This week marks a special milestone for investigative journalist and now Republican Congressional candidate in Florida District 21, Laura Loomer. After having been permanently banned from Twitter, Loomer moved over to free speech social media platform Parler, and not only brought her followers with her, but has now exceeded the amount of followers she had “pre-ban” on Twitter in 2018.

Loomer announced the landmark achievement Wednesday in a post on Parler:

“I just became the first deplatformed person to exceed my Pre-Ban Twitter following here on @parler. When I was banned, people on the Left and Right cheered on the digital extermination of my persona. They said my career was over. FOREVER. Yet, here I am.

Through my historic and unprecedented Congressional race in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, I am proving everyone wrong while making history. I’m on a mission to CANCEL CANCEL CULTURE and get elected to the United States Congress to ensure that no other American citizen is ever silenced the way I’ve been silenced. Together, we can and will make history. Together, we will defy all odds and we will #StopTheBias!”

Brain Almon, with The National Pulse explained Wednesday, “Despite gaining more than 260,000 followers on Twitter, the social media platform banned Loomer in 2018 after she criticized Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. In an apparent double standard, Representative Omar routinely makes derogatory comments about Jews and white people yet enjoys full access to her own Twitter account.”

Since moving to Parler, Loomer has continued the fight against Big Tech censorship.

“The American people don’t like being told what they can and can’t say. As a result, my campaign is appealing to not only constituents in FL-21, but to Americans in all 50 states who have donated to my campaign and are now watching my race in anticipation to see if the most banned woman in the world can get elected to the US Congress while being universally deplatformed,” Loomer told Almon.

On Tuesday, Loomer stressed the importance of not only Conservatives migrating to Parler, but urged President Trump to follow in the footsteps of his Trump 2020 Team, and also join the free speech alternative social media platform before “Twitter’s grand finale,” banning the president right before the election in November.

In a post on Parler Tuesday, Loomer wrote, “I told you Twitter was going to ban all of the top MAGA accounts as we got closer to Election Day. Twitter’s grand finale ban will be President Trump. And Twitter is going to ban President Trump right before the election in November. Mark my word they will suspend or permanently BAN his account IN THE MIDDLE OF THE US ELECTION. And then what? There will be no remedy. This is why President Trump really needs to get on Parler and Gab ASAP before Silicon Valley literally steals the election for the Democrats. They are actively doing it in front of your face and have been for several years, and now it couldn’t be more obvious! Trump can take the kill shot against Twitter before they ban him. All he needs to do is get on Parler and Gab. Time is of the absolute essence. I did my best to warn you all! #StopTheBias #Twexit

Loomer is right, time IS of the essence. With the presidential election quickly approaching, and Twitter’s recent ramping up of censorship against President Trump, he should consider using Parler primarily as a way to continue to communicate with American voters.

If President Trump were to move to Parler today, millions upon millions of Twitter users currently following the president would make the switch with him and continue to support and promote him. Laura Loomer is proof that it’s possible to continue interacting with supporters, but without dealing with the Big Tech overlords, their censorship, or their ever-changing biased Terms of Service policies.

We recently reported on Parler’s pledge to never censor their users or political ads on the platform, regardless of political party. In a post Tuesday on Parler, the social media platform’s Strategic Investor Jeffrey Wernick said, “In keeping with its mission to be a true Public Square, not an agenda driven publisher, Parler will curate and circulate any ads from legitimate campaigns and allow voters to evaluate the candidates for themselves.”

“Parler is resolute in our commitment to free speech. Campaigns will be able to present their material free from censorship, and our community will watch, listen, debate, challenge, refute or validate as they see fit without authoritarian meddling,” Wernick added.

It is worth noting that Loomer was one of the first people to ever join Parler, and her Congressional campaign was the first federal campaign in the United States to have a Parler account. In a press release, Loomer announced that she is the face of the TWEXIT movement to get conservatives to get off Twitter and onto Parler.

As a congressional candidate, Loomer is the only deplatformed candidate in the nation. When she announced her run for Congress, both Facebook and Twitter created new rules to deny Loomer’s campaign equal access to social media.

Loomer’s campaign has filed an FEC complaint against Twitter for giving illegal in kind contributions to Loomer’s Democrat opponent, Lois Frankel.

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