On Friday, April 10th, Project Veritas tweeted:

“We will always support Project Veritas alum Laura Loomer wherever life takes her. No one should have to go through this”

The tweet links to an article from recliamthenet.org titled, “Court hears final arguments in Laura Loomer and Freedom Watch’s censorship suit against Google, Facebook, Twitter

A note from Laura Loomer:

“Even though I can’t respond on Twitter, James O’Keef and my friends at Project Vertias know the feeling is mutual. I am extremely grateful to those who have supported me in this legal battle.

It has been extremely gruiling for one person to go up again these mammouth tech giants. It’s David and Goliath on another level.

I’m confident that the US constitution, the American reverence for Free Speech, and justice will prevail.”

More information on Laura Loomer’s lawsuits here.