Skimming back over some of the video clips from Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone – better known as “CHAZ”, and now apparently “CHOP,” depending on who you ask – a familiar face popped up in one of the short clips where a street preacher had entered into the zone and was quickly robbed, attacked, and physically dragged out by Chazonians, Portland Antifa leader Luis Enrique Marquez.

Marquez can be seen holding the preacher in a lengthy arm bar, often used in wrestling or jiu jujitsu to take and maintain control over an opponent. Meanwhile, he can be heard asking onlookers to “grab his legs.”

From reporter Drew Hernandez’s Twitter feed:



Portland Antifa leader Luis Marquez had been interviewed earlier that same day before the altercation with the street preacher.

“The only time that we are heard is when we burn shit down. If white America doesn’t want to get right, they’re going to see more burning, more looting. The jails are filled with people that look like me, not that look like you. Your kids are going to college, my kids are going to jail because they’re brown and they are suspects walking down their own fucking streets. I’m from Portland and I love what’s going on here in Seattle and I stand in solidarity, but I don’t agree with everything,” Marquez said.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who was attacked by members of Rose City Antifa last year immediately recognized Luis Marquez from the interview with Elijah Schaffer.

If this guy looks familiar to you, it’s because you’ve seen the well-known leader of Portland’s Rose City Antifa before. After an altercation between Vancouver’s Patriot Prayer and Rose City Antifa in 2018, Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson called Marquez a rapist, a pedophile, and claimed he used drugs. This resulted in Marquez suing Gibson to the tune of $161,000 for “emotional damages”.

Marquez claimed in the lawsuit that the statements made by Gibson caused harassment and that he had received threats, including his home being vandalized.

In November 2018, Laura Loomer reported for Big League Politics:

“As a result of his criminal actions as the leader of Portland ANTIFA, Luis Enrique Marquez was booked into the Multonomah County Jail and Conditionally released June 30, 2018 having been charged with two counts of theft (one 2nd degree and one 3rd degree) and 3rd degree assault per Jail Employee ID 93275.

‘City and federal law enforcement officers arrested nine people in downtown Portland Saturday during competing rallies that law enforcement officials ultimately declared a riot due to violence. Portland’s Rose City Antifa and Vancouver’s Patriot Prayer were the primary groups involved,’ the Portland Patch reported in June. 

Luis Enrique Marquez was one of those nine people arrested in what police described as violent protests.”

You may also think he looks familiar from a photo that’s been circulating since Loomer broke the story in 2018 of Keith Ellison standing with Marquez who is holding up the infamous “raised fist” seen by members of both Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

It’s a well known fact that Keith Ellison, the Attorney General of Minnesota was a supporter of the Nation of Islam before being elected to Congress. He has continued to deny that claim, but as much as he may want to deny history, the evidence remains.

In 1988, registered as a Democrat, AG Ellison sought office under one of three names used over time, Ellison-Muhammad.

As Attorney General of Minnesota, Ellison recently upgraded the charges against the Minneapolis police officer seen kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, Derek Chauvin, from third-degree to second-degree murder. I go into further detail on that here:


“Luis Enrique Marquez not only has a history of arrests, but he is the subject of several YouTube videos which display his ANTIFA associations and violent behavior. Again, this is who Keith Ellison was spotted hanging out with at the Minnesota State Fair. Sources who wish to remain anonymous for the sake of their safety told Big League Politics that Ellison spent over an hour with Luis Enrique Marquez, whose next court date is scheduled for November 28, 2018 according  to Multonomah Court employee Anthony Tran,” Loomer continued.

Antifa have made their presence known in CHAZ, tagging scraps of wood and buildings “ANTIFA 4 BLM”.

More On Saturday’s Altercation And The Aftermath

Here is a different angle of the same altercation via Twitter user @LibreCapitalist who added the following commentary:

“The autonomous zone has the right to reject you”
A citizen of #CHAZ yells at a street preacher being held down by Antifa
As he screams“I am free citizen”
While they pry his speaker from his hands
And chokehold him at one point face down like Floyd”

Another Twitter user, @djblev posted this angle of the altercation:


At some point after this altercation, the preacher is seen being dragged across the ground by citizens of CHAZ, towards the border.

“Community policing sometimes requires applying a chokehold, like the one that these CHAZ public safety non-officers applied to this street preacher, but only because the preacher’s ideas about Jesus made him a threat to himself,” tweeted Michael Doran.


When the preacher first arrived at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, he was wearing a hat and book bag and carrying a flag.


After arriving and apparently making it through CHAZ’s checkpoints, the street preacher was seen walking through the streets playing “Amazing Grace” and other hymns over a wireless speaker. Residents of CHAZ quickly made it clear that God has no place in CHAZ and is not welcome.


“Citizens of CHAZ threaten the life of a street preacher, ” Hernandez tweeted.

The street preacher also dealt with his phone being stolen, more than once during his short time at the CHAZ.

In addition, a separate man pushing a bike was called a Nazi sympathizer for defending the street preacher. “I’m Jewish!,” the man replies.

A place that claims to be all inclusive, loving, caring, respectful, is triggered by the music and the message the preacher brought with him on Saturday.

The street preacher made it to a stage at one point where another woman was already speaking. The woman asked for “white security officers” to remove the man from the stage adding, “It really isn’t the job of the black people to handle this situation.”

In the following clip posted by journalist Ian Miles Cheong, a different man puts the preacher in a chokehold, and has to be pried off of the man and talked down before he wanders away from the crowd.

“This is a capitol free zone for Jesus Christ. Christ rules supreme. This is Christs’s Zone. This is a Christian Zone for Jesus Christ,” the preacher exclaims while no less than 5 onlookers try to pick the man up and carry him off the stage.

A woman can be seen kneeling and coaching those trying to move the man, explaining how to maneuver their arms under his legs and pick him up.

“Ok, the way that you deal with that…put your arm all the way back…,” she said. She then tells the preacher, “Christ said, ‘If they do not receive your message shake the dust from your feet and take it to the next town. Get off my stage please.”

The preacher gets up peacefully and walks off the stage.

Having had his speaker and his cell phone stolen, the preacher explained he was put in chokeholds several times. “They choked me,” he said.

“God sent us here to give a message of hope, not a message of condemnation – hope, and they didn’t want to hear it.”

The street preacher explained that residents of CHAZ said he and his other two friends were not welcome in the new 6-square blocks of “utopia”.

This situation is reminiscent of the reaction from Never-Trumpers and the Mainstream Media after President Donald Trump spoke in the Rose Garden June 1st. Trump urged lawmakers to toughen up on the riots breaking out across the nation before walking to St. John’s Church, which had been torched by rioters the night before, and proudly held up his Bible.

Trump's Bible walk to church was an act of 'sacrilege,' says ...

Watch CNN, Seth Meyers, Deborah Messing, and others lose their minds here: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/06/04/donald-trump-bible-mockery-moos-pkg-ebof.cnn/video/playlists/wacky-world-of-jeanne-moos/

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