BY: Dr. Jane Ruby

The Communist Democrats, NWO freaks, and the media are trying to kill us.

On Wednesday March 25, 2020, I was supposed to have dinner with First Lady Melania Trump and a number of fellow women fundraisers, at Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida.  On that morning I awoke in Washington, DC with flu symptoms. This is the story of that journey – and I promise you – a truthful report of what is really going on out there with this pandemic and how politics is responsible for the damage to the U.S. economy and for the unnecessary deaths of Americans.

Day 2:  Woke up with a temperature of 102°, sore throat, unimaginable body aches, profound weakness and a blinding headache. As a licensed medical professional, I took steps to manage these symptoms:  anti-pyretics, forced fluids, rest.

Day 3:  Again I woke with a high fever and the same symptoms. Called my primary physician’s office and was initially told to “tough it out” and no test was needed.  An hour later, for whatever reason (but no pre-existing medical conditions), I received a call back directing me to go to a drive through swab test in Arlington, Virginia, which I did.  The experience was surreal – An outdoor parking lot with hundreds of road cones created a pathway and check points overseen by Arlington County Sheriff cars, police officers 2-3 of them standing outside each car, no protective gear, no masks, no gloves. I’m not sure what purpose they served except to prevent a “mad” patient from losing control and jumping out of their car?  Large lighted signs directed us to “KEEP YOUR WINDOWS UP.”  At the first checkpoint I had to hold up my ID and insurance card onto the inside of my driver’s side window for the hazmat suited nurse to snapshot them. The second check point was to get swabbed by another hazmat-suited person, who asked me to roll the window down “when told, and then roll it back up as fast as you can.”  This was tricky since you had to turn your car off at each checkpoint, presumably to prevent any air kick up from the engine. 

Day  4:  I lost all sense of taste and smell.  If you don’t think this is a serious symptom, consider this:  My heat/smoke alarms went off on this morning and I didn’t realize it until later that it was because I had forgotten a pan on the stove and could not smell the early smell of butter burning.  When you lose your sense of taste, you rapidly lose weight because after 2-3 bites, there is no incentive to eat. Another danger related to loss of taste and smell is you are vulnerable to eating spoiled or rotten food and getting other serious illnesses.  Think about how your ability to taste and smell actually protect you.

Days 5-12:  Unrelenting fevers of 101-102°, profound weakness, loss of appetite, severe body aches, head-splitting headache and a cough that would not stop. I called my primary physician office and was given azithromycin, a macrolide antibiotic (not anti-viral) for community-acquired respiratory infections, took it religiously but it  had no effect on the persistent fevers and cough.

Day 13:  Call from primary physician, TEN BUSINESS DAYS after taking the test, to advise that my Covid-19 test came back positive. I was devastated and frightened beyond belief.  How did I contract this? I had not traveled since the first week in March and it was a 24-hour work trip to Orlando. None of my colleagues were even symptomatic.  I only walked in my neighborhood in early March, with a few trips to my neighborhood grocery store for provisions, using my own cart and protective gear & wipes. Believe me, as a Nurse Practitioner who has worked in countless isolation units, I know the requirements for self-protection. No one I knew in DC was ill with the virus. The doctor said it had to be “general community spread.”

And here is the first bombshell & red flag:  I asked my doctor, “if you know I am positive, why not prescribe the chloroquine medication” and his response was, “We only give that to certain people on ventilators,” and I asked, why would you wait until it’s hopeless? What I would soon learn was that his response was from a directive from the Virginia Department of Health and guess who controls that? Yes, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia – the grossly, far Left, blackface, babykiller, communist Democrat, Ralph Northam.  I felt an icy chill run down my spine.

Day 14:  While I was encouraged by the absence of difficulty breathing and I used my own professional stethoscope to listen to my lungs to make sure I could hear air movement, my family and friends became increasingly concerned that the symptoms, particularly the fevers & cough, were not relenting.  Their concern was fueled by my previous history of two breast cancer diagnoses, 7 recent surgeries for breast cancer and post-cancer reconstruction surgeries.  Two of them were told (erroneously) that the only way to get the medication, chloroquine, in Virginia, the only medication that has shown a reversal effect on Covid-19, was to go to the hospital. They also pushed me to go to the emergency department to get further testing and ensure that I was not brewing an early pneumonia – which was what would/could eventually get me into respiratory trouble and possibly into an ICU. 

Day 15:  Friends arranged for Arlington Fire and Rescue to take me to a Virginia hospital emergency room.  I was directed to meet them outside and in front of my home. They arrived and I exited my home. They stood 20 feet from me and told me to stay put. They brought out a large boom box looking apparatus and hooked my finger and arm to it for oxygen saturation and blood pressure monitoring. I have no pre-existing medical conditions, no heart disease, no blood pressure disease or any other condition.  My heart rate was 120 – very high, blood pressure 180/110 – clearly I was stressed by the scene and my fears about what may be about to happen. One of the responders was on the phone with their own physician who was “weighing the risk” of whether to transport me! Finally they led me into the ambulance into a fixed wheelchair and strapped me in. We were on our way to the hospital.   We pulled in and I was asked to walk in, in spite of 102 fever and profound weakness. Immediately I was led to a single room and isolated, and I received a call on my cell…it was the ER doctor out at the desk, who was assigned to do my “intake” to assess me remotely. Eventually she entered my room in a complete hazmat-style suit with plastic face covering and asked me to maintain the mask I wore into the hospital. I was sent for chest X-rays and blood work was drawn. I was given Tylenol for the fever and waited about 2 hours for the results. My eyes were glued to the pulse oximeter monitor above my head, connected to a finger wire that continuously measured my body’s oxygen saturation, an assessment of how well my lungs were absorbing oxygen and transferring it to the rest of my body – normal oxygen saturations are between 97-100%. I knew that if these dropped – it would be a harbinger of failing lung function.

My family is out of town. My friends could not be with me for obvious reasons. This was a very frightening and isolating experience. I had to slog through it alone.  Every minute was pure terror.  My brother, a neighboring state’s Supreme Court Justice, was on video chat with me to keep me company.  He reminded me that I had advocated for our mother before she died and that I was my own patient now.  I tried to be strong.  I had no way of knowing how the evaluation would turn out or what was truly going on in my lungs. Remember I tested positive and I did not know what this virus would do in my body. And I was pissed off beyond belief that a synthetically engineered virus in a Bill Gates’ owned Level 4 BioSafety Lab had made its way to from Wuhan, China to DC and into my body to attack me! What the hell is a high school dropout doing owning something like that?  Not for good – he has business interests in prospering from creating viruses and then selling the vaccines.

On Feb 2, 2020 I began warning people, along with U.S. Senator Tom Cotton that this virus did not jump from a bat soup in a Wuhan market to a human. It was synthetically engineered in the Wuhan Virus Lab. I believe this was a concerted effort by the Chinese Communist Party and the Leftist Globalist cabal, of which our Democrat Media Complex is fully partnered, to use this as an economic bioweapon against President Trump’s success and our historic economic boom. Think about it – could you devise a better way to stop America’s success and this unprecedented presidency?

In the meantime, the doctor who entered my hospital isolation room listened to my heart (my rate had returned to normal) and my lungs. Thankfully, she heard air moving in both lobes. I asked her, since I have tested positive and due to surviving 2 primary cancer diagnoses and 7 surgeries/chemo, if I could get the Hydrochloroquin.

Second bombshell/red flag:  She responded as brusquely as my primary physician did when he called to tell me my test was positive. She pointedly told me, “there is no evidence” that the anti-malarial drug works in Covid-19. I reminded her that the FDA had just approved it for what’s called “off-label” use for the virus. You should understand that it is common (and legal) for doctors to prescribe a drug off-label, which is for something other than that for which it was originally approved.  She said they “were not using it in Virginia, not even for patients in ICU.”

I was appalled but what could I do?  I was told by two Virginia friends (one a VA attorney) who called their own primary doctors, that it was only available if you went to a hospital. What was the truth? I was not going to be able to get the medication – regardless of how severe or progressed my symptoms became. I began to panic on that thought that I was a sitting duck in Virginia.  Blackface,  babykiller Virginia Governor Ralph Northam had weaponized the State Department of Health to cut his citizens off from the only treatment that had not only been shown to stop the devastating results of the virus.  Blocking use of a treatment that had been specially approved by our own Food and Drug Administration for use. Northam was almost removed in 2018 after it was revealed that he posted a picture of himself in racially charged costume and subsequently appeared on a radio show explaining how a full term baby that survived an abortion attempt, “would be kept comfortable until the doctor and ‘mother’ decided what to do,” hence the 2nd nickname, “Babykiller Northam.”  He dug in and refused to leave office in the face of these revelations and scandals.  It has now become very dangerous for the unborn and for the born citizens of Virginia to live here because the governor is determined to strip all rights.  As President Trump optimistically touts HCQ availability for Chinese-Wuhan Virus victims, Democrat governors like Northam are systematically blocking the promising treatment, even against “Right to Try” laws for patients who want to try the treatment.

Later that night I was released and it took 6 hours to get a medical transport back to home. No one could pick me up due to my positive virus test. I eventually returned home with a clear chest X-ray, no abnormal blood (common in viral infections) and a lot of gratitude.

Days 16-20:  Fevers continued to rage and the cough was relentless and draining. Each day the State Health Department called to assess the progression of my symptoms. When I had questions, they had no answers and repeatedly referred me to Fauci’s CDC website while simultaneously acknowledging that there was no additional helpful information there on my questions. I ranted to the nurse that she needed to pass on the truth that NO ONE is getting HCQ in Virginia and that we were being put at risk by the governor.

Ask yourself…WHY?  Why are the decisions to use lifesaving medications and decisions on how strictly to keep many states locked down…clearly divided on  partisan lines?  As you read this, numerous people in many states are protesting, committing civil disobedience, and pushing back on these Democrat Globalist mules. Some of the most dangerous states in addition to Virginia, are New York, Michigan California, Oregon, Illinois and many more.

The virus is real…but it is being used for political purposes to derail the economy and the Trump Presidency.

And I, along with countless other Americans, am the collateral damage of this attempted take-down.

It’s time to take back our country!