Conservative, author, and outspoken free speech activist Michelle Malkin was suspended from Twitter on Wednesday with the platform demanding she remove a May 29th tweet where Malkin responds to the rioting and looting across the country.

The tweet in question reads as follows: “In case I wasn’t clear: Violent criminal looters should be shot.” Twitter claimed the tweet violated Twitter Rules specifically for “rules against abuse and harassment.”

Malkin immediately filed an appeal, which means she will not have any access to her account until there’s some decision made by Twitter. If Malkin deleted the tweet, there will still be another 12 hours before Malkin’s account is unlocked, giving her access.

Malkin told National File in an exclusive statement, “With America engulfed in spreading flames because of the riots, it is more important than ever that law-abiding citizens have the unfettered freedom to demand consequences for violent criminal behavior. Twitter has rigged the social media playing field for years. This is systemic, coordinated gaslighting by Silicon Valley and cultural Marxists. I’m not an inciter of violence. I’m a defender of peace. Every day, Twitter allows Antifa to doxx and harass journalists and Trump supporters. Every day, Twitter allows BLM agitators to incite escalating violence against cops. I hope that those still remaining on the platform will re-double their efforts to expose the double standards and speak up against anarchy.”

Malkin’s tweet is not much different from what others have said on Twitter about protecting yourself from violent rioters and looters. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd can be seen in a clip shared by Fox 13 Tampa Bay’s official verified Twitter account on Monday, advising citizens to “blow away” any violent criminals attempting to break into their homes to “steal or set fires.” Sheriff Judd explains in the clip,”The people in Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns.”

The clip has been viewed over 67,000 times, and shared all over the platform by thousands of people.

On Malkin’s Telegram channel, she made the following statement after filing her appeal with Twitter, “Antifa can doxx and threaten Andy Ngo, Cassandra Fairbanks, Ashley Rae Goldenberg, ICE agents & police officers, but I can’t say violent criminal looters should be shot.”

“Idris Elba can tweet about slitting throats, but I can’t say violent criminal looters should be shot,” Malkin said on Wednesday.

Actor Idris Elba tweeted on Tuesday, “This ain’t a movie/ ain’t calling cut/ we cutting the throat of the old system/ so if you ain’t with us/ then you better run. New breed.” The tweet, along with a #BlackoutTuesday black square has been viewed over 10k times, presented to his 2.9 million Twitter followers.

Twitter user Pedro L. Gonzalez (@emeriticus) called Elba out too:

“So @idriselba can fantasize about slitting the throats of white people but Michelle Malkin gets suspended from @Twitter for saying something most normal, law-abiding people agree with.”

What about those giving specific instructions on how to rollover Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles? This is perfectly fine to remain on the platform? The bias seen on the platform cannot continue to be denied or ignored.

Apparently these calls for violence against the president are fine with Twitter and remain up.

“the fact that there is a huge possibility that Trump will be elected again scares me shitless. Not even gon lie. We can’t endure another 4 years with him as President. someone gotta kill em,” one Twitter user declared Tuesday.

Another Twitter user posted on Tuesday, “he needs to bring this klaus back to kill trump.”

So, tweets calling to kill the President of the United States is perfectly fine with Twitter. Got it.

Spokane Antifa posted the following tweet on Monday, which has been archived by journalist Andy Ngo. Incidentally, in 2019 Ngo was brutally attacked by members of Antifa.: “The stores and businesses that had windows broken/and were looted had it coming and Im tired of pretending that they didn’t. These stores contributed to the gentrification of Spokane and have made downtown a place too expensive for POC. #GeorgeFloydprotest #BLM #Spokane”

How about the ACTUAL violence we’ve seen in graphic videos on the platform for over a week now?

We recently reported on Twitter’s support for Black Lives Matter and their allowance of recently declared terrorist organization Antifa to organize and promote acts of violence on the platform:


Malkin said on Wednesday, “Looks like I’ll have to start using Parler like Laura has been telling me to do!”

On Parler Wednesday night Malkin said, “Crapweasels at Twitter compare my principled and peaceful advocacy of armed self-defense against violent criminal looters to a BLM agitator who disseminated violent death wishes and incitement against police officers last week. Unbelievable. No, completely believable, actually,” adding a screenshot from an earlier article by Breitbart.

A spokesperson from the social media platform gave the following statement to Breitbart about Malkin’s suspension:

“In a comment to Breitbart, Twitter emphasized that it also banned an account that was posting violent threats against the police, that had been called out by Malkin in earlier tweets. Malkin’s comments are in line with what police authorities have recommended. In Polk County, Florida, the local sheriff has warned violent looters “…if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending [residents] blow you back out of the house with their guns

Loomered joined the platform after being banned from Twitter herself for violating rules against “hateful conduct”. In a December 2018 article for Loomered, Laura explains why Parler is superior.

“In response to being banned by Twitter and Facebook, I have joined Parler News! For those of you who are wondering what Parler is, it’s a new Conservative social media platform that allows users to share news and openly debate. Unlike Twitter, Parler is pro-free speech and Conservatives across the world are flocking to the new app as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter, which are clearly bias and anti-Conservative.”

Loomer has warned about Big Tech censorship for years, adding “Everyday, big tech social media companies are banning more conservatives. You could be next! Don’t allow big tech to control and manipulate you. Send Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg a message by jumping ship to alternative platforms like Gab and Parler.”

Loomer also recently spoke with Pareler CEO John Matze about making the switch from Twitter to Parler on Censored.TV and can be viewed here.

As one of the first users of the platform, Congressional candidate Laura Loomer has accumulated over 155,000 followers on Parler, championing the alt-tech pro-free speech social media platform since it’s inception. As the ONLY active Congressional campaign banned from using Twitter, the Laura Loomer For Congress campaign became the first federal campaign in America’s history to open an account on Parler.

Michelle and Laura sat down last week to discuss Big Tech Censorship. Don’t miss “Part 2: Silicon Valley censorship contd” and be sure to subscribe to Michelle Malkin’s YouTube channel here.

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