Wednesday morning the official Twitter account for Teen Vogue posted a 2018 article written by Adryan Corcione promoting and idolizing Karl Marx.

The article wastes no time glorifying Marx and his teachings, referring to him as “the man, the meme, the legend.”

“The famed German co-authored The Communist Manifesto with fellow scholar Friedrich Engels in 1848, a piece of writing that makes the case for the political theory of socialism — where the community (rather than rich people) have ownership and control over their labor — which later inspired millions of people to resist oppressive political leaders and spark political revolutions all over the world.”

After a brief review of the life and teachings of Marx, we hear from two different educators – a high school teacher and college professor – who proudly proclaim that they integrate Marxism in their classrooms daily, using The Communist Manifesto as the basis for teaching children about the industrial revolution. One teacher, Mark Brunt says he uses Marxism in his ENGLISH class.

“‘I do a little role-playing with [my class],” Brunt tells Teen Vogue. “[I tell them,] I’m the boss, you’re my workers, and you want to try to take me down. I have the money. I own the factory. I control the police. I control the military. I control the government. What do you guys have?”

His students usually blink at him, he says, totally clueless. He insists they actually have something huge, that he, as the boss, will never have: “It’s always just one student, whose hand shoots up and goes, ‘We outnumber you!’” Brunt says.”

Former Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher told Teen Vogue that capitalism can easily be overthrown. Teen Vogue states that trafficking of African Americans through slavery and violence seen from “stealing the land of Indigenous people” are both examples of how violence was used to establish capitalism in the United States.

“It’s something that came into being and something that, as a result, just on a logical level, could disappear, could be overthrown, could be abolished, could be irrelevant. There’s this myth of the free market, but Marx shows very clearly that capitalism emerged through a state of violence.”

Teen Vogue, owned by New York City-born publisher Condé Montrose Nast also makes the claim in the 2018 article that Marxists believe that “the current socioeconomic system is precarious and can be overthrown at any time.”

Just this past February, Teen Vogue promoted a radical movement that has been working overtime in the training of young adults to “rage against the machine,” so to speak, all while using children to further their political agendas.

The Sunshine Movement, which launched in 2017, openly admits to training children, some as young as 12 and 13, in many of the demonstrations we are currently seeing involving BLM, and the abolishment of police nationwide. The predominantly white, upper-class members of the movement are taught mayhem, destruction, and violence as proper and successful escalation tactics.

This movement uses the guise of climate change, but what’s hidden right below the surface is something much more sinister and disturbing.

Millie Weaver recently covered the Sunshine Movement in an investigative report where for over two years, researchers went undercover and infiltrated the movement. The report presents manuals, private Zoom meetings with organizers, and intercepted communications that lay out what the movement’s true intentions are: the radicalization of young adults by way of military tactics to abolish the police and destroy capitalism.

The February Teen Vogue article on the Sunshine Movement highlights two teen organizers, 16-year-old Lily Gardner and 17-year-old Naina Agrawal-Hardin, both high school juniors who “focus on generating support for the Sunrise Movement while also managing partnerships with other organizations and leaders in the broader climate justice movement,” but fails to mention who these other leaders and organizations are.

16-year-old Lily told Teen Vogue: “Monday was the start of mass mobilization and escalation across our country leading up to Earth Day 2020 and then beyond, thinking in terms of November and the 2020 election. I would say, very plainly, that high schoolers are done playing by the rules. We’ve seen that our politicians are failing our generation and our entire community, and we’re scared for what our future is going to look like. The way that we escalate, and the scale to which we escalate — which is ideally millions of people — is going to be reflective of that fear and the need for rapid change right now.”

17-year-old Niama echoed Lily’s description of the movement’s morphing:

“’The role of Sunrise’s high school [and middle school] support team nationally is to advocate for the overarching governing agenda of a Green New Deal, but there are a bunch of different ways that can play out on the ground,’ Naina said. ‘Our job is not to tell people specific national policies they need to advocate for, but to empower people and encourage people to push for policies that might be going through their city council or their state legislature, whatever it might be, that are in line with the Green New Deal framework and that are going to work for their communities.’”

“What some parents may have thought were innocent youth organizations genuinely fostered and ran by children, are actually monolithic structures with private intelligence military contractors and foreign interests influencing children to carry out their subversive objectives,” Weaver explains.

According to Millie Weaver’s investigation, just a few days after the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, the Sunrise Movement called for the children within the movement to action, some even glorifying the burning down of buildings as a form of resistance.

In one of the infiltrated Zoom meetings, leader Sarah Abbott is shown telling other leaders and members, “These are organizations that have built strength and power over the past 6 years of the Black Lives Matter movement in Minneapolis. Running strategic campaigns to defund the Minneapolis Police Department, oriented around a vision of the abolition of police. So the idea that we’re actually fighting for a world without police and these campaigns that folks are running are strategic and they’re winnable and we can make huge gains toward it in moments of uprisings like these.”

Abbott then announces to those on the Zoom call, “So, we are going to head into breakout groups based on our racial identities.”

Other leaders chime in with specific links, depending on what ethnicity members happen to fall into. Varshini Prakash, tells members on the call the four groups consist of: Black Visions, Reclaim the Block, Global Community Bail Fund and Dream Defenders.

While Teen Vogue continues to romanticise communism, boosting the ideology and economic failures of Karl Marx that resulted in millions of deaths, there’s an undercurrent that is beginning to gain momentum around the country, backed by Democrat politicians who are not only allowing this rise, but fully support and promote it – the radicalization of children and push towards total anarchy.

Haley Kennington
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