The black hole of Islamic sentiment is reaching a fevered pitch in Minnesota. For the first time in the history of Minnesota, the Muslim call to prayer, traditionally known as the adhan, will be blasted over a loud speaker five times a day during the month of Ramadan. This whole ordeal has the unmistakable reek of the totalitarian sentiment that courses through the veins of Islam. Just the other day it was reported that a singer in India, Sonu Nigam , had a bounty placed on his head for criticizing the practice of adhan in a tweet…THREE years ago! THIS is Islam, dear reader.

After all, this practice is already being observed in Deerborn, MI, whom Loomered.com has previously reported on which reached a Muslim population of over 50%. The adhan will be broadcasted over a speaker that has been placed on the rooftop of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in the Islam-drenched neighborhood of Cedar-Riverside, which is at the heart of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s district. The city gained a full noise permit from Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and all the audio equipment was paid for by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), which is the American operating arm of known terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

CAIR Executive Director, Jaylani Hussein had the following to say, “This historic effort to promote religious inclusion – offering the call to prayer in Cedar Riverside Community — will be welcomed by the Muslim community and all those who value diversity and mutual understanding”.

This supposed ethic of diversity and understanding would seem not to apply to Mr. Nigam in India nor to Mustafa Carol, the Director of the Texas chapter of CAIR, who was quoted as saying, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”. Mayor Frey may be the best friend of CAIR at the moment. As columnist Paul Goldberg correctly states, “Many local governments made drive-up churches illegal, Pastor’s using loudspeakers while church attendees sat in their cars could put you in jail. However, the mayor of Minneapolis is “going the extra mile” for a local mosque during Ramadan.” Allowing an Islamic prayer to haunt the streets of Minneapolis at the expense of other religions should raise a few red flags.

It’s well worth noting that this is by no means the first time Islamic practice in Minnesota has surpassed the right of religious expression and into the territory of direct encroachment.

Back in 2016, it was reported by Alpha News that the Dar Al-Farooq Mosque in Bloomington was the recipient of justified ire by the people of Bloomington following a litany of violations committed by Dar Al-Farooq, which included ” violating [city] health laws, including improper disposal of asbestos, garbage left out and others “, as well as “heavy traffic threatening kids and older neighbors who prefer retiring in the neighborhood”, and many other violations.

Despite the numerous violations, nothing was actually done by the city, which granted Dar Al- Farooq the conditional use permit back in 2011, which they still flagrantly continue to violate. In fact, it was reported by Pamela Geller as recently as late 2019, that one elderly Bloomington resident was told she would be charged with harassment for filming the heavy traffic at the mosque.

Unfortunately this practice of Islamic infiltration is by no means a new story, but given the increase in its brazenness, bouyed by state complicity and fawning, it could spur a vicious perpetual motion machine of increased Islamic supremacy in American government and culture.

Josh Cohen