickles' Podcast
BPP 115 | ROGER STONE — BOBBY PICKLES' PODCAST™️ – BobbyPickles Podcast

Facebook’s reasoning behind banning Stone’s personal account is flimsy. The excuse given was that Stone’s account had been tied to a “disinformation network,” which Stone has denied any links to or knowledge of. In addition to the removal of Stone’s account, Facebook also took out 54 “inauthentic” Facebook accounts, 50 Facebook pages, and 4 Instagram accounts the social media giant alleged were linked to Stone. Facebook stated in their monthly disinformation report that the accounts and pages they deemed connected to Stone spent over $300,000 in advertisements on the site.

 “I have never owned or controlled any fake Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts,” Stone told one New York Times reporter. “The banning of individuals who may choose to re-post things that I have posted is an even more extraordinary act of inappropriate censorship.” Roger continued, “I will bring immediate legal action against the corporate parents of the social media platforms.”

Facebook also said these accounts were listed as residents of Florida, but since they were not able to verify the validity of the accounts, they were batched together under the guise of “fake” and “inauthentic” and promptly removed from the platform.

Roger Stone IS a valid resident in Florida, as is Pickles, who owns a small business in West Palm Beach, FL, District 21 where Laura Loomer is running for Congress as a Republican. Laura Loomer is also a resident of Florida.

“We first started looking into this network as part of our investigation into the Proud Boys’ attempts to return to Facebook after we had designated and banned them from the platform,” Facebook said in a statement. “Our investigation linked this network to Roger Stone and his associates.”

Nathaniel Gleicher, head of security policy at Facebook told reporters that this investigation into the Proud Boys was aided by the recent public release of search warrants connected to the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Pickles spoke with @theBradChadford today about being banned from Facebook telling Chadford after speaking to a reporter with The Washington Post, they misquoted him in the article he attempted to post to Facebook directly before his suspension:


On Friday, Bobby Pickles urged Facebook users to make the switch to the social media alternative Parler, where most conservatives who have been banned by Big Tech tyrants Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have migrated. Roger Stone and Laura Loomer can also be found on Parler.


In 2020, Cancel Culture has grown a new head and is prowling the internet for its next victim. These days you can be “cancelled” for retweeting something someone else said, for showing support for someone, sharing an article or meme, doing business with someone who is banned or canceled, or simply speaking your mind, on your own social media account if it’s something the social media overlords don’t agree with. Big Tech censorship is a threat not just to public figures, but to conservatives who support them.

From its inception, the Laura Loomer For Congress campaign has made Big Tech censorship of conservatives and canceling cancel culture key elements of Loomer’s platform, which has received national recognition. Given that Pickles, the owner of Fat Enzo, a local South Florida business, is a constituent and voter in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, the local effect of Orwellian, un-American, and un-constitutional cancel culture in the lives of everyday American conservatives is being highlighted once again!


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