Dan Bongino, host of The Dan Bongino show posted a short clip on the alt-tech social media platform Parler on Tuesday where he announced he has partnered with the company and urged Twitter users to begin to make the switch.

“Hey! So, I have some good news and I wanted to share it with you first. Obviously on this platform before I start recording my show. Because what I’m going to cover on my show is titled ‘The Big Announcement’ and involves this platform right here I felt like I should share it with you first. I will be taking an ownership interest in this great company Parler. That’s right, happy to say that. Very proud. Started a partnership with them a few months ago. I really enjoy what they’re doing. I enjoy their commitment to free speech. I’m proud, honored to join the Parler crew here in moving forward the free speech argument and fighting back against these tech tyrants,” Bongino declared in a post on his official account on Parler Tuesday morning.

“You know ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been a fighter my whole life. I don’t mean that in any kind of self-praise moment or any air of pretension. I just saw a problem with the political process, I ran for office. Didn’t like the Drudge Report so I started the Bongino Report. Wasn’t happy with podcast digital content, did my own podcast. And I’m not happy with Twitter and I’m not happy with Facebook. That’s why I’m here on Parler and that’s why I’m joining the team,” Bongino continued.

“So, you’ll be hearing a lot about my partnership, my growing partnership with them in the future. I’m honored to have you here, thanks for following me and if you’re on Parler you heard it here first cause my show won’t launch for at least another hour and twenty minutes after we’re done recording we have to do some post-production.”

Bongino explained that unless you were outright threatening another user’s life or committing crimes on the platform, pretty much anything else goes. Freedom of speech will be respected on the platform, without fear of being banned or censored for posting your thoughts.

“Welcome on board too, all of those new Parler folks. We appreciate it. You’re not going to have your speech suppressed here. We are committed to good, solid back and forth here. We’re not going to be censoring anybody. Obviously outside of like, you can’t – don’t threaten anybody’s life or do anything criminal here. We can’t allow any of that kind of stuff, but you know how it works,” Bongino said.

“We are committed to a free and fair and open back and forth. Thanks for joining. Glad you heard it here from me first. Check out the show today if you want more details. It’s bongino.com and we’re on YouTube too. Take it easy.”

On Monday, Parler released their internet bill of rights titled A Declaration of Internet Independence:

I highly recommend you read the entire document. Parler understands our rights as Americans and has promised to value and respect every individual. Here is a short excerpt from Parler on Twitter’s using the people that helped to make them what they have built themselves up to be today, then turning and imposing heavy handed and biased censorship of those same users:

“Twitter once pledged to be a Public Square, where all peaceful voices were promised respect and equal right to be heard. With that promise in hand, The People propelled Twitter to position of great prominence. 

But absolute power corrupts absolutely. And Twitter has proven no different.

Twitter long ceased to be a public square. They are now merely a publisher. And a bad, biased publisher at that. They have become a Tech Tyrant, stepping on our Freedoms to push their agenda driven narrative.

The People spoke up. We spoke up and asked Twitter to keep their word. But the Tyrant has rebuked us and refused to listen.”


To join Parler click here. Once you’re signed up, follow Dan Bongino here and Laura Loomer here.

Today’s show, episode 1276 “A Big Announcement About The Fight Ahead” can be viewed in its entirety here:


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